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The universe is considered to be made up of eight cartoon series, thirteen comics book series, four (possibly five) movies, and two web series.


There are eight series that for sure make up the universe (in chronological order):

* Batman: The Animated Series Seasons 1-3 (Season three is sometimes called The Batman and Robin Adventures)

* The New Batman Adventures or Batman Gotham Knights Season 1

* Static Shock Seasons 1-4

* Superman The Animated Series Seasons 1-3

* Justice League Seasons 1-2

* Justice League Unlimited Seasons 1-3 (Or 1-2 according to the DVDs which shipped Seasons 1 and 2 as “Season 1” and 3 as “Season 2”)

* Batman Beyond Season 1-3

* The Zeta Project Season 1-2

Despite fan speculation and some evidence supporting it, the Teen Titans series IS NOT in DCAU continuity according to everyone at the Titan’s studio and Bruce Timm and Co., and unlike other non-canon material, that was forced into continuity by fans, a majority of fans DO NOT want the series in the DCAU.

Comic Books

There are thirteen comics book series that Timm confirmed as NON-CANON but are considered to be in canon by fans:

*The Batman Adventures 1-36

* Batman and Robin Adventures 1-25

* Superman Adventures 1-66

*The Batman Adventures : Lost Years 1-5

* Gotham Adventures 1-60

* Adventures in the DC Universe 1-19

* Batman Beyond (Limited Series) 1-6

* Batman Beyond 1-24

* Gotham Girls 1-5

* Justice League Adventures 1-34

* Batman Adventures 1-17

* Batman : Harley and Ivy 1-3

* Justice League Unlimited 1-48


There are four movies based on their respective series:

* Batman: The Mask of the Phantasm (Falls somewhere between BTAS seasons 1 and 2)

* Batman & Mr. Freeze: Subzero (During or after BTAS Season 2)

* Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman (During TNBA)

* Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (After BB Season 3)

As of right now it is unknown if Superman Brainiac Attacks is part of the DCAU continuity. It was not originally intended to, but it has almost all the same voices and character designs and it would fit perfectly between the last season of S:TAS and the first season of Justice League.

Also Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths original script was intended to fill the gap between Season 2 and the first Season of Unlimited. The original project never got the green light and it was recycled as independent movie. Still many subtle nod and references are scattered throughout the movie.

Web Shows

Though they featured different voices and designs Gotham Girls and Lobo, two macromedia flash series, are considered canon by fans and non-canon by Bruce Timm, despite massive fan demand they still have not been released in a DVD form.

A handful of scattered thoughts on Brainiac5 on Supergirl

1.) I don’t think people should be worried about Brainiac5 out of the bat. I’ve said before why I think he can be a very interesting character for characters to bounce against. 

2.) If he’s only around for a limited amount of time, I could picture the show making fun of the whole “Brainiac5 is Kara’s fanboy/stalker” (after all his past with her includes fun stuff like hooking up with a robot version he built of her by accident and a Daxamite doppelganger of hers named Laurel)

3.) Personalitywise, I always describe Brainiac5 as Sheldon from Big Bang theory if he was actually a superhero. Depending on the incarnation, he can be very abrasive, rubbing it in people’s faces that he is better than them, or intentionally not telling people about his increasingly complex plans, leading them to feel used. (for example: in Supergirl and the Legion of Superheroes the Legion is trapped under some sort of dome, rather than talking to them, Brainiac5 provokes Supergirl and Mon-El into fighting each other so they will break the dome by accident during their fight) This could bring out some interesting reactions from the characters. In the most extreme forms he could be responsible for some really complex scheme that has unwelcome side effects. 

4.) But he can also be a very tragic character. For example: 

- Dealing with prejudice, because Kara and Clark remember the evil Brainiac who attacked Krypton or earth, so they don’t know whether he can be trusted

- The story with Kara is usually quite tragic, often because he has future knowledge that he can’t share with her or that he can’t do anything against, like let’s say not being able to do anything against her death, which he knows is coming but can’t tell her. 

- Struggling against “bad genes”. This is something you see a lot in the Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes cartoon for example. Where he feels like he has to make up for the deeds of the evil Brainiac and is afraid of ending up like him, etc. 

5.) Brainiac5 can be used for cool scifi high concept stuff. Like for example being killed but his memory chip can be uploaded elsewhere. Or being “hacked” and controlled by others. Or they can do the Data “me no understand humans” stuff. 

6.) Remember: the show often departs massively from the comic book characters personalities, as you can see with Mon-El and Reign, where they often take very few nuggets from the character’s story (like Reign being an experiment or Mon-El being allergic to lead). 

7.) Depending on what his connection is like to the evil Brainiac, he could lead to us getting more insights of Krypton. 

8.) Of course he’s a big part of the Legion and could have interesting interaction with the various other Legion members. 

9.) My main worry is that I haven’t seen a well done live action Brainiac yet. Both the Smallville version and the Supergirl season 1 version suuuuuuuuucked. 

Mew Mew Power Promo Commercial
4Kids Entertainment
Mew Mew Power Promo Commercial

Audio from an old Mew Mew Power Commercial. I tried cleaning up the audio the best I could but it came from a low quality source. If you can’t make out what the announcer says, you can read it below.

It’s like this:
There’s these 5 teenage girls and they were, like, leading ordinary lives until they discovered their Mew Mew Power!
Zoey! - Fearless Feline Leader!
Corina! - Debutant of Doom!
Bridget! - Brainiac on the Attack!
Kikki! - Crazy and Cool!
and Renee! - Diva of Danger!
5 girls, with supernatural powers, saving the world with style!
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LEGO DC Comic Super Heroes – Brainiac Attack (76040)

This has been worth the wait. While a low resolution image of the box has been around for a while, the official images for this set are way more promising. This might be the best one of the 2015 DC Comics sets and not just because Brainiac is one of the greater villains of featured in this wave. Unfortunately the Martian Manhunter is not exactly the same as the exclusive give-away from a few month ago, so the chase for him will still not come to an end.