Here is a video I made for my song “Using You." 

things harry dresden has done:

  • mentally willed his heart rate down to ~10 beats per minute in order to stop some opioid-venom from messing with his head
  • calculated arbitrarily high primes in his head to prevent a Classic Lovecraft Brainmelt from ripping its way any further through his psyche, while he limped away from a car crash

  • wore a Burger King crown (because he’s the burger king)

So I was thinking about that LitRPG thing and had the idea it would be funny if the characters were stuck in a glitchy game. I don’t really play the games myself but I do love watching the glitch videos and also the ones where people do mods like replacing the dragons in Skyrim with My Little Ponies. The plot would be something along the lines of a hacker getting into this virtual world and messing with it, and for some reason it can’t be fixed from the outside (maybe part of the hack is it would brainmelt the people playing if anyone tried) so the main characters / programmers have to go in and play the game to reach some goal and reset it, but through the whole thing they’re fighting glitches and mods that turn into Wackyland.