Greatness comes from what you make happen, not what you watch happen.

Serendipitous reminder at the Burlington Airport. Sitting in a rocking chair about to board my flight & reflecting on such a MAJOR week with @loveyourbrain.

This week we created a family, #brainfarmers.
I haven’t had such inspiration, vigor, & purpose from a race in a long, long time.
I salute your victories. My heart is buzzing.
It’s not often you meet a group who leave you awe-inspired with joy and fervor. All I can say is “thank you.”

Adam, Kevin, Will - unapologetic bad ass posse. Let’s do more, more, more.

@loveyourbrain @kevinpearce @adam_pearce #zenomountainfarm (at Burlington International Airport - BTV)

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MARATHON BRAIN: Ready to get my heart racing with Team BrainFarmers. Tomorrow we run Burlington. Honored to coach this team to raise awareness for traumatic brain injuries. @loveyourbrain tells stories through movement.

#brainfarmers, claim it because you already have it. #getmovinghavefun

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