Alastair Swayn Publication by Swell Design Group

“Alastair was an amazing architect, friend, mentor and supporter of Swell for close to two decades. He passed away on the 4th of August 2016 after a long battle with brain cancer. As part of his final project Alastair engaged Swell to create a legacy book that would help to promote the AS Foundation, a charity to support young Australian architects. Out of respect for Alastair, we undertook this 100pp challenge as a pro bono exercise and created an oversized publication with a case bound hard cover option and two different soft cover variations.”

Swell is home to a close-knit group of designers and developers. They value relationships, collaboration and clear communication, and believe the best way to achieve this is for their design team to partner directly with their clients.


if you expected a serious fanart from me, im sorry

Get the phrase “coming out video” out of your head right now, before Thursday ever comes. Don’t even allow it to pass through your mind. Be excited for a D+P collab, sure, but don’t over-hype yourself. 

Remember, Dan’s last self-proclaimed “important” video was an Internet Support Group.

Finding out you’re queer as a teenager or adult when you were raised outside of that culture is kind of like those stories about finding out you’re the secret heir to some other kingdom, tbh.

  1. Something you’ve always thought of as far-off and Nothing To Do With You is suddenly this massive part of your life.
  2. All your ideas about what the rest of your life would be like are suddenly shattered and you have to try to figure out what it will actually be like.
  3. You have to learn a whole new history, language, and set of manners, if you want to embrace your heritage.
  4. It can become suddenly very important that no one discovers your true identity, because you might be in danger if they knew.
  5. You’ll probably discover a whole new family that will love you.
  6. You might get to introduce your family of origin and your found family… or you might have to leave your old family behind after they find out who you are.
  7. If you remain part of your family of origin, you constantly have to educate them so they don’t embarrass you with your new family or hurt you by insulting who you are.
  8. You might totally change the way you dress, wear your hair, etc..
  9. People who knew what to watch for turn out to have guessed long before you figured it out, and you constantly discover new clues you never noticed before.
  10. Your expectations wrt marriage might suddenly become totally different.

Now I kinda want to write something where a lesbian who’s always known she was gay finds out she’s a princess, and meets a princess who’s always known her heritage but is just realizing she’s sapphic…


I’ve had a very busy con week so no new comic- instead- 

Happy Easter from Blockhead Direction <3

Come the end of year three, two rooms will have opened up in the Haus. Lardo offers her dibs to Dex, Ransom and Holster offer the attic to Nursey. 

Thing is, though, Nursey and Dex just assumed they’d be offered the attic together. They figured it’d be just one of those things. Inevitable, even though they dreaded it a little bit too. They knew they’d be living together. Just, neither had thought it would be in separate rooms. 

Nursey has a list on his phone of things to buy over the summer. A new desk, a nicer sound system, lamps. Dex’s been trying to figure out how to avoid Nursey finding out he’s secretly terrified of the top bunk. 

They both avoid addressing how it feels like a disappointment. Because they’re finally getting what they worked so hard for. Dex helped Bitty with the cooking, he did dishes, he cleaned the tub after a kegster…and it’s all paying off, but he can’t help but frown a little when Lardo ruffles his hair and tells him he’s earned it. 

Ransom and Holster reveal the attic to Nursey with a gift in the middle of the room: a queen bed. He finds it difficult to be enthusiastic, knowing that yeah, Dex will be sleeping directly under him, but not close as he had so frequently imagined.

Nursey and Dex think of how often Ransom and Holster casually mentioned sleeping together on the bottom bunk. They think of how comfortable the two were with each other. The way they kind of…were together…or not? But it didn’t matter, because they just…were the two of them? And they were happy. And now Nursey and Dex are scared they’ll never get to that point.