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  • paige turco
  • henry ian cusick
  • bob morley
  • melissa mcbride
  • christopher larkin
  • andrew lincoln
  • john cho
  • sachin sahel
  • patrick stump (he was on an episode of a tv show once, he counts)
  • ming na wen

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Ok, so I’ve been thinking about a flight attendant!Akaashi and National Team Player!Bokuto au where they meet on a flight back to Tokyo. Bokuto falls in love at first sight, while volleyball fan Akaashi is like holy shit stay calm and professional oh god this is #4 BOKUTO KOUTAROU.

But they get talking a little when Bo gets super restless and can’t sleep and wanders around the plane, and Akaashi slips up and remarks “you’re very energetic, Bokuto-san” and Bo is like “…did i tell you my name?” and Akaashi is like fuck so much for being professional and admits he watches all their games when Bokuto gets super excited and asks if he’s into volleyball..

And shortly before the plane is landing Akaashi subtly approaches Bokuto like “I know this is super indiscreet of me and I apologise but couldIhaveyourautograph” and Bo makes a face. Akaashi feels guilty, people probably approach Bokuto all the time and why does he even want an autograph, he’s not 15 anymore, but then Bo says “…aw man, I was hoping you came to give me your number.” and Akaashi is like ghhghh what “…you want my number…?” and he knows he’s not supposed to but also this is Bokuto Koutarou who has really nice build and is strangely charming so Akaashi slips him his number as he’s exiting the plane.

Akaashi wonders what the hell just happened, does Bokuto think he’s some kind of groupie or is this how he usually meets people.

Whatever you do, don’t imagine Jake and Ezekiel bringing Cassandra grapes after her surgery.

Don’t imagine Jake coming into her hospital room carrying a bunch of grapes on a plate. “I remember you said you used to really liked them.”

Don’t imagine Ezekiel coming in with a bottle in his hand and jumping onto her bed beside her. “So, the doctor said you still can’t drink alcohol. I got the next best thing, then. White grape juice. Still into grapes?”

Don’t imagine Cassie crying and hugging her boys because they’re just so damn sweet.

Going on impulse.

IBM researchers are making the next generation of computing smarter, and more energy efficient. They’ve created artificial neurons that control signals in processors the same way biological neurons control signals in a brain. These neurons can gather, store and learn from information by themselves in real-time streams of event-based data.

This means they can do things like analyze volumes of weather data for faster forecasts or discover new trends in social data on their own. This is good news for people because when our computers can learn faster, we can learn more.

Find out more about the science behind artificial neurons →