brain tendrils

  • örtöstöc-övööry: if I had a friend who was a werewolf
  • örtöstöc-övööry: I would make so
  • örtöstöc-övööry: many
  • örtöstöc-övööry: puns
  • örtöstöc-övööry: hey, were are you
  • örtöstöc-övööry: were u goin
  • örtöstöc-övööry: going some.........were?
  • örtöstöc-övööry: were oh were has my little dog gone
  • örtöstöc-övööry: I havent seen u in forever!! were have you been
  • örtöstöc-övööry: imagine you had a werewolf friend named carmen sandiego
  • örtöstöc-övööry: then you could say
  • örtöstöc-övööry: were on earth is carmen sandiego
  • örtöstöc-övööry: and carmen sandiego would be like
  • örtöstöc-övööry: fuck you
  • örtöstöc-övööry: im right here

arachnidress replied to your post: I ship you with Anna because you two can make…

i got married on the beach, but i want to hear more about your trip to the moon yes

oh yes, of course!

we got a moon priest to marry us all the way out there

it was dark as we slowly traversed those dusty craters in our bulky NASA spacesuits, whispering lovely things like “aeiou” to one another other under the bright, sparkling space sky as we neared the top of a particularly smashing moon hill

and then I had to go eat dinner because my family was calling me so we said some short but meaningful vows and thanked the moon priest and then we were wed 

it was the best

now it’s your turn, please enlighten me on this beach wedding!