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When you listen to music, multiple areas of your brain become engaged and active. But when you actually play an instrument, that activity becomes more like a full-body brain workout.

From the TED-Ed lesson How playing an instrument benefits your brain - Anita Collins

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it’s that time of year again ): ): ): whether you are starting middle, highschool, or college, I feel like these things can be helpful in taking it easy and having a good year!!!

Brain Workouts

for people like me, who haven’t taken a general education course in over a year, these can help get those brain waves flowin’!!!

7 Little Words - Gives you short definitions and you have to guess the word.

Can You Escape? - exactly what it sounds like, you have to get out of the room!

Brain Yoga - develops different skills to engage brain activity.

Luminosity - develops different skills to engage brain activity.

Studying / Course Supplements

How To Get Motivated To Study

How To Take Notes

Free College Courses (xxx)


Learn a language!

Need help with English?

Feed people while you build your vocabulary!

Don’t want to read that book?

Need help with Math? (yes)

School Tools

Know the fucking Weather

Block distracting websites!

Final Grade Calculator

Calculators of all sorts!

Answers to the book!


Be rewarded with KITTENS for writing!!!

Essay Writer!

Bibliography Writers (xx)

Tip of my Tongue 

Spelling & Grammar Check

Graphic Organizers

Cheap –or- Free Textbooks

Text Nova



Textbook Revolution

Online Math Textbooks


Free E-books

Get Free Books




Background Noise

○ Music: homewurk (shameless self-promotion) | Chill | Coffee Shop Blues | Concentration | Falling in Love With Autumn | ALL THE STUDY PLAYLISTS EVER

○ Sounds: coffee shop sounds | calming background noise | white noise | 9 hours of rain sounds hell yeah | Rainy Mood | ASMR (SO RELAXING) | Masterpost of sounds | Soundrown | Nature Sounds

Easy Recipes & Snacks

Cheap & Easy Snacks 2 Eat While U Study


the famous MUG BROWNIE

Easy Vegan College Recipes

Study Snacks You Should Reach For

BREEEAAAK TIIIMEEE!!!(for your sanity)

Again, I find it very important to stress not to stress (lol). Studying for too long can actually decrease your retention of information, so, use the “50/10 Rule”! Study or do homework for 50 minutes (or however long), but allow yourself a break to grabs snack, stretch, or do something fun. It will actual help you learn the material quicker and better!!!

When to go to bed/get up.

How to Fall Asleep Fast

How to Get Up in the Morning

YOGA (xxx) ((will help you relax, promise))

Coping w/ Stress (xxx)

Cute Animal Live Feeds

Ocean Stream

Listen to all the music from your blog!

Cute Games

Create Sand Art

Read spooky stories & articles! (xxxx) possibly triggering so beware!!!


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More Education Masterposts (xxxximg cred

Funny And Interesting Facts About Gemini Part 1

Gemini is picky about their friends. They only choose the best.

A Gemini is strong enough to handle what ever the world throws at them.

Gemini’s don’t like liars . Once they know you’re one they won’t believe nothing you say.

Gemini’s sometimes just like to sit down in a quiet area & just think. Not daydream. They think. It’s a great brain workout for ‘em.

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Tracking your progress when learning a new technique/drill:

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“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who had practiced one kick 10,000 times.” -Bruce Lee.

6 ways to sharpen your mind

6 Time tested methods for sharpening your brain

1. Read a lot. Fiction, non-fiction, it doesn’t matter (although a mix of both is preferable). I try to read 2 books a week (104 a year), and although it may not seem like much, the average adult only reads 12 books a year.

2. Brain activities. Puzzles, sodoku, anagrams, or the famous

5-10 minutes of game playing a day does more good than you think.

3. Pick up a new skill. Learn how to play an instrument. Learn a language. Practice martial arts. The list goes on and on, and picking up a new skill, whether physical or not stretches the brain, and that’s the key to a sharper mind.

4. Speed reading. Speed reading is teaching your brain to take in, and understand large amounts of data very, very quickly.

5. Improve your memory. Search up some memorization techniques videos on youtube. Google some articles. Build a mind palace. Scroll through my blog (hehehe)

6. Meditate. Don’t worry, it’s difficult the first couple thousand times, but its one of the few things you can do with instantaneous results.

(part two is coming)

/ Memory

So I know I’ve already done a post on memory, but it was on the other blog, plus in the months in between this one and that one, I’ve found some more pretty cool stuff.

An example of this would be Memrise, a website that encourages and helps you to learn new things, which both expands your knowledge, and helps you to know how to assign things to other things; for example; remember the UK as a witch riding a pig.

Another example is The Art Of Memory, a site that is great for learning new memory tips.

I’m going to apologise in advance for repeating things from my last post, but I do feel like some can be elaborated on, like for example mnemonics, because there are definitely more than four ways.

So, whilst we’re on the subject of mnemonics, let’s go straight into brain workouts.


This was something I covered in my last post, but basically all it does is helps your brain become more active, thus increasing the amount of data it processes. So some more types of workouts include:

  • Listening to a new song; then memorising the lyrics
  • Brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand
  • Shower with eyes closed (although can I say that even though this may work YOU and only YOU are responsible for any damage you cause to yourself, if you do fall over).
  • Change the order that you do things in the morning, like your route to work or school, when you brush your teeth, when you get dressed; when you go to the toilet, ect..
  • Learn to play an instrument
  • Pay for shopping (smaller things are easier) with exact change
  • Paint or draw something
  • Write something, like a short novel about your life.
  • Read out loud.

So there you go, a list that’s larger than my last one, and probably better.

But these can get boring, right? I mean, it’s sort of fun to start with, but you can’t exactly write more than one short novel about your life, can you? Isn’t there something, anything, out there to make this easier?

Yes, and I’ve found it in the form of websites.

  • Brainmetrix - free, online, challenges that help with memory, creativity, and other things, all without sign up.
  •  brainhq - free/premium brain training “That Works”
  • Memrise - already mentioned, but falls under this category.
  • The Art Of Memory - see above.

So that’s it, a great list of websites you can visit to help memory. 


So, finally back onto this one. I’m not sure how long the list will be this time, so let’s just get onto it.

  • Visual Memory - start linking things together; for example, you can remember Tumblr by thinking of The Tumbler (Batmobile) with an Internet Modern strapped to the top.
    • Positive images tend to stick in your mind better.
    • Vivid, colourful images have the same effect
    • So colourful positive images work best
  • Find a site like mnemonicdictionary to help associate things better
  • Another site; mnemonic-device, does this as well
  • Use an expression to shorten a longer expression or law; like FANBOYS; For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet and So, the coordinating conjunctions.
  • Make it rhyme; like that months poem.
  • Connect things together; like the start of Latitude sounds like flat, which goes horizontally, or east to west.
  • Everything from my last list.


 I’m not sure what I can elaborate  on this point further, so I’ll just copy my other paragraph over.

“Yes, I know it’s boring, but it really is important. I am, by no means a sleep expert, but I do know dreams are linked with the memories of your day, so, by sleeping, your body remembers the important information from your day better. More sleep obviously gives your brain a better chance of getting all the information remembered. I know there’s stuff about long and short term memory, and if you want to read more about that I suggest looking here or here. Those two may be the same link, if so I suggest looking here, but that link is a little info-heavy. Here is also good.”

Ah, speech marks, the sign of a great quote.

So, is that it? Is that all you do to better you memory?

No, there are plenty of other great ways of remembering things; such as The Major System.


This is quite great, it’s used to help remember phone numbers, zip/post codes, credit card details, Pi, anything really with numbers.

The way it works is simple; you assign consonants to numbers, like the number 5 being L (50=L in Roman Numerals), or maybe M as three (M is 3 on its side), or whatever, it doesn’t matter, so long as its memorable (for more tips on memory, see this post.)

Wikipedia has lots on this, mostly on numbers that are like letters.

Now, you might be thinking how this could help remember numbers. Well, by assigning numbers to letters you eventually can just recall certain things by thinking of your chosen word, and it doesn’t have to follow the patterns that were set out; you can use a system from 00 to 99, called the 100 system, but that does go into more detailed territory.

Other memory techniques are out there, ones more favorable than others; like the Method of Loci, for example/

And if there are any other devices that are really helpful, PM us, and I’ll try to make a post on it.


Pro-tip for reluctant runners (like me) — add this to your playlist and watch the miles flyyy byyy (mostly because Nicki’s rap will give you superhuman endurance). 

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