Daft Punk - Contact
From the album "Random Access Memories".

He sees that nothing really IS, but that eerything is BECOMING and CHANGING. Nothing stands still-everything is being born, growing, dying-the very instant a thing reaches its height, it beings to decline- the law of rythmn is in constant operation-there is no reality, enduring quality, fixity, or substantiality in anything- nothing is permanent but Change. He sees all things evolving from other things, and resolving into other things-constant action and reaction; inflow and outflow; building up and tearing down; creation and destruction; birth, growth, and death. Nothing endures but Change. And if he be a thinking man, he realizes that all of these changing things must be but outward appearances of manifestations of some Underlying Power- some Substantial Reality

This song is about a life well lived, in the truth. One of my favorite songs of all time. Goosebumps + braingasms

What i mean when I say I’m inconsistently consistent. ralph waldo emerson says that it’s okay to be like that because deep inside it all comes from that place

edit: from the comments- “When your entire life from the past with all of its glory is shown to you, this will be the song that plays”

“The beauty of the song is that there is no actual ending. there’s no drop. Its a facade, theirs no contact, it’s just take off. it just keeps rising and rising. rising motion with no climax. the mystery is what this song’s all about. yea im high lol. “

Life is just a constant state of almost reaching orgasm and then when you die, it’s the final release, as alan watts says, the “inevitable ecstasy”

It’s so awesome to know that other people understand. Everybody understands. The people always knows. Democracy. I like dat shit


SO I was answering a med school prompt, riighh, and I had a scifi braingasm. 


Imagine a world in which illness and injury do not exist; all medical facilities and schools have closed because there is no longer a need for these services. What would you choose to do with your life in such a world? (1500) 

 Even after removing the agents of illness and injury, such a world would still have its fair share of unrest. Death, the greatest illness and most permanent injury, would have no place in the new world. At first, it could be seen as a cause for celebration: elderly grandparents would live to see their great-grandchildren, the severely ill would return to living a normal life, every soldier would return home, and citizens of every nation would feel safer. Over decades, overpopulation and lack of resources would force the international community to implement reproductive legislation. As citizens find loopholes through which to procreate, and as space, food, and water dwindle, the quality of life will decrease globally.  In response to these conditions, I would study aerospace engineering, navigation, and space politics and lead voyages through space to discover and master inhabitable planets. With my limitless time, I could become a veritable Charon of space, ferrying humans to and fro. Much like my ambition to pursue medicine in the current world, I would driven by my desire to address societal ills and to improve standards of living to spread the race of immortal humans across the cosmos.


Here’s my smoll brain firing off ideas after I finished - 

the different planets start waging war on each other - PLANETISM - yes because they’ve all formed minor adaptations to deal with different plantary conditions and the younger generations don’t remember Prime Earth Yess they just have an Us or Them mindset

ORA SHIP GETS TRAPPEDIN SPACE I feel like there was an anime with that concept but yes by the third generation the ship is just like home, stories of Prime Earth are more mythical. all they know is the ship. AND ONE DAY THERE’S A SLIGHT RADIO SIGNAL hfsdahfodshafodshfodsafo;sdj;fYe.  ALL MY SCIFI FEELS 

I like the curse of immortality theme yes the book could be formatted like french absurdist chapters that jump between seemingly unrelated characters who all take their immortality differently. some who seek thrill and soon grow disappointed at the lack of risk. others who just hole away for centuries to learn and forget the outside world, others who become space explorers and have the coolest stories but no family to tell them to

marriage vows replacing “til death do us part” with “until Prime Sun fizzles”

OH MY GOD AT THE END OF PRIME EARTH’S TIME SOME PEOPLE ARE LIKE ok i’ve seen enough and willingly freeze with the planet ONLY TO FIND they still can’t die they become frostbeasts that roam the shadows of a broken Prime Earth Or fling themselves at the sun.SUNPEOPLE

their voices are ultrasonic because of the helium released by Prime Sun. They became a new race and want to conquer all the other human derivatives but when they leave the surface of the Prime Sun they find out their ultimate weakness - the relative darkness of space and the surface of other planets.  Sunpeople are literally blind if their eyes don’t receive Sun-level of light. two achilles’ heels right on their face 

Scientists from one faction discover a way to kill the others by putting them in this pocket dimension like the Phantom zone WHAT IF ythe people who are flung into the pocket dimension go upwhen and downwhen(like upstream and downstream in time) and they pop out randomly and rave at passers-by about the inevitability of Prime Earth’s death ohhhhh mannnnn one of the earlier chapters of this anthology should open with a crazy person being like “RELINQUISH YOUR HOLD ON YOUR MORTAL GOODS FOR THE SUN IS EXPLODING SOON" They are the prophets in the beginning of the story that no one takes seriously and people walking by and shaking their heads like wow there’s another crazy person YES exactly yesss