brain terrain

“Brain terrain” on Mars

It doesn’t take much thought to understand why this landscape on Mars is called “brain terrain” — the swirling lobes of ice, part of a large glacial deposit in Mars’ northern hemisphere, uncannily resemble the texture of a brain — or at the very least a brain coral!

But what causes this strange landscape? It’s suggested that brain terrain is the result of the thermal stress and contraction, followed by sublimation, of these large ice deposits, laid down during a mid-latitude glaciation period ten to 100 million years ago.

Image credit: NASA

4 Months

Happy Wednesday everyone! Wednesday is Pregnant Amelia Day so…here we go. When I started writing this I wanted to make it no more than two pages long. Don’t ask me how it ended up being longer than five…

Other months: 3 Months 

He woke up to the feeling of his wife’s soft lips against his neck, trailing kisses down his chest, stomach, and going slowly downwards.

“Amelia…” He warned her. “What are you doing?”

Without taking her mouth away, she whispered “What does it look like?”

The manly part of his brain sighed in appreciation when her hands tugged at the elastic of his pajama pants. Two and half months without sex was torture for any sane human being, but if your wife was as tempting as Amelia was, the torture was a thousand times worse.

Luckily for him –and much to her disappointment- Owen’s fatherly side of his brain gained terrain, and stopped her hands from continuing their journey.

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