• Objective-C: Smol pure innocence, owns more than 10 Apple products, bullies C++ constantly, part of a secret underground band with PHP. 
  • Swift: Borb, birb, chirpy chirp, constantly feeds off Objective-C’s erroneous code.
  • C#: Actual Instagram star, owns a coffee shop, vaporwave bartender, keeps trying their best.
  • XML: Trains with C all the time, cliche muscledudebro, constantly flirting and failing at it, Python’s ex.
  • Lua: Summer and sunsets, loves long walks on the beach, loves long code, her hat is sharper than you think.
  • Assembly: A shadow of a dead language, C’s former bestfriend, no one knows what happened to them, can’t possibly exist.
  • Ada: Grandma Ada, cookies are her specialty, tucks you into bed forever, widow.
  • Brainf*ck: Oh my god, Edgelord 7000, owns 203948234 shades of hair dye and make-up, artificially made.
  • Fortran: Hypothetically Python’s dad, charming despite the age, really really good at math and science, hooked up with C once.
  • Bash: Fluffy and soft, teddy bear, will find what you need in an instant, works out /a lot/ but still a teddy bear.
  • MS-DOS / CMD: Bash’ sibling, the best back tattoo ever, a massive collection of ear piercings, semi-trained soldier.
  • COBOL: Ol’ grandpa, has a room full of newspapers, saw what happened to Assembly, constantly hiding.
  • Java’s nerd friend, lolita fashion, hangs around with C# at their coffee shop, artificial left eye as a replacement.

Link to Part 1

oh my god this was fun

send in more if y’all want a Part 3~

Honestly, I’m not surprised that 17776 has been such a hit with the kids. I mean, yeah, on the one hand, it’s deeply, deeply abstruse, and a lot of its subject matter is highly unlikely to be relatable to anyone under 30 - but on the other hand, it’s a pretentious brainfuck of a story told entirely in the form of colour-coded chatlogs from a bunch of pop-culture-obsessed weirdos, intercut with found-image collages, severe abuse of the infinite canvas, and the occasional video. Where have we seen that before?


     Death is close. You are weak. You are alone. You will die. You will betray your friends. They have abandoned you. They are coming for you. They will betray you. They have turned against you. Y'knath k'th'rygg k'yi mrr'ungha gr'mula.  Tell yourself again that they were not truly your friends. ĶI̸̵L͢͟͜L͢͟͜ ŢH͏E̷͝M A̷̡͢L̡̛L̷͝ ɃE͟FO͏̶̳͎͇̬͕R̠E͟ ŢH͏E̷͝Ɏ ĶI̸̵L͢͟͜L͢͟͜  ȲO҉̀Ǜ

Have you had the dream again? A black goat with seven eyes. [x]

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My brain got fucked today

I saw this:

and thought: “I´m gonna draw this, they are so damn cute”

Then I created this:

It felt kinda familiar and I did not know why. 
Then I went through my digital artwork folder on my computer and found this:

My first Korrasami fanart from September 2015, which I posted here.

Without realizing it during the process, I painted the same picture twice. WTF

The other day I made a post with a list of 171 articles on wikipedia that are strange/interesting and I was pleased to find that it went over quite well. So well, infact, I made a second post with new articles that may just spark your interest.

Death from laughter || Collyer brothers || Phantom time hypothesis || List of film accidents || List of sexually active popes || Snow in Florida || Body farm || Milgram experiment || Phineas Gage || Märket || Victor of Aveyron || Man-eating tree || Bir Tawil || Rendlesham Forest incident || Nordic aliens || Cosmic latte || Spite house || Chernobyl Exclusion Zone || All your base are belong to us || Sokal affair || Jeffrey Dahmer || Beatosu and Goblu || Amala and Kamala || Centralia || Pizza farm || Great Stink || Lord Uxbridge’s leg || Dancing Plague of 1518 || Kelly–Hopkinsville encounter || Edward Mordake || Alien implants || Collective unconscious || Praise-God Barebone || Nicholas Barbon || Southern Television broadcast interruption || Black triangle || Copper Scroll || Lazarus syndrome || Animals in space || Panda pornography || Clinical lycanthropy || Consensus reality || Classification of demons || Lizzie Borden || Odd-eyed cat || Cleveland Torso Murderer || List of inventors killed by their own inventions || Linda Hazzard || Fainting goat || Demon core || Exploding whale || Pasqual Pinon || Chemtrail conspiracy theory || Chase Vault || Charles Manson || Charles Fort || Black helicopter || Chupacabra || Charles Bonnet syndrome || Baleroy Mansion || Crybaby Bridge || Cattle mutilation || Nocebo || Guru Meditation || Brainfuck || Trojan Room coffee pot || Nuclear and radiation accidents and incidents || The Aristocrats || Hinterkaifeck || Bird People || Global Orgasm || Pig-faced women || Why I Want to Fuck Ronald Reagan || Charles Whitman || Phantom Rings || Post-mortem photography || List of people who disappeared mysteriously || Ancient astronauts || Incidents at Disney parks || methods of torture || Tarrare || unexplained sounds || Mercury, Nevada || Lost Cosmonauts || Apollo 7 || List of messiah claimants || Heaven’s Gate || Loudness war || List of unsolved deaths || Criticality accident || Parapsychology || Theresa Knorr || Genie (feral child) || Brethren of Purity || List of fictional religions || Andreas Grassl || 1857 Atlantic hurricane season || Big Mac Index || When a white horse is not a horse || Chessie (sea monster) || Drunkard’s cloak || Hanged, drawn and quartered || Scold’s bridle