Introducing BRAINDEX, the World’s First “App Show" 

I’m psyched to say that BRAINDEX - the new interactive game show in which you can play trivia head-to-head against celebrities, weirdos and your Facebook friends - is now live and available for free in the App Store. So if you’ve ever wondered whether you’re truly smarter than Mike Tyson, today is your day (and there will be a lot more random celebrity guests coming in the future). 

In addition to featuring my luxurious mustache and "barely coherent” brand of game-show hosting, BRAINDEX represents the very first, very experimental step towards combining TV viewing with a truly interactive iPad experience (ie, “TV you can touch”). The show was made for almost no money, and as far as I know, it is the first and only show distributed solely as an app. 

So please check it out! Download it (free)! Give it a 5-star rating in the App Store! A lot of time and hard work went into building this thing, and I know the people who made it see Braindex as only the beginning of all the cool stuff that can be done in the realm of interactive television. 

Also, if this isn’t a success, I’m pretty sure Mike Tyson is gonna murder me. So, yeah.