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please please please tell me theres a story behind you tagging the ""friend"" post with that girls name I HAVE TO HEAR IT

okay y e a h theres definitely a story. one time a little while back, jolie (blackfire5561) and i were making out at her house, with me laying on her couch and her straddling my lap while the tv played some random channel in the background. suddenly she did this wild kickflip somersault off of me and onto the floor and loudly went “HEY DAD,” at which point i froze with a dazed look on my face and lost the ability to move my body, presumably due to my soul escaping my body. somehow she kept her cool and casually explained that we were watching my cat from hell at 1 in the morning bc im a really big jackson galaxy fan, also she was looking for her hairband that she dropped in my mouth?? or something???? i dont remember much because, as a recently dead person, my brain was too robbed of oxygen to function, but i still exist and was not extinguished by the wrath of her family, so i assume it was very smooth. jolie is so strong and powerful.

Zodiac Signs To Have Sex With

Aries March 21 - April 19:

Aries has a powerful and magnetic personality and because they love to take control, they make great kissers. Aries is enormously sexual for a very short period of time—you might say they’re flash-in-the-pan lovers.

They’re impatient, sometimes selfish lovemaking can cause relationship problems. However, if you catch them when flames of desire are burning high, no other lover will provide such fiery passion for those few moments.

To seduce Aries, don’t be shy. Show that you have a brain. Always be spontaneous, too, since nothing excites an Aries like unpredictability, and don’t hold back on compliments.

Taurus April 20 - May 20:

This is the most masculine of signs, which fuels its enormous sex drive. Which zodiac sign is the best lover? It might just be this one. Their appetite for intimacy seems insatiable and they need lots of physical touch; no rushing with this sign. To them, good love is like good food—worth taking some time to enjoy. They also have beautiful voices.

To seduce Taurus, give lots of presents and take advantage of their sensuality by always smelling good and having soft skin and a fresh minty mouth.

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Rossum’s Trinity!

A little while back, skidblast asked me some questions  about damage to and survivability of a Transformer. This prompted a discussion about Rossum’s Trinity, wherein lots of people (thanks siphersaysstuff, swordshade, & barnabyhills!) offered explanations for how the organ system worked. This reblog I think has the majority of the discussion all in one spot, but you can see in the notes there is input from others as well (@colonel–dog (I can’t get your name to link, D: sorry!), eabevella, teal-mafioso, nabulos IF I MISSED ANYONE I AM VERY SORRY! ;.;)

WELL I HAVE SOME GOOD NEWS! TF Con occurred this past weekend and vangeluscentral interviewed James Roberts and asked him our question about Rossum’s Trinity! tl;dr the organs are not of equal importance, but rather arranged in a hierarchy.

Click here for da interview! (also discussed are the recent issues’ charisma parasites, the intricacies of the storytelling, passion for the franchise and how it’s a great medium for sci fi, etc!)

The Rossum’s Trinity question/background is given around the 22 minute mark and the following transcription starts at 22:42

Vangelus: Rossum’s Trinity: Is there a science deeper to that or was Rossum himself maybe misled?

James Roberts: No, I think in all the instances where we’ve seen damage sustained to one of those three things, I think it should be apparent that the T-cog is the most disposable of those three… as MMM demonstrate, you can live an entirely happy, safe life without a T-cog. The key, though, of course, is how to remove it. So, if you’re a sufficiently skilled surgeon, and you take it out, then there needn’t be any damage to your spark or to your brain. So, of the three, that’s the disposable corner of the triangle. Hierarchically, the next one is the brain. You need the brain, and the brain essentially translates the soul - the spark. But, as we saw in Simon Furman’s era, where sparks are contained, there’s contained units, and sparks are, sort of very much separate from the brain, for extended periods, again it is possible to exist as a spark, and to be reunited with your brain. And you’re okay. So, T-cog, you can do without most easily. Brain, you can live apart from, provided your spark is protected, and so on. You can’t do anything without a brain, obviously, but in terms of simply containing it. The spark is the one that you cannot do without. You know, if your spark’s damaged or it’s extinguished, it doesn’t matter if you’ve got a pristine brain, pristine T-cog, you’re dead. And that’s the hierarchy of Rossum, I suppose.

So there ya go =) Thanks everyone for contributing to the discussion, to Vangelus for asking the question, and James Roberts for the definitive answer! \n/

[also wasted-disposal you are adorable and I’m glad you enjoy the discussions ^_^]

Author Appreciation

I want to thank:

Now. All these people are very talented in many ways and have written way more amazing fic than what I link to, but I focused on that main thing I associate with them and some of their fic that I’ve loved the best.

Thank you for your hard work and for sharing it with us. <3

A little help??

Alright back to work on the mural for today! 
 I’ve already got Earthbound,Street Fighter, Mario, ,Zelda, Metriod, Mortal Kombat, Pokemon, Sonic, Portal, Kirby,Halo, Spyro, Okami, Final Fantasy, Tomb Raider, and me! on it as far as i can remember off the top of my head but-

I’ve got one panel left that I just don’t know what to put on it…any suggestions anyone?? 

It’s roughly the same dimensions of a book mark but like 8 ft high ya feel?

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Yeah Pratchett was so fatphobic that both Agnes and Nanny Ogg, two amazing main characters, are both fat

Ahahahaha this so sarcastic oh my god I love it. Also, um, I don’t wanna hate on your hate or anything, but you totally forgot Sybil.

However, one can both have amazing fat characters and make fatphobic remarks. Likewise, Pratchett’s use of the dwarves breaking out of their gender binary uni-nary doesn’t negate his transphobic remarks. You see?

I think perhaps the issue here is the dual, nuanced meanings of words like fatphobic. One can be fatphobic, in a momentary sense, without being a fatphobic person, in the continual, constant, consistent sense. You’ve understood it to mean he was a consistently fatphobic person, whose fatphobia influenced every choice relating to fat people and characters that he made. However, the point that was being made was that he made fatphobic remarks, and, therefore, in those various, numerous moments, he was fatphobic (momentary use of the adjective).

Arguing over whether the positive depictions of fat characters and the negative, fatphobic remarks balance out, or make Pratchett fatphobic overall (which he might be - I’m not qualified to decide) seems to me to be much less important than acknowledging that while Agnes and Nanny and Sybil are wonderful, he did undeniably make fatphobic remarks, he was fatphobic, and the presence of the former doesn’t mean discussion of the latter isn’t crucial and important.