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These are some snaps I took at Book of the Garden - An exhibition curated by Elissa Ritson, click for more information about the show and artists.

Top: Priya Vunaki-Singh -                          

Middle: Elissa Ritson -

Bottom: Laura McMahon -                            



This guy will be greeting you as a guest as you ascend the stairs of the Odeon in Hobart for Fauxmo, as part of Mona’s mofo festival. unless of course you aint ascending no stairs because you’re in a different spot in the world… or because you have a natural aversion to everything i just said. Either way, i have been working alongside some incredible artists - Tom O Hern and Jamin to name a couple. The venue is amazing, and now I am back up north packing my life into many boxes. Hope you’re good , we need to stop running into each other like this! 

it’s 3.35 am. I keep falling asleep on my paper with pens making indents in my cheeks. Third and final piece for the summer show at Despard Gallery is complete which is a good feeling to have. Again, shocking documentation for now. Better images to come, maybe. If you wanted to come and see the show in person, or have a dance or a glass of wine with me, the opening is the 17th of December from 5.30 pm! …. i wish you would be there…. on that date…. it’d be kind of perfect