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namjoon: it’s just. jst 1 of the things in life u know? U fall, u get up, sometimes u lose hold on certain things,, its part of life. sometimes things fall and it’s bc gravity exists, and it’s our own cowardice that doesn’t allow us to hold onto those things, to prevent them from falling. i-it’s all a part of life, this magnificent journey through pain and happiness. no one can control what happens, everything happens for a reason and i can’t help it if I-

the rest of bts: it’s LITERALLY just a water bottle namjoon, the heck

YNWA Theory Discussion

Army #1: This all relates back to Demian, look at Jin’s and Tae’s collars. They are wings and the colors match the painting in the Begin trailer! And the two albums represent the good and bad worlds of Demian!!

Army #2: I think all of this goes into a timeline. I Need You and Run come just before Bus 59 that hits those 7 people (as told by the sign in the concept photos)

Army #3: No, they’re introducing us into a different book called Owl Service like on the sign in the concept photo! 

Army #4: Nah fam, this positive and negative representation of youth is supposed to be what they see themselves as before they enlist in the army. (A/N: whoever came up with this one broke my heart 😭)

Me: *looks at empty pockets and wallet* I think their intention is pretty simple, guys…
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Can you imagine if Pats gets back;

She goes to put her bags in her usual room with Trixie but is stopped by Sister Julienne.

“Nurse Mount, apologies but I’m afraid Nurse Dyer is now sharing with Nurse Franklin. I do hope it’s alright with you to have to share with Nurse Busby, she is the only one who is not sharing.”

Patsy trying hard not to smirk or grin, but instead send a polite reassuring smile without being too obvious.

Delia is almost over the moon with the news, excited because “oh this is great pats, more card games then.” With a little Busby smirk.

And meanwhile Phyllis starts wrecking her brain on how she will approach them to give them advice to be careful and to be “good”.

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What Do YOU Want? Pt. 1

A Kwon Jiyong series ft. Kim Jiwon

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word count: 2,500+

Summary: The most important person in the world to you can appear most often when you least expect it. But through everything, you can’t forget about you and your own happiness. Who are you happy with? Who is the best for you?

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 

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Your patience was wearing thin.

It had been nearly 3 weeks since you and Jiyong had spent any time together and it was time to address it. Since you worked during the morning/day at YG and then spent the early evenings in your studio, you made sure that you had all night free and you assumed Jiyong would do the same. But you were mistaken. Again.

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Bts reaction to their s/o being too scared to share a bed:

Anon requested:  Hey there. I have a strange one, if you don’t feel comfortable doing it then you don’t have to. Bts reactions to finding out that their s/o is too scared to share a bed with them.

A/ N: Why would I be uncomfortable? You can request anything sweetie


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Little disappointed but Jin won’t show it being the gentleman he is. “Yes of course I’m sorry it’s my fault I’ll sleep somewhere else”


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Straight up asks you why, you two are together so sharing a bed shouldn’t be a problem right? 


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He immediately lifts up the mood and says that he understands and he wouldn’t want to rush you. Yet, after the incident Hoseok will bring it up in a more serious tone so you two can discuss it.

Rap Monster:

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Not saying anything was his sign of irritation. You could at least open the chance for discussion but being shy was no help and having to sleep on the couch made stuff even worst. Mental note, next time, let him sleep with you.


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Awkward stuttering. CUTE  He’ll keep glaceing sideways and mumbling yeah sure it’s okay because he seriously has no idea what to say or do.

V/ Taehyung:

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As he gathered his stuff to go sleep somewhere else, he slowed down and asked you why. You two are together so what seems to be the problem to be honest, Taehyung will feel kinda hurt


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73628 mental calculations operate through his mind as he wrecks his brain for what he said or did that made you feel uncomfortable sleeping with him. Eventually he fell asleep on the uncomfortable mattress, praying to the gods this won’t be an everyday thing.

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Phantoon is the literal ghost of the Wrecked Ship, because in life it was a giant brain-computer like Mother Brain. It was the “brain” of the vessel, similar to an Aurora Unit onboard a warship. But like Mother Brain, it suffered a lack or deterioration of empathy for its crew due to the Chozo’s inexperience in creating giant brain computers. The first Chozo on Zebes literally crash-landed and half the crew were lost because of its last-ditch attempt to destroy its own crew.

The spirit Phantoon lay dormant for thousands of years, slowly feeding off the electrical energy that was still being poured into the ship by the Atomics used to power it. It trapped the ghosts of the dead crew members, causing them to warp into hideous amalgamations called Covern which mindlessly pursued any living things that entered the ship.

At the time of Super Metroid, the Atomics were beginning to die off or escape, and Phantoon was running low on energy. Mother Brain managed to contact Phantoon telepathically while scouring Zebes for things to add to her golden statue gates. They reached an agreement by which Mother Brain would feed her own energy into Phantoon, and it would serve as a guardian to Tourian. With her help, it became so powerful that it could manifest physically in the world. But this also rendered it vulnerable to Samus’ weapons. After its defeat, Phantoon’s grip on both the ship and the crew were lost.

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Enamor Me with Bly and Aayla. Bly being very earnest and politely restrained in his physical affections on their first 'date' because he thinks it'd be rude to just say "I want to ravish you, bunk, now" despite how long he's waited. Meanwhile Aayla is wondering why this boy hasn't just jumped on her already.

Yeaaah, Blyla ! 
Written for this meme (not taking anymore prompts atm)

Aayla watches with a soft smile as Bly glares at his own hands, like they have betrayed him. He was just trying to serve them both water, for kriff sake, and almost emptied the whole bottle on the table, because his hands are shaking.

He is trying to hide it, too, but for the last half-hour, now, Aayla had been shamelessly cheating and listening to the Force, silent witness to all the emotions rolling off her Commander.

She swore to herself she wouldn’t, because while the Force will always be her trusted ally, this isn’t a battlefield or a mission, this is just for her and Bly, and for once, she’s allowed to not be a Jedi.
But then, the clone had been so polite and restrained and shy of all things during their dinner…

Now, Aayla knew it had taken Bly time to work out the will to ask her out. There had been attraction between them for the longest time but, even though she wasn’t shy in the slighest, she wasn’t about to make the first move.
There was a power imbalance, here, and some clones were too devoted, too earnest… Aayla wouldn’t take the risk that Bly’s ‘yes’ might just be a ‘I can’t say no’.
So. She had waited.

It had paid off a week ago when Bly marched towards her with a very resolute look on his face, and asked her to dinner once they would be back on Coruscant.
So, when all that confidence and determination had failed to show up alongside the clone for their dinner, well, she had listened to the Force to check that everything was alright, that he wasn’t having second thoughts.

The truth was far more amusing.
Bly was trying to rein himself in. The passing thoughts she caught were either heavy with anticipation and arousal for the later part of the evening, or anger and frustration, no doubt berating himself for thinking about her that way, when he wasn’t sure Aayla would like to go further than a meal. (She would like to. Very much.)
So, Bly was a mess of conflicting emotions and Aayla was growing more and more amused by the minute.

Time for a little bit of fun.

Aayla focused on Bly and the clone looked up at her as he felt a small brush of the Force against his cheek. One second later, he almost fell off his chair, startled, as a more insistent wave brushed along his whole body.
Aayla crossed her hands under her chin, smiling innocently at him, but under the table, hidden by the long tablecloth, her foot lodged itself between Bly’s thighs, rubbing lightly along the inner seam.

The blush coloring the clone’s cheeks was magnificent but Aayla much preferred the way his eyes darkened and the literal wave of emotions – surprise, arousal, lust – that poured into the force.
Oh, she was going to enjoy teaching her Commander how to really let go.

Off The Bench     By: Y. Black

It was barely after Christmas and they already had a shit ton of Valentine’s Day decorations and candy strewn about every damn store. I had grown to hate that fabricated holiday. Crazy, because I used to be that guy who would go all out for the day. I was fast approaching the second solemn, lonely February 14th, and the third, technically since I had been ruined. Ruined was quite possibly an understatement but it is what it is. I was madly in love at the time. There was nothing I wouldn’t have done to prove just that, and that day was supposed to be perfect.

I had a decadent outing planned, and I had been waiting on the day for months to be completely honest. I pump faked like I was going to work that day, but in reality, I was putting all the final touches on my master plan. Nothing was going to go awry on this day. We had been together for almost two years and she who shall remain nameless, was my everything. That day was going to solidify my stance as to where she stood in my life and what I wanted with her. I made my rounds that day with the biggest smile in my heart. The rose petals had been laid out all over the suite. I had dropped the chef the key to the suite so there would be no delay. I went and picked up her dress and my suit for the night. Shit was just too perfect. I had headed back to the house to surprise bae about fifteen after the hour of 11. Her first 2 dozen roses should have been delivered about 45 minutes prior to my arrival. I was so wrapped up in my grand scheme that I didn’t even stop to think how she hadn’t hit me up all day. As I pulled up to our apartment, the excitement was bubbling over. I was ready to whisk her away for her massage, facial and all out pampering session.

As I made it upstairs to 603B, butterflies filled me. I was convinced she was going to meet me at the door with the biggest smile and hug. I opened the door and was welcomed with an eerie silence. Maybe she was in the tub soaking, I thought. The only hint I had given her as to the festivities that I had planned was to be prepared to be swept off her feet. The candles were lit, the house smelling like vanilla and a hint of lavender. I checked the mail that was on the counter as I passed the kitchen. I heard her voice from the backroom. I smiled and made my way to her sweet melody. I slowly opened the door leading to our room and did a quick scan of the surroundings. She wasn’t in the bed, so I went to the bathroom. I could tell the water had not too long ago been turned off. The mirror still brandished a thick steam coating along the top. I walked to my side of the bed and saw a set of clothes unfamiliar to me. I looked over to the sliding glass door leading to the balcony and I saw her white robe on the floor. I precariously walked over and pulled the blinds back. What my eyes focused upon ripped my heart out of my chest. She was knelt between his legs on her knees, with a mouthful of him. My body kept me frozen in place. I couldn’t bear to watch her service this random like she had serviced me only hours before. I was in complete shock. A million things ran thru my mind all at once. I wanted to cry, laugh, scream out. Hell, I even thought about my nine in the closet. After what seemed to be an eternity I peeled myself from the glass unbeknownst to either of them. Threw a bag of shit together quick and bounced. I left a note:

Hey Tracey,

I just wanted to let you know that I never had a gift like this. This will be with me for a lifetime, I hope you know. I never would have thought I would be kicked in the dick so hard, let alone by you. You were my queen, the reason the sun rose in the east and set in the west; let me tell it. So quickly everything became nothing. But it was all your choice. At any rate fuck you very much, for everything and clearly nothing.


I locked the sliding door just as she began to mount this nigga, and I taped the note to the window. I pushed the blinds back far enough so she could see me. The look on her face was utter disbelief. She tried to hop off but I was out. Fast forward now two, just about three years, here I am approaching damn Valentine’s Day again. The last two have been lackluster and that’s an over statement. I can count on one hand how many dates I had been on since that day. That shit made me hardcore. I had no intention on trying at another relationship. We could kick it here or there, and not on no consistent shit either.

That was until she moved in across the street 4 months or so ago. See, I had moved into the city, and was in apartment C of the brownstone, and I happened to catch her on moving day. She was brown skinned, short cut like Nia on Friday almost, and her smile was brighter than Time Square at midnight. I hadn’t been smitten like this in what felt like ages. I kept my distance and had done so for months. But the what if game in my head had gotten real old. We all know curiosity killed the cat, and I was sure to be the next victim. I was hesitant in my approach. Outside of the moments when we happened to be on our street at the same time, I only caught glimpses of her silhouette on the nights I’d sit on my window seat. After seeing her again one evening, it was then and there that I decided I would take a stab at her the next day. It was a blistering morning but I went thru with my plan anyway. I left the brownstone for work a hair earlier than normal so I could make my first move. I stuck a sticky note on her wind shield.


I wish I knew your name. But I find you very attractive and I would really like to get to know you. I know this is different but I’m a bit shy but I had to try something to get your attention.


P.S. If you’re interested leave a note back here tomorrow.


I wasn’t the least bit confident that I would get a response. But that didn’t stop me from pondering what her possible response would be if she even gave one. I wrestled with myself on if I had even taken the right approach. I kind of felt lame, but I had been out of the game so long, I wasn’t sure if I could just go up and talk to her like that. I wrecked my brain all day about this. I ended up grabbing a drink at the bar up the block on the way home. I threw a few back and made my way in. The liquor in my system took the edge off, which was great. I noticed her car was back in place and the note was no longer on the windshield. I hustled into the house as though if she would have saw me, she would have known I was the mystery man behind the note. I was really trippin’ out. I ordered Chinese and peered out the window a few times, but only to see the very silhouette that had me going thru all this madness. Somewhere in the disarray of my thoughts I managed to slip into a deep slumber. I woke up the next morning unsure whether I should be excited or just await the inevitable. I did my normal routine and headed for the door.  I walked over to the car and saw a return note.


I am Machelle, this is certainly odd but I consider myself a deferrer, so why not play along? I too don’t have a name for you. And I will do you one better, I love sports how about you?


I looked around 3 minutes too late like I couldn’t already have been made. I darted back across the street and up to my apartment. I had to pen the next note to her, knowing I was probably going to be late to work. But how in the Sam hell could I not respond to her promptly? I scrambled around looking for my note pad and in my haste, I found it on the kitchen counter.

Hello Machelle,

First off, I’m glad and honestly shocked you responded. My name is DePaul. Sports are, were instrumental in my life coming up. I love them. Are you a Knicks or Nets fan? What other things do you fancy?


I put the letter in a different spot on the windshield than where she had her note. Hopefully she would notice when she came out this morning. I was eager to get off that afternoon, but I had no clue that I’d have another note waiting for me. She had placed it under the left wiper blade and I had used the right one that morning. I guess that would be our indicator. I surveyed my surroundings before swiping my note and crossing the street. The allure of the entire of the situation had me hyped.


Good day,

DePaul huh? I like that. What sport did you play? And I fancy many things but mainly I’m a foodie, I love the beach, and history intrigues me as well. How about you? BTW this whole note thing is just too cute.


Hey there,

Aww shucks you like my name. I played baseball and basketball, I dabbled in soccer but that was too much running for too little points. History, what’s your favorite era in time? I like history as well but I am more of a science guy. What kind of music are you into miss lady?


We exchanged notes for two weeks, and I was rather content. I mean I wanted her but I wasn’t completely ready to put myself out on the chopping block either. I couldn’t lie to myself by the same token and say I didn’t want to have face to face conversation. See what her scent was like, touch her hand, just be in her presence. I think the all the note passing added to the allure of the whole thing. I just couldn’t bring myself to jump off the cliff yet. I was still window watching and sneaking notes. Then she went silent I didn’t get a note for 3 whole days. I was a bit concerned, I hadn’t seen her from my perch either. I left a note only to find it there when I returned home that day and the same the next morning when I left out. I guess the flame and cute little note game had gotten played out. Shit had me in the dumps on a Friday morning. I spent the entire workday pondering what went wrong. I walked from the subway with the least bit of pep in my step. I merely peered over at the Jag to still see the note I’d left the day before in the same spot. I walked up the stoop, stopping in the corridor to check the mail. Bills on a Friday are the worst. I was thumbing through the mail as I walked to my door when my keys slipped out of my hands and fell to the floor. As I knelt to pick them up I looked at the door realized that an envelope had been taped over the peephole. I quickly snatched it down and rushed inside. As I walked past the kitchen I tossed the other mail on the counter. Breaking the seal, a sweet aroma filled my nostrils. Instantly I knew it was her. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I really didn’t know what to expect.


I have enjoyed our back and forth over the past several weeks. And to be frank, I am beyond intrigued and more than impatient to really get to know you. For that I had to step up the game, let you know I know who you are and I am yours for the taking. I am free on the 14th so we should get together grab a bite of sorts. I’m sure you are going to go to your window… You’re not the only one that has been watching. In fact, I’ve been watching you since I came and looked at my place two months ago. But shhhh… don’t tell anybody. That can be our little secret. But let me know about dinner, call me 646-555-5525. Besides I am ready to hear your voice.

Damn, like for real damn. She put her foot all the way down on me. She put the note on my door, so I knew there was no mistaking the tone. And she slick let me know she knew who I was. That was a turn on. She was going for what she wanted and didn’t have a lick of shame in it. I was too hype to call. My mind was racing on what I could do with her on the 14th of…. Aww damn that’s Valentine’s Day. That fact hit me like a ton of bricks, but by now I am too invested and too intrigued not to push forward. I made my mind up right then and there, I was no longer going to let what happened those years ago, mold my future any longer. I sat on the couch pondering for a few moments. I wanted to peer out of my window but I didn’t want her to see me. It would be just my luck.

I headed to the shower with my mind set ablaze. What would she sound like? Would it be as sweet as she looked? Would our conversation flow like our notes had? Would my pen pal be everything I had spent the last few weeks dreaming about? I wonder if her lips would feel as good as this water felt after a long day of work. I was curious before, but now this was torture. Sitting on the edge of the bed clutching her last note, I was on a cliff, and I wasn’t sure what awaited me. But… I was too far gone to not jump. I dialed the number from the note. I could feel my heart in my throat, as it rang in my ear. At the end of the second chime she answered. It was the sweetest hello I had ever heard. I was stuck, in complete infatuation. The second hello brought me to. Clearing my throat, I reciprocated the pleasantries. We talked for an entire two hours that first night. Everything flowed so well. Two episodes of the Vikings marathon had come and went and yet I was still yearning for more of her. I know I went to sleep with a smile on my face that night.

The 14th was Tuesday, and we had discussed getting together as she suggested. The weekend gave me time to fester in my thoughts. I had already decided we would head to Manhattan to have dinner and a movie at the new dine in cinema. I was dead locked on that one. After that though, I would be at her mercy as she wanted to take me to what she described as a cool dessert spot. I was game for it though. I was just ready to be in her presence. I didn’t bug her over the weekend, though she did call to check up me. Apart of me wanted to kick it with her but I played it cool. Besides, if all went well I would afford myself a plethora of chill time.

Tuesday rolled around and 5 o’clock couldn’t take any longer to arrive. Butterflies had gripped me all day. I rushed out of the door and made my way to the subway station. The date was set for 7. That gave me just the right amount of time to get home, wash the day off, and get spiffy. Had this nice little number I put together, nothing too heavy. This was a light date of sorts, like a getting to know each other kind of thing. Some fresh denim, a black polo, accompanied by a military green bomber that accented my olive Timbs well. By 730 the kid was ready and dressed to impress. I called over and she told me she was ready as well. I told her I would be down waiting on her. I decided Uber would be the best bet. I figured we’d have a couple drinks and what not, so better safe than sorry. Just as she was coming down, the car was pulling up. She came down with jeans and a coat that hid her top, looking like a real around the way girl in her wheats. That look to me was so sexy, thought she probably thought nothing of it.

50 Shades was ok, I feel it could have been better, but it was definitely a good date movie. I had a million questions brewing in my head but I kept it cool. I was trying to remain a gentleman I swear, but in my head I was pondering what turned her on. Was she into any of this? Like the thoughts of her were getting me hot. We hadn’t even mentioned sex in our conversations but it was all that was on my mind at present. I was glad when the movie concluded. Then maybe my rampant mind would take a break. On the way out, our hands found one another.

“So, what did you think?” I probed. I was low key trying to see what piqued her interest as well as gauge how the night may end. I would be lying if I said I didn’t want her the very second she sat next to me in the uber. She smelled of heaven, and I was convinced that it was a place I wanted to go.

“Oh I liked it, but I thought it would be more intense. The way people rave about it, I was expecting more… Maybe I’m just hella freaky.” She didn’t even look up from rummaging in her purse. The uber pulled up as the blank stare and awkward silence gripped my soul.

I let her in on the back-driver side and I walked around to the other side of the car. As I got in the uber driver greeted us and asked us how our night had gone. Turns out she had seen the movie over the weekend. Her eyes lit up as she said she enjoyed it. Machelle couldn’t see her face though. They went back and forth about the movie. My eyes were glued to my date’s lips. The words flowed eloquently from her luscious chops. I felt myself leaning in unable to stop myself. Her eyes found mine, and she halted conversation abruptly. My body had superseded my mind. My mind was on the fence about the reception I would receive, but my body was itching to know what the outcome would be.  Our lips met with a fire hell couldn’t match. Her lips were as soft as my mind had dreamt and they fit upon mine just perfect. We wanted, no needed to know more.

I felt neurons shooting from every part of my frame in every direction. Her hands traveled up the back of my shirt, all but confirming we were in the same book, on the identical page, equivalent paragraph, and sentence.  She bit my bottom lip as my tongue delved into her opening. We traded places as I sucked and nibbled on her lips. We were just heating up, yet the windows were already beginning to glisten with fog from our steamy, passionate kisses. The more we embraced the deeper I fell into her. My hands descended inside the top of her pants and my hands found the top of her plump pussy, and I was shocked to discover we were both free ballin’. It was a nervous thing I did on a first date, don’t judge me. But anticipation gripped me the closer I got to her love center. As I landed home, she clamped down on my lip and we cooed in unison. I was in need of a life jacket. Swimming wasn’t on our original date itinerary, but adjustments would surely be made.

Her moans encouraged my every effort. She sounded of pure passion and love. I knew this was the gateway drug to an addiction of her. “I’ve been wanting to do this since the second note. Mmmm I’ve needed you to touch me.” She cooed to me. This Uber had turned into a really hot episode of taxi cab confessions. My lips found her neck as my fingers dove deeper in her swimming pool and didn’t even realize we had made it back home. Our diver didn’t bother to announce our arrival either. She was playing in her own pool in the front seat. The car was oozing of us, it was euphoric to say the least.  I was ready to get all the way wet. My phalanges found my lips as I was reluctant to pull away.

“Thank you” I uttered to our driver.

“No thank you” she rebutted, cleaning her own fingers. We all chuckled before we exited.

Machelle and I shared a steamy glare as we stood on the sidewalk on her side of the street, then we kissed hard as the car pulled off. I held her tight to me. With a bright flash the skies opened up and the rain began to pour. Machelle turned and bolted up the steps clutching my hand pulling me in tow. I watched what once was a rain drop now a bead of water, run down her caramel glazed skin tone. Before she could unlock and open the door, our tongues met again like fire and water. There was a slight jolt followed by a low moan. She turned the nob and pushed the door open, granting us access.  While I was scanning the room Machelle was fixated on shedding clothes. I was oblivious to it.

“MM..MM” she commanded my attention. My eyes most certainly feasted on her gorgeous frame, still glistening. Her c-cup breast still restrained in her gray lace bra. Her hips were being gripped with the matching thong. I could feel my heart beating fast. I wanted every part of this woman. I slowly made my way over scanning her loveliness. I followed her eyes and I could tell she was undressing me with them. Shirt first, up and over; then I unbuttoned my jeans. My chest met her breast as we embraced. She felt of satin to me. It was completely mesmerizing. My hands traced her outline. She felt perfect.

“I wanna taste you” She said, pushing me on to the sofa. I offered no objections. She kneeled before me taking my dick between her lips. Her tongue toyed with my head, before she descended my shaft. She was so gorgeous with my meat in her mouth. Her light brown eyes peered into my dark ones. Slurping she found an up and down rhythm, making me head fall back onto the sofa.

“Shit!” I murmured. She was giving me that work. Taking my dick out she slapped her cheek. She was revealing her monstrous ways the more she delved into me. I don’t know if she was trying to come out the gate and one up me, or was this just her normal lip service. But she was about to have me on the ropes in a second. I guided her head up and my shit left her mouth with a loud pop. She was ravenous on the rod. I gave her a look like, you mother fucker you. She blushed and quickly put on a devilish grin. I opted to not release my own beastly way upon her. I figured I would spring up on her at a less suspecting time. I reached down to my jeans that were around my ankles. I lifted a condom from the back pocket. I slid it down my still soaking member. Machelle straddled me, split her entrance on my pole. Condom on and all, I could feel the tsunami her lips were staving off. She nestled atop me, and proceeded to find a rhythm. My hands continued to roam her curves. Her gorgeous breast dangled just out of reach. Gripping her ass, I leaned up and sucked one of her protruding nipples into my mouth. She moaned deep and threw her head back, never breaking pace. Her pussy was gripping me with every up stroke.

She rode me like a champion, But I was ready to put my mark on her. The way her hips rolled on my dick was tantalizing. Her pretty breast dangled and bounced in front of me. Teasing my lips each time they swooshed passed my mouth. I was ready to put in work of my own. Machelle probably thought my bashfulness would translate to the bedroom but I was anything but in that arena. I wrapped my arms around her and stood up. Naturally her legs locked around me. I flexed my strength as I gave her that up stroke. She was game, sinking her teeth into my neck. Little did she know she was feeding the beast. Any more she would be unlatching the cage that contained it. Her nails dug in to the curve of my back. The passion was unreal. It was as if the more I pushed the more she grabbed and vice versa. You ever get intimate with someone, and know you made the right choice and know this is the start of something amazing. This was that, to the 10th power. I never felt so connected, so passionate, so beastly… all at one time. I wanted to passionately give her me but in the same sentence I wanted to bend her over, grip her by the throat and an ass cheek and punish her good ass pussy. I kept my composure though, at least for the moment. I couldn’t blow the top off of her imagination on the first go round. Not sure she could handle that. But she was fucking me like she wanted to take it there. She was fucking back with raw passion in her eyes.

I let her dismount me, and she posted up on the couch and pointed that gorgeous ass at me. It was swaying from side to side in slow motion. In reality, it was swishing back and forth rather quick. I was so gone I was watching each ripple as her ass moved about. She rocked back into my stiffness, she was so wet I slid in like a butter knife in warm butter. I didn’t move initially, I let her bounce that pretty ass on me. I could feel the cage become more unhinged. The better me knew I should have walked away. But she kept me entranced with her silky smoothness. I grabbed her hips, halting her movements. She looked back at me over her shoulder.

“Damn baby, I want more. Please can I have more daddy?” Her tone shot straight through me. It snatched the lock right off the cage.

“Fuck” I muttered to myself. I knew the tides would change rapidly in the next few moments. It was like the harder I pulled the harder she pushed. I halted my movement, as a last ditch effort to hold back. She probably was of the impression she had me on the ropes. But, she was wrong. Machelle flashed a sexy grin at me over her shoulder, then she started to twerk on my dick like it was her finishing move. Shit was driving me wild, and in essence she was only inching closer to my on-switch. She threw her head back and magically my hand grabbed a fist full of her curly locks. She let out a loud gasp as I matched her buck with my thrust. She wasn’t ready, and I had no cares. She brought this upon herself. Her ass was no longer coming back with the same determination as it once had. I pulled her up closer to my frame, gripping her titty and squeezing her nipple at the same time. Her muffled moans were getting harder to contain. In the madness my hand left her hair and moved towards her throat. As I gave her neck a gentle squeeze, I felt her pussy clench upon me as she found her release; with it came a screeching moan that I’m sure could have been heard from my place. I was poised to fill this rubber up. I get off on reactions and lawd she touched my soul in that moment. I pounded that pussy out until I came hard and fast. With a loud growl I spilled my cum all inside her soaking wet, hot kitty, and we collapsed in euphoria. We lay there sprawled out and panting.

“Machelle???” I managed between breaths. She just looked at me, unable to form words as of yet. “Machelle, you wanna be my girlfriend?”

anonymous asked:

Hello hello! I am wondering if I can request a drawing? I've been in Bokuroo college AU hell and it's killing me slowly 😅

Yosh! After an initial panic attack and wrecking my brain trying to think of an au that you had in mind, dear gura-san, I decided to go with the one where Kuroo is an insufferable prankster. I don’t know if it exists, but it sure as hell does now.

I’m 97% sure you wanted to see them as a couple, but I’m not experienced at drawing romance ^^’. There are a ton of great artists who are, though. I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for!

Cheers! and thank you for requesting ^0^/


Originally posted by nelliel66

If you wish upon a star, if you really wish really really hard, maybe one day it will come true. 

pairing: yoongi x reader
words: 3.9k
genre: a bit of fluff, angst
summary: they say if you wish upon a star, your dreams will come true. but the night sky is a bleak blanket of black and no matter how many meaningless wishes were made, empty promises and lonely hearts had led you to unfold your worst nightmare
a/n: this has been in my library for quite some time and i though i shall complete it. i was recalling a scene from the heirs and i was like damn i need to do one

“Yoongi-ah,” You tucked your hands under your chin, elbows leant forward as a summery smile graced your face. The effulgence of the burning candles illuminated both your faces, the dark surrounding filling your vicinity but the boy with the soft blonde hair gazing back at you with the same reflection of love and devotion was the only thing that mattered. “What did you wish for?”

Yoongi only smiled foolishly, his gummy smile showing you couldn’t help but flip at the light chuckles that fall from his parted lips before looking back at you with an intense gaze.

“I wish,” Yoongi dragged on, his teasing tone making you pout slightly and god, he wished he can just shove the cake aside and press his lips against yours. “I wish to have a forever with you.”

“Forever?” You raised your brows, smirking at him behind the thick soft smoke of the flames.

“Yeah,” Yoongi replied back nonchalantly but his sincere tone catches you off guard. “I want to walk this earth, age through my years and explore all the opportunities in this world. But as long as you are on my side, I will gladly take on this world.”

“You’re so cheesy gosh,” You giggled, soft fingers reaching out to pinch the milky supple cheeks. “But I love you too.”

The dimness of the street lights gave a luminescent glow along the streets outside, ghost of strangers brushing past by the closed cafe and they took little notice of the romantic scene that played behind the stacked chairs and clean tables where both you and Yoongi sit. A strange place for a mini celebration, but Yoongi got his wish - a cake, candles and you.

He wasn’t a firm believer of wishes and that those childish things will be granted before their very eyes. But when you graced your way into his life like a God gifted wish, he starts to think magic does exist because here you are in his arms and he loves it that way. Wishes aren’t as bad after all. It becomes a tradition, a ritual, a hope that blooms in both your hearts as you pray that whatever wish was made, it would come true with love, handwork and devotion.

Yoongi gazed into your eyes a little longer, a silent blessing he repeats in his head as he skirts the blush that dusts your cheeks and the galaxies that swim in your eyes as you await his declaration of affection. He slides his fingers in yours, a perfect fit, he thinks, before his mouth parts in shades of soft pink. Its enough to remind him that he wishes for a forever.

“I love you too,”

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🍂 new november fics 🍂

» 30 Rules to Marriage by delictor

Lance and Keith accidentally get married and it’s not actually as bad as they thought it would be.

» Always Keith by spacegaysgettingspacelaid

Keith’s Galra side pops out in the middle of a battle, and his team mates all suddenly seem to want him dead. No one can see him as anything more than Galra scum.

(Except Lance. Lance just wants to know why he can’t be a Gryffindor.)

» Astraphobia by Anthropedia

Keith had long since made his peace with this. But why did it have to happen now? And as it stands, Keith is the only one who is willing to accept that things are turning out this way.

» bruises by Chaosandthecalm 

“Show me how much you hate me.”

Keith wants to know what Lance’s problem is. The answer might surprise him.

» By God Don’t Let Go Of Me by whichlights

After the disaster that was the corrupted wormhole, the paladins struggle to reunite. That may be a little more difficult than anticipated seeing as the universe won’t throw them a goddamn bone.

"If you let go I think I may shatter.” Keith laughed. “Please just keep looking at me so I can pretend we’re going to be okay.”

» cause you’re learning me by safra

Here’s what Lance knows about his mysterious flatmate:

 1. His name is Kevin. Or Keith. Or something like that.
 2. He’s studying astrophysics which, honestly, is pretty cool.
 3. He doesn’t know how to use the washing machine.
 4. He can’t cook. Like— At all.
 5. And— Well. And that’s about all Lance knows about the mysterious Kevin/Keith because,  after nearly two months of living together - after almost two months of sharing a bathroom and  a kitchen and all the other things that come with being flatmates - Lance has never, not even  once, actually seen him.

» Color Me Blue by TheQueen

This time he will fix things. This time they won’t fail.

This time he’ll save Lance.

» Colour Wheel by isafangirl


People are born from three colours, they are either yellow, blue or red. Everything about them is that colour, in varying shades. 

They can only see the colour they were born from (as well as black and white). As the years go by, they touch people with the other colours, and if their relationship with them is special enough, they may share their colours with each other. These special people are called soulmates.

» Convalescence by Dee Olive and harenp

Keith doesn’t know what’s going on anymore, doesn’t know what to believe. His brain is a wreck, his body is littered with scars and these strange people keep claiming to be his friends.

Then again, what can you expect when you suddenly wake up with no memory?

» Costumed Identities by Trashness

Lance and Keith are rival cosplayers, who only know each other by their online usernames. They are fiercely competitive, but are also desperately attracted to each other. You’d think they would just get together already, but there’s a couple of problems.

» Crossroads by manamune

When Keith crashed his Lion into a Galra warship in order to stop it from destroying a solar system, and more importantly, his friends, he was fully prepared to die for it.

What he didn’t prepare for was to wake up in an alternate universe where he and Lance were dating.

» Don’t Break Connection, Baby by princedeadend

Keith works part-time as a phone sex operator and receives a prank call from Lance. This does not go as planned for Lance.

» Freeing the Black Paladin by CaptainPlatypus

Keith had been born a part of Zarkon’s Empire and as a young Galra he had fulfilled his duty to become a soldier of the Empire. An honour he’d been told, but his human blood had exposed him to the darker side of the Zarkon’s rule. 

No one left the Empire, but with the help of the Champion he had escaped. 

Now Keith was determined to repay the favour and free his saviour. He’d use anyone to do it, even the new Paladins of Voltron.

» Frozen Time & Forgotten Hearts by Linea14

Keith and Lance were in love long before lasers rained down upon Altea. But after Lance is shoved in a cryopod and slumbers for 10,000 years, Keith is surely dead… right?

» Fuzz Therapy by anonymouse_fiction

After some (worried) complaining from Lance, Keith finally decides to learn how to take care of his Galra fur right. What no one was expecting was how gosh darn fluffy he would be.

» Halcyon Days by bolbessa

Lance might be royalty. Keith might be escorting the future king back to the kingdom. It’s possible that neither of them are entirely aware of these facts.

» Happiness by Skullnar 

Captured, Lance is left in a cell to rot. He expects torture, questioning, and threats. However, all he gets is a Galra named Keith, who just happened to be in the same cell as him. Lance is sure he is a spy, seeking to attain information. What he doesn’t expect, though, is to find himself befriending the Galra.

» High Tide by princevince

1. the state of the ocean’s tide at it’s highest
2. the highest point of something
3. a culmination

» Hold On To Me by kalekeith

It’s been 14 hours and 27 ticks since Lance had made a god awful pun, or shitty pick-up line, or faux-suave gesture – which Keith isn’t in the least slightly concerned about; not at all.

» Homecoming by Thesis

Two deaths and one funeral. Keith has trouble readjusting to Earth and Lance has trouble dealing with Keith.

» Honey & Lemon by DylanOhBrien

Keith has one rule: keep any interaction with a customer terse and professional. It’s a rule he’s strictly followed since he’s started working at Shiro’s shop.

Then Lance walks through the door and Keith thows professionalism right out the window, along with any semblance of dignity he had left.

» I Never Knew Daylight (Could be so Violent) by Talinor

Are you there, God? It’s me, Lance. He thought. I know we don’t talk much, but listen. I don’t care what it is, I’ll do it. Just let him be okay.

» Infection by 5557

Lance is convinced that he is infected with an alien sickness. Why doesn’t anyone believe him?

It must be Keith’s fault.

» it’s an imperfect magic by DovahFinn

Keith didn’t even know unreciprocated soulmates were POSSIBLE, so of course fate gave him one and then got him stuck in space with him.

» i won’t just buy you a rose by glitterfreezing

lance is a struggling florist with a passion for poetry and coffee.

keith is a highly frustrated barista at the bookstore-slash-café down the street.

their inevitable meeting causes their individual worlds to change forever—for the worse, obviously. the course of true love never did run smooth, but this is just ridiculous.

» Kiss My Ice by delictor 

Lance hasn’t skated in a year since the accident that cost him the Olympics. Keith can’t skate for shit but that doesn’t stop him from catching Lance’s attention, even when he can’t so much as stand up after falling on the ice.

» Laws of Gravity need not apply by Yuu_chi

It’s a difficult thing to go from secretly crushing on your school rival at a distance to sharing a tentative psychic connection with him, an audience of three other people, and an assorted collection of sentient machines.

Harder still to watch that crush come to be something more.

» Leave Me Stranded by aethris

Keith opened his mouth and closed it. His eyes seemed pained. “Lance,” he began, “I understand-”

“You don’t know anything about how I feel because you don’t care about ANYONE!” He let go of the other boy’s shirt and pushed him away. Keith’s back banged against the other treadmill.

The silence was heavy. Lance glared at Keith, fists raised, prepared for a fight.

But for once, Keith didn’t glare back at him. “So.” Keith’s voice was almost too strained and quiet to hear. “That’s how you feel.”

Then he turned around and left the room without another word.

» moments of silence by attemptsonwords

Quiet moments between two boys who spend most of their time yelling at the other.

» phlogiston by stalemateBecks

When Lance was eight years old, his abuelita sat him on her knee and told him; love is a leveler.

At the time, Lance had no idea what she meant. Love was still a rather far-off and foreign concept, but he was enamoured with the general idea behind it, even if it seemed a bit confusing. The phrase stuck with him, but had ultimately been pushed to the back of his mind when he couldn’t figure it out.

Now though, his back arched against the wall and Keith burning caustic kisses into his skin, he thinks he might get it.

» Rapid Escalation by Lys ap Adin

Pidge and Hunk finally give Keith a hint to explain Lance’s behavior, and after that, things escalate.

» Stay Awake by Talinor

Sometimes Lance forgot one simple mistake could mean the end.

AKA Lance nearly dies, Keith saves him, and both question their feelings.

» the cartography of a soul by songs

Suddenly, Lance’s chest hurts. Keith’s voice is so hoarse and hesitant. And Lance— Lance knows there’s a right thing to do. He should say, “You’re human,” should say, “you’re still one of us." 

» The Constellations in Your Eyes by lottienaut 

Keith can’t sleep and, as it turns out, neither can Lance. They meet on the observation deck of the Castle of Lions and have a revealing conversation.

» This Time Don’t Make Me Leave by Qpenguin98

When he gets out of the car and looks up, he realizes Lance is right. He can see stars and constellations and the moon shining down. He feels awestruck.

» thread our way through a string of stars by steelthigsvoideyes

Lance is a humble astrophysics student trying to conduct research, which turns out to be a bit difficult to do when he finds a strange guy sitting in his customary research spot. A strange guy looking for aliens, no less.

Lance isn’t going to stand for this.

» Unbroken by fickleminder

In which the cryo pods can bring back the dead.

» What the Night Knows by RubyFiamma

A mission gone wrong has Keith wandering around aimlessly seeking some sort of solace.

» You’re My King and I’m Your Lionheart by Lulatic

Lance is a Galra prisoner, Keith is the prince that falls in love with him.

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may the bridges i have burned light my way back home

finally finished with my fic for the @pjohoobigbang, with of course tremendous thanks to @falloutside and @percyyoulittleshit for organizing it, to my long suffering and tremendously patient artist, @olympusisbleeding, but most importantly to mari for being sincerely the BEST beta i could have asked for… i don’t think i have to tell you that this fic literally would not have been possible without you, so what i really want to say is thank you for putting up with me and my sporadic writing habits and letting me torture your pure soul with the angst :,)

Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,

anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.

In a fit of sudden bravery, Annabeth reaches for her phone and scrolls down, finger hovering above the contact. And then she bites her lip and sets it back down on her dresser, hands on her hips, pacing.

Takes a deep breath, turns, stares at the phone. Reaches for it.

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To Feed A Flame - Part I

I’ve collected a ton of prompts asking for this kind of fic by now and here it finally is: EreJeanMarco ABO au, for all you kinky little shits out there

“Wait…”, Jean mumbled fingers stilling where they were tangled in Eren’s shirt, slowly blinking down at the shorter boy he had shoved against the wall. “You’re not … you’re not a Beta?”
Eren huffed, eyelids fluttering as he looked down, cheeks red and lips glistening. Jean had expected many things to come out of this, but not Eren dropping that kind of surprise between frantic kisses.
“I’m not”, he growled, gaze stubbornly cast down. “So can you start that gloating thing you always do and … get it over with?”
Jean blinked. He would have been offended at the suggestion alone if the topic hadn’t been so obviously painful for Eren to talk about. The way he was bracing himself for ridicule and rejection said everything and Jean felt a painful sting in his chest realizing how afraid Eren must have been of his reaction.

“That’s not … I wouldn’t…” There were no words, really. Not when Eren clenched his jaw tight and turned his face away, hands falling away from Jean’s hips.
Jean didn’t know how to explain this to Eren. That he’d never laugh about him for something important the way he did for countless other, tiny things. That their sarcastic banter wasn’t supposed to get this personal. For a second he wondered why the other boy would ever think it even could. But with the way Eren seemed to withdraw further from him every second he needed to do something, anything, to save the situation.

“Does Marco know?”, he asked instead of keeping up his attempts at assuring Eren he wouldn’t make fun of him or gloat. Eren shrugged.
“He will when you run home and tell him about it”, he muttered, still not looking at Jean and okay, that stung. But he couldn’t even start to imagine the kind of scenarios Eren’s mind had spun thinking about coming out to them.
Maybe that was the reason it had taken them this long. They’d been dancing around the border of officially dating for months now, giving Eren the time he needed while growing increasingly more and more frustrated and worried. Apparently it wasn’t just the idea of joining a couple that had already been dating a long time that had kept Eren at arms length…

“I won't”, Jean said, careful to keep his voice level and calm as he reached up with one hand, nudging a finger against Eren’s chin to carefully coax him into eye contact again. It was tentative and guarded but good enough for the moment. “I won’t tell Marco anything without your consent. But … you could come home with me and we could talk to him together?”

It took Eren a long while of gazing critically into Jean’s eyes until he started to accept that this was it, that Jean wouldn’t laugh about him or leave or break off the whole, budding relationship.
“Okay”, he finally breathed and even though he didn’t seem too convinced just yet it had to be enough for the moment.


“I understand you were nervous”, Marco said, kind and gentle, holding hand between careful fingers. “But thank you for telling us. We really appreciate it, that must have been so hard for you…”
Eren nodded, lips still tight but expression way less guarded after they had promised him that, no Jean and Marco weren’t dating because they were only really attracted to other Alphas and that no, of course they wouldn’t send him away after finding out he was an Omega. Sure they would have to learn a few things but that was far from impossible. And now that they knew about him they could take even better care of him and understand his behaviour even better.

“But Eren…”, Marco continued, eyebrows pulled together a bit. “Why did you tell us now? Did something happen?”
Jean had wondered that as well. Been wrecking his brain if they’d said or done anything that could have made him worry like that. But it had been way more important to get Eren home and onto their couch so that Marco, sweet, gentle, patient Marco, could take care of the delicate situation before Jean said something stupid that drove their almost-boyfriend away completely.

Eren bit his lip and nodded. He looked so tiny right now, like a “proper” Omega. Jean only noticed because usually their friend looked anything but demure and submissive. On the contrary, he was strong and opinionated and he always got what he wanted.
Seeing him like this, scared and embarrassed, was weird and made an odd protectiveness crawl through Jean’s chest.

“My heat’s close.”
The words were so quiet Jean almost didn’t catch them and he only knew he heard right when Marco’s eyes opened just a bit wider.
“You’d have found out anyway and I thought … if you wanted to end it because of … you at least wouldn’t have to see me like that…”
“Oh darling…”, Marco hummed, raising Eren’s hand to his lips to breathe a soft kiss against bruised knuckles. “We don’t mind at all. All we want is for you to be comfortable around us.”
“I am!”, Eren said vehemently, almost startling in the soft, quite atmosphere. “I’ve never felt so safe around anyone before, let alone Alphas! I was just so scared of losing this when you found out…”

Jean had to swallow. All this time he didn’t have the slightest idea.
“Well, you won’t.” His voice sounded a little raspy but the tiny smile he got for his efforts was enough. Silence fell over them for a while after that but it was far from the oppressive kind that had hung in the air before Eren had started to talk.

“Where will you spend your heat?” As soon as the words were out Jean wanted to take them back, overcome with the strong urge to hit himself in the face. That sounded so cliché, so perverted and lusty and … Alpha. Just what Eren didn’t need right then. He wouldn’t have been surprised if their friend got up and left.
But instead Eren shrugged, a light hint of pink creeping back onto his cheeks.
“I don’t know yet…”, he mumbled and his voice sounded so small and adorable Jean wanted to kiss him. But he stayed firmly seated in the armchair across from them.

“Well, you do know two guys who’d love to take care of you…”, Marco offered with a mischievous smirk and Eren blushed even more. “No pressure, no expectations. Just an offer. Think about it?”
Marco hadn’t even finished before Eren nodded, a small, careful movement but it didn’t look uninterested at all.
“I will”, he promised, voice strong and even again. Jean really, really hoped he would.

Part II

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mino; in every lifetime

Originally posted by choiseunghyunn

Based on a prompt for a Soulmate! AU: The last words you’ll ever hear them say are written on your skin, meaning that you’ll never know who your soulmate is until you lose them.

Sidenote: Angst, scenario of 3.2k words. 

They weren’t childhood friends, high school sweethearts or anything like that.   

“I wish I met you sooner.” he’d say, prompting a walk down memory lane of the first time they met –her favourite story out of the infinite they shared.

It was the July that fell on her last semester of college, a night that was never supposed to be but of thesis revisions and brain wrecking flash cards for finals that were just around the corner.  

“Oh have a bit of fun!” her friends disapproving her safe choice of plans, practically dragging her out through the dorm’s hallways in a midst of hushed giggles and careful footsteps.

She liked to think that she was socially acceptable for pretentious-frat-boy hosted parties and they weren’t all that bad if she managed to keep up with her group of friends, with the aid of a cup of cheap beer, or two. However, it wasn’t what she had in mind when they pulled over a beach house, already crowded by muddy four wheelers and huge SUVs parked by the vast perimeter of the property.

Her curiosity, spluttered out as a series of worried questions were dodged away by, “He’s our senior, remember? Of course you don’t. We’re all invited, now stop worrying will you please.”

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Wreck-It Ralph AU with Valjean as the antagonist in his game, Escape from Toulon – in the opening scene of his game, his tragic backstory of stealing a loaf of bread is revealed and he tries to flee from prison, and the players control Javert, the hero, who chases him through the levels.

But eventually Valjean gets tired of being the criminal, especially since the punishment – twenty years stuck in the game doing the same thing day in, day out, and all for a loaf of bread – doesn’t seem to fit the crime, and since Javert takes his role seriously even when the game is done, so he decides to leave his game and make a life for himself elsewhere. He receives assistance from Bishop Myriel, who offers him shelter in his game for the night and offers him some spare data to help him make a new life for himself. 

Along the way Valjean meets Fantine, a character whose game has been disconnected and who begs Valjean to look after her daughter. Valjean rescues Cosette from Thenardier’s Tappers and takes refuge in a game he thinks is safe, Versailles III: July Monarchy*.

And they are safe until some of the characters in the game, namely Les Amis de l'ABC, minor characters in a background scene of the game, stage a revolution against the playable characters, namely members of the National Guard. To make matters worse, Javert finally discovers where Valjean’s been hiding all these years, and Cosette falls in love with a glitch named Marius who is unable to leave the game.

Will Valjean, after all the years being labelled a ‘bad guy’, find his inner-hero in order to save Marius? Will Javert ever forgive Valjean and learn that there’s more to him than just the thief he was programmed as? And what will the players think when they get to the arcade the next day to find barricades have been built all throughout the game?

Live; Serendipity

Originally posted by prismatriangles

You always had the worst luck possible.

It wasn’t something you pondered about a lot, however it did make you work harder than anyone. You had noticed how your friends would slack off, leaving it off to fate while you stayed up until four or five in the morning making sure that anything you made or submitted was perfect. You had too. You could never leave things up to luck. It was a condition you had adapted with.

So when you were suddenly in charge of the sound system at an event, when it wasn’t even your job. You didn’t question it because honestly if you had questioned every time you had to do something out of your job scope. You would have been out of job. “Can you help?” your manager had asked, as he folded the sleeves of his shirt.

“Uh-sure.” You replied, putting all the papers and weighting it down with the clipboard in your hand and pushing your pen inside the back of your pocket. “What do you need?”

Your manager looked at the man standing in front of him, as he pulled out his phone and moved to make some calls. You smiled at the man as he let out a sigh of relief. You chuckled softly, understanding as well on how affected everyone could be by the presence of your manager. He was a hard man to please. “We’re short with staff and we haven’t even properly fit in the mic for everyone. So…” he trailed off walking off as you followed behind him. He moved towards a table and grabbed a few items and turned to look at you. “Have you ever fitted a mic?” he asked and you nodded your head.

It was one of the few things you had picked up while working in event management.

Plus being under your manager, you had no room to ever say no to learning new things.

“So who do I…?” You trailed off as you saw him looking at his own clipboard, and going down the list. “We have Live at the back. Can you go do him?”


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