brain tendrils


I got the pleasure of working on the Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse Soundtrack vinyl art. If you’ve played the game you know Dracula is the final boss and his second form is a giant brain with a bunch of heads attached to it. Only instead of demon heads I’ve placed all four of the main characters in the brains tendrils.

Sypha is the girl with the hood, Alucard with the slicked back hair and fangs, Grant with the bandana and eye patch, and Trevor with the long hair and headband. 

Coming some time in March so more updates to come. I also did the back cover and interior so check back for more updates~

Thanks to AD Mo Shafeek and Rob Jones!

canon: percy starts smoking when he’s upset or experiencing intense negative emotions

me: orthax’s marks are so imprinted on percy’s very soul that he’ll start smoking if any emotions get too intense and overwhelming, regardless of if its negative or not.

like……….. consider: during his first night with vex he was so happy and nervous and surprised that it was nearly too much for his poor brain and tendrils of smoke started drifting out from beneath his collar before vex could get his shirt off of him and she was rightfully Concerned but that’s how he realized it’s not just tied to negative emotions like he originally thought

the smoke isn’t just a sign of him being upset, it’s straight up just a good indicator if he’s being overwhelmed with emotions in general

There Is No Such Thing As A Gentle Wind

This is for hopeydopey-yo who says: I’m multishipper trash and there’s very little I don’t ship from those books, but I must admit I’ve been feeling a lack of Jasico on my dash lately…

Jasico - Rated T

Jason tossed and turned in his bunk. The night was hot and the sticky sweet smell of the incense the cleaning harpies burned in his cabin was so thick it coated his throat. He’d found the bed in the big house basement and Percy had helped him set it up, but no matter where he dragged it in cabin One, he felt like the eyes of the giant hippy Zeus statue were on him, judging him. 

Despite Nico’s reassurance that he’d chosen to stay at camp, Jason wondered how long it would last. He wondered too how much of himself wanting Nico to stay was in Nico’s best interest or his own, more selfish wishes. Try as he might to squash the thoughts that crept through his brain, like tendrils of ivy, they thrived in his grey matter and were impossible to kill.

Nico. Gay. The memory of Favonius chiding him. Yes, Jason Grace. I fell in love with a dude. Does that shock you? The way the god of the West Wind had said that, sarcastic, like he was reading the truth in Jason’s soul and calling him on it. But Nico had admitted to having feelings for Percy, not for him.

He buried his face under his pillow, cursing himself for even going there. Nico didn’t need Jason making a mess of things and playing with his emotions. The whole thing was a mess.

He stopped. Breathed deeply. The sensation of eyes on him made his body hair stand on end. His heart stopped in his throat, adrenaline kicking in. He closed his hand around the gold coin that was his sword, ready to flip it and sat up, flinging the pillow before him, eyes blind in the darkness. “Who’s there?”

A shape stepped toward him from the giant statue of Zeus, short, dark, silent. Nico.

“Having trouble sleeping, Grace?” Nico asked as Jason raked his hand back through his hair, his heart racing now that the fear of attack had passed.

“Er – yeah. I guess. What are you doing here?”

Nico came closer, stopping short beside where Jason sat on the edge of the bed. “Can I sit?”

“Yeah … sure,” Jason said, mentally chastising himself for being reduced to short responses by Nico’s presence.

Nico sat beside him, his legs stretched out and crossed at the ankle, his hands in his lap. “I had a visitor. In a dream. He said there was some unfinished business I should discuss with you.”

Jason shifted, suddenly all too aware of the fact he was only wearing his boxers. He furrowed his brow and met Nico’s dark eyes. They were huge in his pale face. They’d probably look even larger if he had his glasses on and could see them clearly. He swallowed, his throat going dry. “Yeah? Who uh … who was the visitor?”

“Favonius,” Nico said and Jason’s heart stuttered again, more of Nico’s past phrases ringing in his ears. How much do you trust me?

Oh gods. He was going to have to face it. He knew for sure and certain, Wind gods – all of them – sucked.

  • örtöstöc-övööry: if I had a friend who was a werewolf
  • örtöstöc-övööry: I would make so
  • örtöstöc-övööry: many
  • örtöstöc-övööry: puns
  • örtöstöc-övööry: hey, were are you
  • örtöstöc-övööry: were u goin
  • örtöstöc-övööry: going some.........were?
  • örtöstöc-övööry: were oh were has my little dog gone
  • örtöstöc-övööry: I havent seen u in forever!! were have you been
  • örtöstöc-övööry: imagine you had a werewolf friend named carmen sandiego
  • örtöstöc-övööry: then you could say
  • örtöstöc-övööry: were on earth is carmen sandiego
  • örtöstöc-övööry: and carmen sandiego would be like
  • örtöstöc-övööry: fuck you
  • örtöstöc-övööry: im right here
5 Time Clint Said No and One Time He Didn't

Rated: M

In my quest to write Clint with all the Avengers, I couldn’t very well pass up Natasha, even if my view is colored by having read the Ultimates series of comics. This story is firmly in the MCU universe; I can only make it work in my head if it’s purely the film characters with none of the comics baggage.

Anyway, enjoy and let me know what you think.

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