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American animated series by Yoh Yoshinari (吉成 曜) 

Fanart illustrations by Little Witch Academia director and key-animator in: Gurren Lagann, Evangelion, FLCL, KILL la KILL, One Piece, P&SWG, etc. Including Teen Titans, Powerpuff Girls, Dexter’s Lab, Kim Possible and more (classics). Search! 

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shinee & what they wear to bed
  • Onew: old clothing he's stained somehow or is so holey it has five extra armholes
  • Jonghyun: an XXX-large soft cotton t-shirt that he can curl up in like the lil' bean he is
  • Minho: real pajama bottoms but with a t-shirt or old sports jersey because he moves so much in his sleep all the buttons pop off
  • Key: thick cotton pajamas in winter and silk ones in summer and both match his dogs' pajamas
  • Taemin: either naked or in the clothes he wore the day before

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are you excited about the soukoku movie akutagawaprize-senpai

I’m excited about the movie, yes, but despite the first poster revealed showing only Dazai and Chuuya, I am still convinced it is not a “soukoku movie”. Since the Dazai featured here is post-Dark Era Dazai, there is no good reason why Atsushi and the rest of the Agency members won’t be featured. Even though it’s a production that will make use of an original story, I want to believe Asagiri will supervise the staff so that the plot won’t stray too far from the original one.

By the way, I’ve always thought 55 minutes would have made fine movie material, though I can’t claim to not know the reason why they didn’t go with it.


【文豪ストレイドッグス】Bungou Stray Dogs

「 名前を呼ぶよ あなたの名前を

僕の名前を呼んでくれたみたいに 」

“I’ll call out your name, just as you called out mine.” 

Atsushi Nakajima 中島敦 : @princemaru​ | Osamu Dazai 太宰治 : @arisatounox

Photography/edit 写真: @vicissijuice

  • Akutagawa: ...I love you
  • Atsushi: I love you too!
  • Akutagawa [honestly confused]: I love you three..?

But listen— underwater kisses between Dazai and Atsushi.

Maybe it’s dramatic, where Dazai lets himself fall into the ocean and Atsushi jumps after him, two bodies plunging into the water; Atsushi’s hands grappling the lapels of an all-too-familiar trench coat in order to bring the elder up to the surface, but the response he gets are Dazai’s own hands framing his face, dark eyes fixing him an unreadable stare before there were lips on his, long and slow, and Atsushi feels like suffocating for a whole different reason.

Maybe it’s playful, where they’re taking long walks on the beach, barefooted and with the sun descending over the horizon; Atsushi takes his eye off Dazai to admire the view for a few minutes and sure enough, the moment he looks back to where Dazai stood, the man has already moved to the sea, waist-deep. Atsushi chases after him and is about to say something about Dazai’s latest attempt at submersion when Dazai turns around, a deceptively sweet grin on his face, and Atsushi finds himself being pulled into the sea by Dazai beneath him. A small peck is delivered to Atsushi’s lips before they submerged, and Atsushi is ready to question Dazai’s action but he is caught off-guard by the melodious chuckle that escapes from Dazai’s mouth, the water droplets dripping from his brown hair, and the way the sunset’s light falls upon the man.

Maybe it’s something else entirely, where Atsushi is the one drowning, fighting to swim up, and there’s hands pulling him towards the land. A coughing and panting Atsushi comes face-to-face with Dazai, both drenched. After making sure that Atsushi is okay, Dazai says something along the lines of, “I have passed up a chance to do suicide, so you better make it up with either a kiss or a suicide with me, Atsushi-kun,” and his tone is light, allowing Atsushi to escape if he wants, but Atsushi doesn’t, not after what Dazai’s done, and so Atsushi surges forward, presses his lips against Dazai’s, and it’s not exactly an underwater kiss but—it’s enough. It’s always more than enough.

Just. Underwater kisses between Dazai and Atsushi. 

Top 10 Favorite Musical Numbers from Cartoons

Awhile ago, I was asked what my favorite cartoon musical number was. Well, I decided to adapt that post and expand it into a top 10 list of my big favorites overall. The rules here are: I can only pick one number per TV cartoon and it has to be in a single episode, not an animated movie. Without further ado: 

10.) “The Circle of Poo” from South Park’s “A Very Crappy Christmas”

In the episode “A Very Crappy Christmas,” the ridiculous Christmas icon Mr. Hankey’s wife and kids are introduced. Mr. Hankey’s son Cornwallis confides that he’s having an existential crisis about his bigger role and purpose in life as a sentient piece of crap. From there, Mr. Hankey tries to lift his spirits with a hilariously ridiculous parody of The Lion King’s “The Circle of Life.” Where the Disney song tackles the topic of how the cycle of life affects all creatures in a thoughtful way, “The Circle of Poo” uses drumbeats and rhythmic chanting to make pooping seem grander a spectacle than it should be. Hankey’s high-pitched voice, coupled with his son’s deeper, velvety voice, crown the absurdity of it all. It’s toe-tappingly catchy and gut-bustingly funny. 

9.) “You’ve Got a Lot to See” from Family Guy’s “Brian Wallows and Peter’s Swallows”

In the episode itself, Brian has to perform community service. He meets bitter, washed-up jingle singer Pearl. By a mutual love of opera, Brian befriends and endears himself to her and tries to breathe new meaning into her life after so many years of regret and disappointment. “You’ve Got a Lot to See” is his bright and upbeat entreaty to convince Pearl to step out with him and see the larger world and what all has changed. Channeling his Sinatra influence, MacFarlene has a fantastic voice that meshes beautifully with the jazzy instrumentals. It’s a fun, bouncy number filled with playful jabs at the then current political and social landscape from comments about political correctness to hypothetical procedures to cure baldness. Brian’s overall point is to encourage Pearl to get caught up and spend her remaining golden years living it up out in the fast paced world of today. 

8.)  “Breathe in the Good Sunshine” from the Dexter’s Lab episode “Just an Old-Fashioned Lab Song”

In the episode “Just an Old Fashioned Lab Song,” Dexter’s mother hires a piano instructor to try and get Dexter to branch out into interests besides science. It’s a “pick up this creative venture to become more well-rounded” set up. Dexter is at odds with his instructor until one day, Professor Williams accidentally stumbles into Dexter’s lab. They perform an impromptu number about the power of mixing science with music. It’s complemented by a duet between Williams and Dexter, as well as Williams’ classy piano with the electronic bleeps and bloops of Dexter’s lab equipment. It’s a corny, but well-meaning and fun number. The goal is to show how powerful and harmonious marrying science with music could be. Science can create beautiful music and inspire the optimistic, creative part of the soul. It’s a deceptive moment: Has Dexter learned the merit of exploring other fields dramatically different from his own? Unfortunately, the sentiment is undermined moments later when Dexter decides he wants nothing more to do with music.

7.)  “I Ain’t Got Rhythm” from the Phineas and Ferb episode “Dude, We’re Getting the Band Back Together”

“Dude, We’re Getting the Band Back Together” follows the Flynn-Fletcher brothers in their attempts to reunite the band Love Handel in time for their parents’ anniversary. All three band members get their own music number chronicling how Phineas and Ferb encourage them to return to their instruments. Not to mention, the episode’s major number is their parents’ special song “You Snuck Your Way Right Into my Heart.” To me, “I Ain’t Got Rhythm” stands out since it pairs a funky bass riff with drums and Blue Man group brand impromptu moves in rhythmically smacking counters. Drummer turned librarian Sherman swears up and down he gave up music because he lost his sense of rhythm. That he’s okay with a quiet, mundane life as a librarian versus the glitz and glamor of a rock star life. It’s an ironic, but energetic build-up to his triumphant return to his set. It even ends with a “Halleujah!” choir as he reaches his satisfying epiphany. 

6.)  “Art of the Dress” from the My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic episode “Suited for Success”

This particular number follows a montage as Rarity prepares, designs, and sews dresses for herself and her friends in time for the Grand Galloping Gala. She discusses her process, concerns, and progress aloud to a very snappy, upbeat tune. The electronic beat is steady as a clock tick, with a chipper chime and simple bassline in the background. It’s an interesting way to capture how easy it is to get lost in the ‘zone’ while working. The number starts out mellow and happy, echoing Rarity’s eagerness and excitement towards embarking on a new big project. Echoing harmonies and spoken comments follow and emphasize Rarity’s growing frustration. Yet, she refuses to give up. The steady rhythm further on in the number reflects her determination and persistence; the very traits that make her such a successful businesswoman. In short, this number captures a very astute, admirable quality in Rarity as a character overall. 

5.)  “Throwdown” from Class of 3000 episodes 1-2 “Home”

Remember the short-lived Cartoon Network toon Class of 3000? The big selling points were that the series was created by the musician Andre 3000 and featured an original music number in each episode. The basic premise follows aspiring drummer Lil’ D as he recruits the talented and world famous musician Sunny to rescue his school’s music department and teach his class. From there, the class goes on crazy, surreal misadventures and the day is saved by an impromptu, toe-tapping musical number. Sunny takes a few notes from Ms. Frizzle: He’s the most fleshed out and developed character in the cast, has unexplained supernatural powers, and a mysterious past. Really, the series is a bit of a self indulgent power fantasy on Andre’s part, but it’s a fun, charming romp as a love letter to animation at large. The series’ charm and creativity shines through most in the unique, clever music numbers and visually striking animated music videos.

My personal favorite number is “Throwdown.” It opens with a blast of trumpets, and segways into a catchy beat as the cast announces and introduces themselves. It’s the perfect introduction to a musically charged series, promising the viewer they’re in for an energetic, fantastical ride.

4.) “I’m the Bad Guy” from the Wander Over Yonder special “My Fair Hatey”

This is an example of the quintessential villain theme: It captures how cruel and sadistic Lord Dominator is, what horrible atrocities she’s committed, and bringing the protagonists’ expectations of her crashing and burning. Further, the creative team sought to create a more energetic brand of the cold, heartless bully villain. Both the lyrics and the instrumentals paint this thematic clash beautifully. The bright brass captures her zeal and energy, really pushing Noel Wells’ emphatic, cheerful voice. Sometimes guitar riffs peek in, echoed by flares from an organ, weaving together a discordant, unnering vibe. It’s an interesting mix between the classic villain theme with bright, big-band jazzy staples.

This is the musical number that introduced a large portion of animation enthusiasts to Wander Over Yonder, if not what led to some people falling head over heels in love with this character.

3.) “Stronger Than You” from the Steven Universe episode “Jailbreak”

This number followed Garnet’s big reveal as a ‘taboo’ fusion and how proud she is of her identity. It’s a driving, powerful, and passionate anthem. The clicks and piano provide a solid beat as Garnet introduces herself and her message. It builds to an ebb and flow of beats as she belts out triumphantly Jasper to come and attack her. There’s a taunting, but satisfying quality to Estelle humming or harmonizing with the bridge as Garnet dodges and prepares to launch back at Jasper. While Steven Universe has many masterful, elegant numbers, this one remains my favorite if only because of the plot reveal it’s paired with. Who Garnet is will always be a big, major part of Steven Universe’s story and overall theme. 

2.) “Brains” by Voltaire in the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy episode “Little Rock of Horrors”

While Voltaire’s “Brains” started out as a separate, stand-alone song, it becomes a driving part of the plot in the Grim Adventures episode “Little Rock of Horrors.” Grim Adventures is already a surreal and horror-themed cartoon. So, it makes sense that this toon would be the one to give striking, iconic visuals to the loose story spooled out in a Voltaire number. Billy’s dialogue is woven in with the number in order to make the story flow more smoothly. It’s done pretty organically, though, making his interactions with the meteor more convincing. The haunting, jazzy musicals add a classy flare to a building montage of Billy roping in more and more unwitting people to their B-movie horror demise. All while he bops and galavants around in a dapper red suit. The overall situation reaches the pique of hilarity and ridiculousness when Billy leads a Thriller flavor dance line of zombies. For all intents and purposes, Maxwell Atoms’ brainchild is a match made in heaven for Voltaire’s music. 

1.) “Electricity” from the 3 Dog Band Pilot Episode “Get it Together”

In 2009, Paul Rudish presented a pilot for a music-themed and based series called 3 Dog Band. Viewers would follow the exploits of a bassist, guitarist, and keyboardist in their day-to-day lives and attempts to pick up gigs. “Electricity” shows the band’s powerful retro-inspired, funk-flavored electronic music. It’s in a similar vein to Daft Punk’s recent RAM album or just about any given Chromeo song. The band mesmerizes and excites the crowd with their promise to get them dancing, energized, and partying. Their music is a send-off for a sequence of surreal, fantastical events. They create carousels from bar stools, reanimate dinosaur fossils, and launch everyone into space through the power and force of music itself. Ever since I discovered this pilot exists, I’m disappointed it didn’t lead to a full-blown series. In an era of animation filled with music-driven toons and creative visuals, 3 Dog Band would be a hit with utterly surreal imagery and funk-flavored beats where everyone else shoots for mellow, some shade of hipster, and jazzy. 

I tagged on that Much Ado quote, where Beatrice says she’d rather hear her dog bark at a crow than a man swear he loves her: #so does this mean that Beatrice HAS a dog? #or is it a hypothetical dog? #production of much ado where everything is the same except each character is accompanied by a dog #Beatrice’s is small and smart and climbs up to steal stuff off the table #Benedick’s is big and drooly and smarter than it acts and steals stuff off the table without climbing #Hero’s is fluffy and affectionate #Claudio’s is wrinkly and affectionate and starts howling whenever Claudio is being a dick #Don John’s spends the whole play looking into the camera like on The Office #like #can you believe this guy going to so much trouble to ruin people’s lives when he’s got money and power and an awesome dog

ALL Shakespeare plays like this. Everyone accompanied by a suitable dog. But I do want to specify that the dogs never die when the characters do, they just howl and/or mope. Horatio at the end of Hamlet surrounded by sad dogs he will have to take home and they can all heal together.

I feel like Hamlet’s dog would be a big howler in general. What are other characters’ dogs like?

The dogs don’t have to have romances with the human romances, they can just be doggy buddies and knock over the trash together.

WAIT. The fairies in Midsummer Night’s Dream. The fairies have CATS. Or maybe ferrets? No, cats. No, parrots. I don’t know.

How great would it be if Cartoon Network created another channel that was strictly reruns of old cartoons? Like Courage the Cowardly Dog, Cow and Chicken, Johnny Bravo, Powerpuff Girls etc….No seriously this would be the best thing ever.

In your adult life, you just go to the Vintage Cartoon Network channel and you can sit back, relax and enjoy the shows you once loved. Eventually, you can even show your own kids these shows. How amazing would this be?