10am thoughts

I want to live. Like really live. You know, without most of modern technology. I wish to rid myself of phones, computers and televisions. I have dreams of teaching myself how to bake breads from scratch, pick fruits and vegetables from my own garden, make different types of soaps and other products. I wish to camp out beachside in a tent, hike through mountains, swim through crystal clear lakes and read in the sunniest of places. I wish to make baskets and quilts and things that people would appreciate for a lifetime. I wish to pour my spirit out through learning and teaching what things I know. Everyone is entitled to knowledge, if nothing else. The brain is the control center of the beings of us all. It deserves and demands to be nourished. You’ve gotta use it, share it. But really what I’m trying to get across is the knowingness that the world is made for each and every one of us. The simplistic joy of knowing just how great and intricate our Earth really is. To take a second and think about that sends overwhelming vibrations through my body. I encourage exploration, adventure, travel, crafting, learning, healing, sharing, but most of all b e i n g.
Don’t waste your life away stuck to one particular thing, venture out, get your feet wet… you never know what you may fall in love with. 


Where: via my friend’s personal recommendation

When: 12:00 AM

Description: Such a motivational final project piece done by a student at the Ringling College of Art and Design. A lot of respect goes out to the artist behind this production for the utilization of a unique hand drawn art style combined with 3D art assets in a story that was composed and composited perfectly. The almost ironic uplifting background music fits perfectly with the music and adds to the emotional element of the piece.

Special Note: The bar has been set high in the world of animation and visual effects. I have lots to learn in order to show the world what I am truly capable of. This is the last post for my summer Concept Design class at Drexel University taught by the excellent Professor Troy Finamore. However, I will be posting back on here every once and a while to keep my creative journal alive and kicking. This is no happy ending, rather this is a project that will last as long as I am young and continue to be in the pursuit of creative inspiration. My grandfather once said, “You only become old the moment you stop learning.” This is a journey and this is just the beginning.