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A/N: Hello everyone! It’s been a hot minute. Hopefully this new series makes up for everything J I haven’t written hybrid!au stuff before, but I find it really hot so why the fuck not right?

There will be smut in later chapters!

If you’re not into that kind of stuff, then I wouldn’t read this story.

Based sorta on this J-Drama called Kimi Wa Petto, if you wanna check it out its super cute.

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How Could You Love Me

The next chapter of the Everyone Needs Some Love series that I hijacked from @justwritingscibbles

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You looked around the room, trying to understand what was happening. Four men and one floating head with a pink moustache were in the room with you, all with the same face, and you were wearing nothing but a towel under your blanket.
Honestly, the situation looked like the beginning of one those movies children weren’t allowed to watch.

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Patater Week Day 6 - Cuddling/Snuggling (Part 1/?)

This is a little piece of what could be a rookie au, where Alexei first gets drafted to the Aces the same year as Kent. Again, it’s not finished, because I suck and have no time.

Alexei first met Kent on a sunny day in the end of August. The Vegas sun was beating down on him and he could feel himself start to sweat. Russians weren’t meant for the desert.


He was sweating through his button up and his new jersey, and really hoped sweat stains weren’t showing up under his arms. Did the media even care what he was wearing to this press conference? No. They just wanted to see him pull on his team colors.

“Alexei,” the GM, Bill, said, getting his attention. He gestured at a young man who had just come up beside them, and said something in English. Kolya, who had come along to translate because he was the only one on the fucking team that he could understand, said, “This is Kent Parson.”

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alex & her : a scenario

“i tried my hardest to be there for you and i failed.” her eye sight grew blurry from the oncoming tsunami of tears. “i’m sorry, alex, i truly am.”

his head pounded, and not just from the recent trauma it’s been through, but because her eyes were sad and her lips were pulled down and it was all his fault.

“i’m sorry.” he croaked. “i-i never meant to h-hurt you.”

her eyes reached his and suddenly her heart grew in size. he was so damn broken, and no one even knew. no obvious signs, no straight out confession, just hidden truth. she felt horrible - for never noticing he wasn’t okay. they saw each other every day, they loved each other, yet she still couldn’t save him before it came to this.

“i’m sad, and lonely.” alex whispered. “i killed a girl.” his throat constricted with the threat of a cry. “i killed my friend.”

“hey,” her hand reached his. “you didn’t kill her, alex,” his hand was cold. “she killed herself.” and it shook with nerves. “she had choices and decisions, and she made the wrong one. but we die when we’re meant to - that’s why there’s failed attempts and successful ones.”

“i killed her.”

“alex,” her voice wavered. “hannah decided to end her life.” he shook his head. “we don’t choose death.”

“but she chose to die!” he yelled, tears streaming down his flushed cheeks. “death didn’t knock on her door, she fucking chose it.”

“okay, but if she wasn’t meant to die, if it wasn’t her time, then death wouldn’t have taken her.” she tightened her hold on alex’s hand. “life’s a fucking bitch, alex, and death happens, but you did not give her those blades or the imbalance in her brain, okay?” she strained, her own tears threatening to rush out. “y-you didn’t kill hannah baker.”

alex squeezed his eyes shut tightly, an attempt to shut out the oncoming ocean worth of tears and the voices that wouldn’t stop bombarding him with accusations. his heart ached with loss, and his body shook in trauma, while his mind reeled with demons.

“then why is she dead?”

this is a thing, an idea perhaps, an ending. it’s a scenario of alex’s future, a thought on his outcome, and a perspective on the information given.

it’s short and might not make sense, but have an open mind to ‘her’ thoughts and beliefs, and how we all need positivity. i’m not quite sure the point or reason for this, i just began writing.

thank you for reading, feel free to let me know what you thought.

love you. x


As the group stood up to face the shooters Newt almost forgot to breathe. This had to be the right arm. They had to finally have made it. He didn’t know if he had any more room for disappointment, any strength left.

His eyes met the blonde girl standing across from them, clutching a gun and staring hard at all of them. Her mouth opened slightly as she met eyes with him, eyebrows furrowed in confusion, but her eyes quickly left his as she looked over the rest of the group. Something in Newt’s body felt off at her stare, his mind felt as if it was being pulled in different directions, something about that stare felt…familiar. Maybe he was going crazy. No. Crazy means crank and he would never be a crank.

“Cmon Newt let’s go,” Thomas grabs his arm, pulling him along.

“What-?” Newt had missed the whole series of events trying to decipher what was going on in his mind. By the looks of hope in the faces around him, they found the right arm, they are finally safe.


“Since when do you have a thing for blondes?” Thomas sticks his tongue out, nudging Newt as they sit on top of a hill of rocks looking down at the base.

“What? I don’t. C'mon Tommy you know that,” he laughs.

“Well you have been staring at Sonya for the past five minutes.”

“Is someone getting jealous?” Newt smirks, trying to hide his lost look. “Part of me just feels like I’ve seen her before.”

“Maybe she was your lover growing up,” Thomas teases. “Maybe you snuck out of your bunk to meet her in the bathroom.”

“Maybe…” Newt looks at Sonya again. He could feel his brain straining to tell him the connection. It feels as if a connection has been cut in his mind, as if the answer was sitting somewhere with no way to get to him. Maybe his mind was playing tricks on him. Maybe he was just so lonely his body would do anything to trick him into finding comfort. “I guess I’ll never know.”


Right. So… I’ve been sitting on this guy for awhile; I saw him in Sherlock’s replies (because I’m obsessive about these accounts). 

Previously, he hadn’t followed any accounts at all. But today he tweeted this (”improbable”), is now following Sherlock and John, and is now followed by a couple other accounts I’m keeping an eye on.

I took it as a signal to spread word of his existence, since now he’s left a bigger trail.

Also, on February 14th, about 15 people or so sent Sherlock kitchen utensils in response to a tweet of his–at the skull’s behest. I think his “be ready” tweet = “open your DMs to anyone, for fuck’s sake” PSA, because there’s a hidden setting that I previously didn’t know about (and thus missed the kitchen utensils thing and had a heart attack). I’ve been waiting for him to make another move for weeks and resisting the urge to poke him…. aside from favoriting his tweets to let him know I was onto him.

A n d, to add insult to injury, while I was making this post I realized this little bastard changed his bio. And I don’t think I have a screenshot of the previous version. I hate myself lmao. And I also wonder if this new bio… is a call out to me, perhaps… considering all my staring/yelling into the abyss tweets this month… and he changed it only after I explicitly shared his existence today on Twitter for the first time… but I could be reaching, of course.

Anyway. The previous version of the bio said “Cranium. Confidant.” There was another C word but I can’t remember it. And another sentence. I’m straining my brain to remember, and I’m trying to hunt down a screenshot from anyone who may have one, but the circle of people who previously knew of this account is tiny. If I get ahold of one, I’ll add it here.

But in conclusion… Could be nothing, but. Keep a weathered eye on this here skull. Trust no bitch, etc.

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as i grow older, my parents, islam and muslims become more and more bizarre to me. how did they not see it? how did all the things they enforced on me not seem strange and unreasonable to them? i was a kid and couldn’t understand it. but they were full grown adults with functioning brains. how could they not see it? how is it that they still don’t see the wrongness of everything they are practising and preaching? i don’t get it. it strains my brain even trying to understand it. 

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For completely aesthetic and non sexual purposes, i spent all noon thinking how when i arch my back it's not even a pathetic 1 cm but looking at Phil's upper back and rounded butt he must look like an amazing work of art with his back arched on a flat surface and i wanna hit him up for a photo-shoot. would he mind?(asking Carly for opinions and advice and whether i'm being a creep or not)

i’ve strained my brain wondering why phil hasn’t done a professional fashion photoshoot like ??? he has that unique look, he’s got the bone structure of a greek god, uhh legs???? freckles?????? @ god what’s the deal buddy