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Hi sorry to bother you but at this point do you think Alec's greatest fault is that he doesn't trust his instincts?

i feel like “greatest flaw” is kind of subjective, and also dependent on the situation that he’s in, if that makes sense?

but, regardless, i don’t know if i would say his lack of trust in his instincts is his biggest flaw, but something slightly different, which is better described as an adherence to authority even despite his instincts or better judgment - and by authority, i don’t necessarily mean just, like, the inquisitor or maryse, but rather being generally “lawful” to a fault - even if there’s nobody explicitly giving the orders, even if it comes from his own self and the standards he perceives himself to have to fulfill as he learned growing up in the society he did.

you can see him start to develop out of this in terms of his personal life/relationships/family etc. in season 2, which wasn’t at all the case in s1, leading to the whole wedding storyline for him (as he adhered to the idea of family honour above personal fulfillment even though there was a part of him that knew it wasn’t the right thing to do). so it’s not necessarily any strict authority, but rather an internal code that he has forced himself to follow.

and not only that, but also the more typical sense of the word “authority” which in alec’s case would largely be the clave. like in s1, alec followed the letter of the law without a lot of external pressure such as in 1x09-1x11, genuinely thinking that that was what was best for him and his family and really the shadow world in general – even if it maybe didn’t feel quite right to him on a moral level. but i don’t think it came out of a lack of trust in his own instincts, but more so the high value that he places on values of obedience and adherence to authority, sometimes over his own personal feelings and - at times - moral judgments. like even if he feels that something is morally wrong, e.g. torturing meliorn, he’s more likely than other characters to look to following the rules as the ‘greater good’ that justifies it. but, as we saw with things like his confrontation with aldertree, he seems to be growing out of it. but even so, alec is not (or at least not yet) a “fuck the system” kind of guy - he largely tends to work within the system, like even when he confronted aldertree, he did it when he knew there was a way to officially delegitimize him, rather than the jace/clary style of “fuck you fuck the system im gonna do what i want”. whether that last part is a flaw of alec’s or not is probably pretty subjective though, and depends on the situation. i guess he has a trust and respect for the status quo and letter of the law that in many situations - considering the clave’s moral corruption - might pose a problem.  

THAT BEING SAID, in 2x12, though, i feel like people are putting too much of the onus on alec’s inherent flaws (dont get me wrong there are many), and less on the extremely complex and confusing situation at hand. i don’t really think it was a case of “if alec had followed his gut instead of listening to jace/imogen he could have saved magnus sooner” but it was just a really hard situation, and i’m not sure if he would have, regardless of what jace said to him. regardless of outside influence, alec is more logical and cautious than instinctive or impulsive  - like, in early season 1 before they really knew her, he’s the only person who entertained the fact that clary aka valentine’s daughter could be a spy for valentine (i mean, she wasn’t, but it made sense as a theory, rather than just instinctively trusting her as the others did). that also being said, though, jace isn’t wrong when he says that valentine is a master manipulator, and to alec, the uprising and its associated massacres are very very recent history. valentine has been the shadow world’s symbol for utter moral and social reprehensibility for alec likely throughout his entire life, and that coupled with the fact that he has seen firsthand how easily and cruelly valentine has twisted jace’s mind - his parabatai - and i think that contributes to a caution that would be reasonable in that extremely difficult situation. people don’t get that dramatic irony allows us to perceive what the characters can’t, which means it’s all well and good for us to say that he should have known, but you have to look at it from alec’s point of view. but i digress. 

The Crypt Scene: Jon's Brain Edition
  • Littlefinger: *interrupts Jon's last bit of man-time with Uncle Ned*
  • Jon's Brain: wtf
  • Littlefinger: Do give Lord Tyrion my best when you see him.
  • Jon's Brain: Ignore him...
  • Littlefinger: *drones on about his undying love for Cat* ...She wasn't fond of you, was she?
  • Jon's Brain: IGNORE HIM...
  • Littlefinger: *pathetic attempts at flattery*
  • Jon's Brain: ...count to 10...
  • Littlefinger: *more pathetic attempts at flattery*...I wanted to remedy that.
  • Jon's Brain: ...walk away...
  • Littlefinger: Not even "Thank you"?
  • Jon's Brain: ...count to 20...
  • Littlefinger: If it weren't for me, you'd have been slaughtered on that battlefield.
  • Jon's Brain: ...COUNT TO 100...
  • Littlefinger: I love Sansa...
  • Littlefinger: I loved her mother...
  • Jon's Brain: @#$*&@#*(&%(*@#&%*(@&#% *ENTERS FULL-BLOWN GODZILLA MODE*
Why I'm afraid to say what I like sometimes
  • Comic fan: hey, who's your favorite Robin?
  • Me: Damian Wayne.
  • ----
  • Brony: Who's your favorite pony?
  • Me: Starlight Glimmer.
  • ---
  • Person: So, who's your favorite character in this show?
  • Me: I...I don't know.
  • Vision: Clint, you can't overpower me.
  • Clint: I know I can't,
  • *looks at Wanda*
  • Clint: But she can
  • Wanda's brain: wtf clint, why you dragging me into this, what'd i ever do to you? did i ever throw you under the bus? no. frick you.
  • Wanda: okay

Me: I can ship Freddy Krueger with almost anyone…Maybe not with Nancy’s dad.

My brain: Oh good, a challenge. Get ready.

Me: Wait, why?

My brain: Okay, but what if Freddy and Nancy’s dad were secretly dating before the town found Freddy out and murdered him. And he totally believed his awkward boyfriend was not the springwood slasher despite suspicions. And when he finds out it’s true, he’s completely devastated and so joins the mob to murder Freddy. And the reason he’s always so reluctant to act like he believes in Freddy and help Nancy fight him, despite seeing freaky dream shit countless time, is because not only does he not want his daughter to know he was cheating and is possibly bi or pan, but because then she’d know he was fucking the asshole that was trying to murder her.

Me: wtf

My brain: But do you ship it?

Me: yeah, ok

  • erik: alright gotta try and win back christine's trust.
  • brain: go to her dead dad's grave and pretend to be him. 10/10 works every time.
  • erik: that's creepy af, wtf i'm not doing that.
  • brain: you gotta though.
  • erik: why?
  • brain: you. gotta.
  • erik: you're right. thanks brain, sometimes i think you're the only one who truly wants what's best for me.
  • brain: hoooooly shit quick bro u gotta come up with witty burns just in case she ever decides to breathe in your space ever again
  • me: wtf why its over leave me alone
  • brain: fucken,,, quick dude you gotta do it u never know when shes gonna strike dude cmon we fucking haaaave to
  • me: when did that bitch get a wig that looks like a dead opossum
What am I to you [NamJin full ver]

Holding you up like a piggyback ride I can’t do anything 

An awkward smile has become my new habit

Fold each other’s arms like others…

and care for each other
with sincerity and consolation.

Now it’s the beginning I’m your Pokémon

© Rap Monster - What am I to you

BTS when somebody is sexist towards you

So I just had a heated conversation yesterday with a guy who basically said that there is no such thing as sexism anymore and that feminism is an evil movement on the same level as, say, stalinism, and that offended me so much that I started crying and yeah…what a fun evening. And then he picked up the same argument today again and I think I’m going to cry myself to sleep tonight.

BTS however, especially now after they published ‘21st century girl’, I’m pretty sure (I sincerely hope) they would speak up or at least comfort you afterwards if they witnessed someone being sexist towards you. 

All gifs belong to their rightful creators/owners (see all urls right under the gifs as always :*). Al eonni loves you all <333

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Some man towards you: “Why are you even attending this rap event? Shouldn’t you be home in the kitchen or something?”

Yoongi towards the guy: “Why are you pathetic loser attending this event, then? Wouldn’t your sexist bullshit be better fit for some meninist meeting or something? F*** off”

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Some man towards you: “I bet you’re dating that guy just for his money, don’t you? A pretty girl like you doesn’t need brains to make a living”

Hoseok: “What the f***, mate. WTF. Do you even listen to yourself? You should seriously overthink what you just sad. _______, let’s go somewhere where you get treated as a human being [pats your back and leads you away]”

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Some man towards you: “Why are you being so bitchy? It must be that time of the month

Jungkook, afterwards, to you: “I’m so sorry I couldn’t say anything back then, ______, I wish he wouldn’t have been a sunbaenim. I can’t believe women have to suffer like this every day [you end up comforting him instead of the other way round]”

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Some man towards you: “You’re dating a younger man? Can’t find someone your own age, honey?”

Taetae towards that guy: “Why are you being like this? What’s your problem?”

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Some man towards you, after you got insulted by the ‘Nice boobs!’ he was throwing at you: “Why are you getting all worked up, can’t you even take a compliment? You should be grateful I paid attention to you at all”

Jimin: “[I don’t actually know whether Jimin would actually say something or just give the guy the death stare and get you out of there asap. I’ll make him say something because I would really want him to say something if it were me] She doesn’t need your attention if you treat her like a sex object. Learn how to treat women like people if you want them to pay attention to you.”

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Rap Monster

Some guy towards you: “Isn’t that outfit a bit too revealing? What does your boyfriend say to that, huh?”

Namjoon: “Oh, that would be me, and I say that ______ is her own person and she can do and wear whatever the f*** she wants. Now excuse us [takes your hand and leads you away gently]”

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Some guy towards you: “Wow, you really play video games well for a girl. Do you have a brother who taught you? I would like to meet him and play against him as a real challenge”

Seokjin: “[was happy about the compliment for a second until he realizes that it totally wasn’t meant as a compliment] Woah, stop being rude. She’s a really good player all by herself. Gaming is not a men-only thing, you know. And she needs no man to teach her stuff, ever. _______, let’s play against each other. I want you to beat me in Mario Kart like the boss you are”

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GAH I’ve been looking at stuff from the Joshua Tree because of the tour and I found a bunch of videos and now apparently the MASSIVE crush I had on Bono has been revived? Wtf brain? (Ovaries?) Why brain why would you do this to me (oh god he’s got long hair in all these videos, let me run fingers through it babe) wtf. And I have no one irl to fangirl with

I’ve watched the With or Without You and Still Haven’t Found etc videos like eight times each now. I’m gonna go dump a bucket of cold water on my head (send halp)

One thing I love about tumblr though is that I met a lot of really amazing people, mostly art wise, and I know I could just drop an ask in their box and they’d answer it and be happy about it
and then there are those who are amazing and get like 30 asks a day but still answer every one and like bro wow wtf how do you even have the brains for that you are amazing??? again??

SO in short I found a lot of people I may not particulary talk much too, but who are all chill and some even remember me and idk I just like this….chillness of it all and that last part sounded so cringy  <-<”


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In the first draft, the problem unraveled pretty easily without much conflict which was indicative of my understanding of relationships at the time. By the time I did the final pages, I had a vague realization that Rukia was more complicated than I had originally written.

I’m surprised how well it was executed despite my brain screaming “RUKIA WTF ARE YOU DOING” the entire time I was writing her.

Also, Keigo is a gift from God.