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These are some snaps I took at Book of the Garden - An exhibition curated by Elissa Ritson, click for more information about the show and artists.

Top: Priya Vunaki-Singh -                          

Middle: Elissa Ritson -

Bottom: Laura McMahon -                            


Made a little poster for Festable - an independent music festival that my friends organise over the new years period. This will be the third year running. Festable has a community vibe and invites local bands to come together to celebrate the talent and creative diversity existing in Tasmania right now. This year it will  be held up north in Weegena. The festival has stunning grounds and a real focus on being inclusive and laid back. it’s like a tiny little Woodstock in the middle of nowhere. If this is something that interests you, you can find out more by travelling to THIS PLACE  

best of all, a 3 day camping ticket is under $50 

x i miss you

#brandyusa Moon Tears Embroidery Graphic by @Brainfoetus Happy to be working together and happy to promote such a wonderful new upcoming artist.

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