anonymous asked:

tell me 5 things you love (other than fictional characters) shss

1. Fun socks. I am a sucker for wearing ridiculous socks and I love when other people wear ridiculous socks, especially under business attire. 

2. The content and safe feeling I get when someone gives me a great hug. You know, those hugs that last a long time and make you forget your troubles. 

3. Solving things. Whether it be using science to solve problems in the lab, figuring out how to design or build things, solving puzzles, brain teasers and riddles (or murders…in books or movies, don’t worry anon), or helping people solve their problems. I just love using facts and context clues to piece together information to solve things. I find analyzing things immensely satisfying. 

4. Complimenting random strangers. This is so much fun and I highly recommend it. 

5. Music. Particularly when certain songs come on and I can feel like a wave of excitement and happiness washing over me and I just feel like dancing and singing at the top of my lungs. Even better when you’re with people and they feel it too and you’re all just flying high and feeling happy for the time that that song lasts.