Chachi performing her to choreo to Say My Name tonight in VA at the Brain Bang Intensive. And I realize this isnt the full thing but she said she didnt want to perform the whole 3min bc we were running a bit late on time shoot ot couldve been 15min and I wouldnt have cared! Haha

She literally is the sweetest person ever and is so beautiful on the inside and out. She made this the best summer of life. I cant believe I get to see her tomorrow again. She has no idea how much she inspires to do what I love. I will always support her no matter what KDB 5ever. I love you Olivia Irene Gonzales



Watched this for the first time on my friends phone and my jaw was hanging the whole time. “Brain Bang”-ed as they call it. ‘Bout to throw my shoe at the screen for this master piece hahaha


Dancin all day. Brain Bang.



Who wants to learn this with me ?(;