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What's the best way to make a diagram of the brain and label all the parts?

This website has a great diagram and description of the lobes of the brain and other parts attached:

One of my friends had a brain and nervous system colouring bool she kept all her notes in during biopsychology.

Remember, repetition is the key to keep information in your long term memory!

Get the phrase “coming out video” out of your head right now, before Thursday ever comes. Don’t even allow it to pass through your mind. Be excited for a D+P collab, sure, but don’t over-hype yourself. 

Remember, Dan’s last self-proclaimed “important” video was an Internet Support Group.

The merit of your writing.

So, you’ve read something that has resonated with you. It’s everything you’ve wanted in terms of characters, prose, plot and pace. It’s the best you’ve read in years. You reread your favourite lines. You have to take a break just to absorb every meticulously crafted line. You are in awe of how something so small can seem to take up so much space.

And in a perfect world, it would inspire you to go out and create. To work on that story that is languishing in your save files, to pick up that WIP you abandoned, to make you want to write something different and new and better. 

Instead, it makes you feel inferior. The words are too good. You could never write like that. The characters are too perfect. You don’t have that insight. The story is too captivating. Your ideas are boring, cliche, plain. The insight is remarkable. You can barely string a thought together coherently. 

Why even bother, you think.

Don’t fall into that trap. I have been there so many times. I have abandoned writing for years because of “why even bother”. I have let it destroy my confidence, only to patch it back up in a cheap imitation of what it once was, just to let it invade my thoughts again. I have questioned every thing I’ve written, every choice, every line, because why even bother if someone is so much better. 

YOUR WRITING HAS MERIT. What you don’t realize is that it’s not in terms of better, but different. Different style, different story, different interpretation, different mind.

Someone out there will love the way you describe the night sky in poetry. Someone out there will love the way you describe the look on someone’s face when their heart breaks. Someone out there will love your idea, that strange one that seems impossible or already done, because it’s new and exciting or they love endless amounts of that same story. Someone out there will love your interpretation of that character, whether more gentle or bitter or broken or healed. Someone out there will love the words you write, the grandiose use of adverbs (my guilt) or the minimal scattering of dialogue. Someone out there will love your abundance or lack of something you saw in that story you so loved, the one that rendered you speechless and snuffed out your fire. 

Someone out there will love your words. And you need to share them. 

Speaking as a writer, no one sets out to create something to discourage others. No one wants to dominate their corner and be the only one there. No one wants to be alone in their craft. If they do, they are doing it for the wrong reasons. Speaking as a writer, I would never want you to read my writing and think, why bother. 

I want you to think, why bother waiting?

Your story matters. Your writing matters. It’s beautiful and defined and gorgeous and a work in progress and growing and already there and insightful and mysterious: it all has merit. 

Never stop. Never stop writing and practicing and doing and creating and learning and loving the words you weave.

You may think someone has done it more beautifully or better or too many times or never because who wants to read it? 

They maybe have done all those things, but they lack one thing: they haven’t done it like you have.


I’ve had a very busy con week so no new comic- instead- 

Happy Easter from Blockhead Direction <3

Come the end of year three, two rooms will have opened up in the Haus. Lardo offers her dibs to Dex, Ransom and Holster offer the attic to Nursey. 

Thing is, though, Nursey and Dex just assumed they’d be offered the attic together. They figured it’d be just one of those things. Inevitable, even though they dreaded it a little bit too. They knew they’d be living together. Just, neither had thought it would be in separate rooms. 

Nursey has a list on his phone of things to buy over the summer. A new desk, a nicer sound system, lamps. Dex’s been trying to figure out how to avoid Nursey finding out he’s secretly terrified of the top bunk. 

They both avoid addressing how it feels like a disappointment. Because they’re finally getting what they worked so hard for. Dex helped Bitty with the cooking, he did dishes, he cleaned the tub after a kegster…and it’s all paying off, but he can’t help but frown a little when Lardo ruffles his hair and tells him he’s earned it. 

Ransom and Holster reveal the attic to Nursey with a gift in the middle of the room: a queen bed. He finds it difficult to be enthusiastic, knowing that yeah, Dex will be sleeping directly under him, but not close as he had so frequently imagined.

Nursey and Dex think of how often Ransom and Holster casually mentioned sleeping together on the bottom bunk. They think of how comfortable the two were with each other. The way they kind of…were together…or not? But it didn’t matter, because they just…were the two of them? And they were happy. And now Nursey and Dex are scared they’ll never get to that point.