brain x justin

Fraxus Week Day 1: Morning/Night Routine

“I’d really like to know how you keep your hair so nice. Doesn’t it get snarly during the day?”

Laxus and Freed were sitting on their bed, a brush in the dragon slayer’s hand. He’s always loved brushing Freed’s hair, and it’s become somewhat of a habit for him to do that every night before they go to bed. He even braids it back so that the strands don’t get trapped under their bodies or in the sheets; Evergreen had taught him a lot of fun hairstyles to try on Freed.

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Brian Kinney and Justin Taylor

this is out of left field and I LOVE IT!

Brian’s smirk was just as evil as it always was when he caught Justin doing something he wasn’t supposed to do. Just was curled around a magazine on the couch doing unspeakable things to himself; it wasn’t until Brian got a little closer that he realized it wasn’t just a magazine it was the latest issue of Rage. 

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Brain said, surprising Justin into trying to scramble off the couch -Brian pinned him by straddling his hips and grinding rough denim against Justin’s bare thighs. “You’re jerking off to a cartoon version of me? I’m flattered.”