brain sprouts

☿ mercury ☿

Aries mercury ~ the mind of mars learns through visualization; it is through action and motion that the senses are stimulated. mental explosions; ideas are immediately verbalized and the head is afflicted with pains from sensitivity and reactivity to the immediate environment; in extremity, this is war ravaging through the mental faculties. communicative abilities are direct, genuine, inventive, passionate, witty and immediate reactions are set-off in the light of the ego. a pioneering mind venturing onward inspirationally, pointing towards new beginnings

Taurus mercury ~ tree roots wrapped around the brain sprouting into blossoms; shows a grounded, firm, unchangeable, traditional, but obstinate mind like that of roots but also an artistic, poetic, youthful and musical kind of old soul like that of the angelic Venusian blossoms, that learns best through the worldly senses of taste, sight, touch, smell, and hearing, savoring life experiences with underlying nostalgia. 

Gemini mercury (☿) ~ thoughts and words come and go breathlessly and as fleetingly as rapid heartbeats, matching the swift fluttering of butterfly wings and the quick godly travel of hermes. the mind is keen, curious, clever, intellectual, versatile and overly alert causing restlessness and inconsistency. The speech and approach to others is friendly, animated, humorous and lively, and the transmission of messages from this position reflects a mind driven by logic rather than intuition as well as an urgency for connectivity and an endless quest for learning. childlike wisdom rests here, where there is always a critical questioning of “why” and a constant activation of creative cerebral surges.

Cancer mercury ~ the mind is receptive, nocturnal, emotional, reflective, and is working through an instinctually subconscious level that reacts with immediate feelings. Reality is distorted in magical moonlight, casting nostalgia, moodiness, and nighttime paranoia but gifts the mind with imagination, mother’s comforting soul words and a psychic sense. the lunar mind learns well through absorbing and listening to others. the memories are coated with wistful and bittersweet emotions that come alive with every instant experience.

Leo mercury ~ the heart is intertwined with the brain, making the words true, lively, loving and passionate. solar flares endow the speech with golden words and the mind with creativity and a vivid perception of reality. The sun seldom has a shadow, yet it certainly does cast one; although this position is prone to being domineering, willful, and self-concerned, the solar spirit is proud, dignified, free-spirited, warm, idealistic and glistening with theatrical displays of creative radiance. 

Virgo mercury (☿) ~ the cerebral nerves become focused in this earthy domain, yet there is an nervousness over detail; the eyes are equivalent to magnifying glasses that see what another doesn’t. The trickster nature of mercurial hermes burdens this position with repetitiveness, nitpick, fret and hypersensitivity yet blesses the mind with a thought trend that is cleverly witty, practical, alert, investigative, intellectual, systematic and analytical. The maiden’s voice is kissed with medicinal messages, where healing powers drip  from their words and into another’s broken soul lining. The communication is swift and sharp yet shy and timid at first and the native learns well in any given environment if the concentration isn’t imposed with anxiety tugging at the nerves.

Libra mercury- the grasping of reality mimics the justice of the scales; there is an ability to detach oneself from emotional undertones, an internal urge to defend the weak-willed, and an ability to calculate the world through several perspectives. The judgment is clear, diplomatic, impartial and the mind is buzzing with dreamy idealism, aesthetic sense, and able to synthesize oppositions and disputes to middle ground if vacillation is overcome. Makes for a charming and witty chatterer, spilling Venusian sweet song for others to hear.

Scorpio mercury ~ the mind is powerful, sharp, and perceptive of all things unknown working as the master psychologist of the soul. thought course is intensely secretive, willful, intrigued, suspicious, fiercely acute, obsessive, over critical and possesses an intelligent sixth sense. holds unyielding convictions and uses interrogations and investigation to pierce through boundaries and delve into the matters of the psychological, metaphysical, occult and esoteric research. 

Sagittarius mercury ~ the spirit has direct contact to the Superconscious through cosmic wisdom, treading through the waters of the universe on a dreamy pilgrimage, the mind filled with shooting stars. The currents of thinking and communication are expansive, moral, skeptical, insightful, inspiring and knowledgeable. The mind is often directionless, impatient and disconnected from the world but sincere, honest and filled with infinite understanding.

Capricorn mercury ~ the messages of hermes are filtered through the child of time where one is reticent in sharing ancient knowledge held firmly in the mind. Saturn weighs heavy upon the perception causing one inclined to intolerance, criticism of the self and others, and sullen sternness as well as an unwilling awareness of one’s own mortality, anxieties and fears. and yet through Saturn the fashion of thought becomes methodical, efficient, logical, disciplined, dignified, concentrative and ultimately crystallized, where the seagoat’s unrest becomes definite and clear from reaching the mountain tops, in due course spawning entry into the sky and beyond.

Aquarius mercury ~ the mind proves to be on a futuristic wavelength where one thinks outside the box, through the box, behind the box, between the box and so forth. There is a inclination to progressive societal matters, making the character good-natured, equal and universal. Uranian electrical currents presents the mind with surges of innovative concepts, intelligent comprehension, brilliant analysis, quick thinking, witty remark, and resourceful intuition yet may destabilize the mind with the spirit of the mad scientist, where ideas and perception are incomprehensible, offensively shocking, temperamental, fleeting and willfully intuned with one’s own perception as opposed to others. 

Pisces mercury ~ perception of reality is seen through a dewy gaze beneath the sea’s surface, where the thought shift is molded into a beautiful mist of imagination, empathy, sensitivity, psychic receptivity, and adaptability of environment. The way of speech is poetical, wistful, and mysterious yet conversely, it is paranoid, misunderstood, vague and unclear. Reasoning abilities are not strong here as the mind works through the emotions and extreme instinctual receptors. Neptunian waters can fill the mind with wakeful dreams where one is inclined to escape into the subconscious womb and yet also creates a visionary trend, where one is inclined to hopefulness, compassion and unlocking healing powers.
An artificial womb successfully grew baby sheep — and humans could be next
Inside what look like oversized ziplock bags strewn with tubes of blood and fluid, eight fetal lambs continued to develop — much like they would have inside their mothers. Over four weeks, their...
By Rachel Becker

Inside what look like oversized ziplock bags strewn with tubes of blood and fluid, eight fetal lambs continued to develop — much like they would have inside their mothers. Over four weeks, their lungs and brains grew, they sprouted wool, opened their eyes, wriggled around, and learned to swallow, according to a new study that takes the first step toward an artificial womb. One day, this device could help to bring premature human babies to term outside the uterus — but right now, it has only been tested on sheep.

Instead, the point of developing an external womb — which his team calls the Biobag — is to give infants born months too early a more natural, uterus-like environment to continue developing in, Flake says

 Apparently there’s some confusion about my stances on abortion.  So I figured I’d take this article as a clear example of my hopes and to clarify confusion.

Currently, I am pro-choice.  I am in favor of a woman’s rights to control her body and her bodily autonomy.

In a few years where the technology described above is commonplace and practicable for the average woman to access and utilize, I will switch to being against abortion in favor of putting the fetus in an artificial womb to develop normally.

The woman is no longer pregnant and can choose whether to keep the fetus or put it up for adoption.  In the latter case it would be put into the adoption pool.  But the pregnancy, sex, and parenthood are related but not dependent processes.

You have the right to bodily autonomy and to support, or not support, any fetus or child you wish.  However, you do not have the right to unnecessarily kill that person or person-to-be.

Fees and minutiae I have no particularly feelings on, but that is my view of Abortion and the future of abortion.

this fic man…

it’s within canon, kind of. At least it’s within the world of Supernatural. It’s kinda like late season 9 has a little bubble bulging out from the timeline and it’s sucked people from previous and future seasons into the bubble.

something like that, anyway.


season 4 Cas 

season 9/10 Dean

Season 11 Sam



my favorite villain

I need to name this thing soon. Isn’t there some sort of rule that you should have something to call your fic by, like, chapter 5?

anonymous asked:

I was wondering what you think of the term "savant"? I'm autistic and it sort of rubs me the wrong way but I can't explain why exactly. I feel like it's often used in an ableist context, but could also just describe anyone who's highly skilled at something, autistic or not. What say you?

“Savant” grates on me. I think anyone can be a savant if they’re really good at something, but it’s used more on disabled people because low expectations make their special ability seem more spectacular. 

That’s why it grates. I just see it as “whoa, they’re a great artist” and don’t tack on the “for someone with such a severe, awful, horrible, no-good very bad disability!”

Also Kim Peek, the inspiration for Raymond in Rain Man, was not autistic. He had FG syndrome, which causes the corpus callosum in the brain to either partially form or not form at all. The result is developmental / intellectual disabilities and a few other body issues. He was extraordinary because his brain connected in very unusual ways to make up for the part that didn’t form.

He was a sweet man and I wish I could’ve met him and given him a hug.

Here’s a documentary about him. Notice how self-aware he is when he talks about himself. People love to say intellectually disabled people have no self-awareness and that’s not true.

* * * TW for use of the R-word in a clinical sense and talk of institutionalization.

(random infodump fact.) 

Btw the corpus callosum in the brain is the hook-shaped thing that the wrinkly part of the brain seems to sprout off of, and it’s what lets the left and right hemispheres “talk” to each other. :D

Crazy sproutling tank

I’d like to start this off by saying I’m a lvl 68 Ast in leveling gear and still VERY unused to how hard tanks get hit and how little I seem to be healing for in SB dungeons…

Queued into Doma Castle as an AST with a friend who went NIN and the first thing I notice is that our tank is a sproutling. So I thought ‘Hey! Nice this should be a nice easy run!’ because my brain just goes sprout = new player.

IMMEDIATELY the tank sprints off without waiting for protect. I had to swiftcast + protect when I caught up to them. I was completely unprepared for them to just pull half way to the boss (this only being the second time I’ve run doma castle and the previous tank did small pulls) and I’m still not even sure how I kept them alive…though they were popping clemency on themselves like mad…

Through out the dungeon I had absolutely zero time to dps or use cards because if I stopped healing them for just a second they would be sitting at deaths door. Only time I was safe to dps and use cards were during the boss fights.

They didn’t pick up any adds that spawned during that fight before the last boss, my friend had to take them off me so I had just THAT much more to worry about while the tank sat in their own little world and hacked away at the big robot…at least the other dps (RDM) helped heal my friend so I could focus on keeping our tank alive.

And the absolute best part about all of this was, the tank NEVER  moved out of aoes BUT they moved themselves and enemies out of my earthly stay every.single.time. I placed it.

(submitted by yaboyizaya)

The Heartless Soldier

Chapter 7: Don’t Disturb the Beast

Warning: Very mild smut

Y/N’s POV:

“What have I done?” I mumble softly to myself so that no one around me would hear. So no one could hear about the terrible act I just committed. But I was too late. “Hey Babe, you okay?” Johnny asks walking out of the room like he has no idea what I have just done. 

My body releases from the stiffness as I throw the scraps of my ripped up letter back into the trash. I fake a smile and turn around to face my best friend. “Yes, I am fine. Thank you for asking. I have to go and uh take care of a problem. Medical problem. Alex just informed me of a sprained ankle” I lie right in his face.

“Oh, okay. Want me to come with you?” he asks examining my face which is probably red. “Nope! I’m good!” I respond skipping away trying to act like nothing was wrong. “Okay, I’ll catch you later!” I hear Johnny yell from down the hall. I stop skipping and return to my slow walk.

 How do I approach this situation? Do I just go up to him and say ‘Hi! I’m really sorry for spilling your secret!’. Or ‘Hey, look being a sex addict isn’t so bad!’. No. No. No. No. You will approach him, pull him aside, apologize for being the idiot you are and walk away. Yes. Perfect!

Peeking outside the tent, I see Calum, Alex, and Michael chatting up some of the other nurses. Calum’s foot was propped up onto the bench of a wooden table and he was biting his sunglasses with his perfect white teeth. His eyes weren’t on the girl’s face at all because I can clearly see him checking out her rack from this far away.

 I shake my head at how disgusting and disrespectful he can be. Taylor, the pretty blonde he is talking to, suddenly wraps her arms around his neck and whispers something in his ear. Something sexual I assume. Calum laughs after she pulls her head away. She kisses his cheek and walks away but she notices my presence. “Hey Y/N! I have something to ask you if you have a minute!” she smiles giving me a girly wave.

Does this girl have eyes like a hawk or what? I didn’t want to take any chances of Calum seeing me but I bet him hearing my name made him angry. I ran around the tent as fast as I could to avoid her. I kept running until my body hit basically a brick wall in my opinion but it was a body.

 A tall figure that I couldn’t see quite well since I was falling back about to crack my head open. Two strong arms caught me as I was just about to hit the ground. “Woah there, you okay?” the figure laughs. I shake my head trying to get rid of the silver dots in my vision. As they drifted away, a pair of sweet, chocolate brown eyes stare directly into mine with concern. “You okay?” he asks again not breaking the eye contact between us.

I have no words to describe the beauty in front of me. I swear the Gods of heaven created this man holding me tightly in arms. His hair was chocolate brown just like his eyes but a bit lighter. His face was sweet, kind but his jaw could slice a whole chunk of rock if it had to.

 “I’m okay now” I smile as he lifts us up slowly. “Good thing I was here to save you from that fall” he laughs. God, I could listen to his laugh all day. “More like great thing” I mumble to myself. “Did you say something?” he asks. “Uh, nope! Just a little out of breathe from that run” I chuckle nervously. “Where you off to?” he asks me. I didn’t want to lie anymore. “I was actually running away” I admit.

“Running away? From what if I may ask?” he replies. “Yes, running away from someone” I respond playing with my sweaty fingers. “Are you in some sort of trouble? Is someone after you?” the man in front of me questions me. “No. Well sort of but I’m not in any danger. Let’s just say I don’t want to help a colleague in training because then all of my brain cells would die in the amount of time I am with them” I say.

“Haha you’re a funny one” he laughs. A moment later, he slaps his forehead. “Oh my, I am so sorry for not introducing myself. I’m Thomas. You can call me Tom, Tommy, Thomas, whatever you would like” he chuckles giving me his hand to shake. “Nice to meet you, Thomas. I’m Y/N” I smile gladly shaking his hand which is way bigger than mine.

“Y/N, what a pretty name for a pretty face” he smirks. “Classic” I shake my head adoring his charm. “You think?” he grins. “So, Thomas. What are you doing around here?” I ask. “Well, I got transferred here from another base in Ohio because apparently my position was not needed there anymore. They sent me here to lead along side Lieutenant Hood since they think that we will be a great team together” he smiles shoving his hands in his front pockets. 

Hood? Calum? “You poor thing” I admit to him. “Why do you say that? Thomas asks. “Lieutenant Hood can be pretty tough from the things I have seen” I say. “Well, I’m sure he isn’t that bad. Any advice though?” he asks.

“Try to stay on his good side. Listen, follow, do everything he asks because if you don’t..he can be quite mean when people don’t follow his orders. That sight is not pretty” I tell him. “I will keep that in mind. Thank you very much, Y/N. If you don’t mind, I gotta go unpack. I am sure I will see you around” Thomas smiles picking up his bags. 

“No problem. It was very nice meeting you!” I reply. “You as well, Love” he winks at me and makes his way towards the group of men that were waiting for him. For a second, I thought to myself that this could be a good thing. Thomas can sprinkle some of his gentleman-like personality onto Calum but I pray that things don’t backfire to where Calum turns Thomas into an asshole just like him.

Guilt rises in my stomach again as I realize I still have not apologized for spilling Calum’s secret. I’ve missed my chance since him and some of the other commanders are walking into Alex’s office for a meeting I suppose. I sigh walking back into my room. Neither Jen nor Johnny were here at this very moment which I thanked god for because all I want to do is cry. Cry because I am an idiot for breaking my promise to him. Cry because I felt the tiniest pang of jealously when I saw him chatting up Taylor. Cry because I just hate the feeling of being hated by someone else.


“I shouldn’t of said anything to you guys even though you’re my best friends. I promised him I wouldn’t tell a soul and look what I did. When I told you, he was right outside our door because he was dropping off a letter. I found that same exact letter ripped up into pieces next to the trash down the hallway” I explain the situation I’m in to my two quiet friends sitting in front of me.

 “Shit, Y/N. I’m sorry for being so obnoxious about it. Hopefully when you apologize he will forgive you” Johnny sighs looking down at his feet. “That’s the thing! He won’t ever forgive me for what I did! I screwed everything up” I pout. “He’s off duty for the day now, Y/N. Why don’t you go see if you can find him. Take him aside and apologize. Do you want us to come since we know about this as well?” Jen asks me.

“No, you two didn’t do anything. This is my situation to deal with” I respond getting up from my bed. “Where are you going?” Johnny questions me as I walk to the door. “I’m going to find him and say that I am sorry” I reply throwing my thin grey sweatshirt over my scrubs. “I’ll be back later” I say to them.

 I walk out of my room, down the hall, and outside of the tent. I notice Pat talking to a delivery man so I skip over to ask him where Calum might be. “Hey, Pat!” I say putting on a fake smile. “Hey, what’s up” he responds stopping in front of me with a box in his hands.

 “I was wondering if you might know where Calum is? I have to check up on his shoulder” I lie. “Oh okay. Um, I think he’s in the cafeteria” Pat answers. “Great, thanks! Hope those boxes aren’t too heavy!” I shout walking away from him. “Nothing I can’t handle!” Pat winks as he continues to head towards the tent.

I wrap my arms around my chest since the night is beginning to get chilly. Taking a deep breathe, I poke my head inside to check out the scene and it was hectic. Everyone here was all packed into this place. Card games were being played, beer pong, music was blasting. People seemed to be having quite a fun night.

 I scan the room like a lost puppy trying to find its owner. I feel stupid but I have a reason for looking this stupid right now. “You look lost, Love. I mean I’ve even found my way around here” I hear someone chuckle. I look to my right and there Thomas was standing with a beer in his hand. He is wearing a red flannel that shapes his upper body very well. I almost blush at the sight of him. “Oh no. I’m just looking for Calum…I mean Lieutenant Hood” I tell him.

“And you my lady can find him over there” Thomas grins and points to Calum and Taylor almost sucking each others faces off. “Good luck!” he gives me a wink and walks past me. Well shit this is going to be awkward as hell. They are sitting on the same side all wrapped up in one another. I wanted to gag at the sight.

 I slowly make my way towards them as Taylor lifts her head to notice my presence. “Hey, Y/N! I couldn’t find you earlier but I still hope you can help me with the thing I asked you about” she smiles as Calum is watching me now but with a stern look on his face. I didn’t want to be rude to her since I practically ran away. “Oh yeah sorry about that. Someone needed tending” I lied. After a moment of silence and awkward feet shuffling, I got the nerves to ask if I could speak to Calum.

“There is nothing we need to talk about” he sighs sipping his bear. “What do you mean? Yes there is” I tell him. “ there isn’t” he says again looking at me like I’m dumb. I know on the inside he is raging mad but he is keeping his cool around Taylor. My brain sprouted with an idea because Taylor asked me about shoulder injuries! How can I be so clueless!?

 I smile to myself as I stand right next to Calum. “Hey Taylor, you know how you were asking me about pressure points in the shoulder blade?” I ask her. She nods like a puppy waiting for a treat. “Well, as you can see Calum’s shoulder is healing very slowly since he got shot here. You can tell by the swelling that it needs to be cleaned and if not, then it will get infected and of course you know that” I start to explain.

“Anyway, my point is that if you place your thumb here” I tell her placing my thumb directly on the side of his wound. “And if you press” I add on pressing my thumb against his skin. “Ouch! What the fuck!?” Calum shouts. “You add on pain to that particular muscle and it can affect the neck along with the back of the head as you can see by his stiffness” I smile taking my thumb off his shoulder. 

“But it looks like he needs to get cleaned up so do you mind if I take him real quick? It won’t take long” I ask her. “Oh yeah of course!” Taylor complies as I force Calum off the seat now holding his muscle. I can tell by his face that he is not happy with what I just did.

When we escaped the loud music, I brought us outside into the chilly air. I was suddenly about to start this conversation but Calum interrupts me with a gruesome look on his face. “What the hell was that?” he asks. “I needed a reason to talk to you and to apolog-”. “Oh shut the hell up, Y/N. You have nothing to say and I have nothing to say to you. So if you will excuse me, Taylor is waiting for me” he tells me trying to get past him.

 “Are you two dating or something?” I ask blocking him with my hand. “Why do you care? You jealous? Even if we are, you going to spill that around too?” he asks. “Look, I’m sorry for spilling it! It was completely out of my character to do something like that. I really am sorry! I don’t know what was wrong with me at that moment it just came out….accidentally” I pout looking away.

“A silly apology like that is wasting my time. You promised me and you broke that promise on the same fucking day!” Calum growls crossing his arms. I was about to say more but he stopped me by raising his hand. “No. Don’t. You’re wasting my time. Stay out of my way and go back to your friends” he says shoving past me.

 I turn around and watch him about to go back in but he stops. “No. You know what? I think I’m gonna settle this the only way I know how” he smirks. His eyes instantly grow dark grey. I became speechless as he starts to speed walk over to me. “What are you doin-. Put me down!” I shout quietly as Calum lifts my body over his shoulder.

“Sorry, no can do. You have a punishment waiting for you” he responds. “Where are you taking me!?” I panic trying my best to see if anyone is actually watching this kidnapping. All of a sudden, I felt a slight pinch of pain on my butt. “Ouch! That wasn’t very nice!” I pout smacking Calum’s butt in return.

 “Oh so you do like spanking, huh?” he asks. I could tell he was smirking. “No! That hurt!” I argue. “Well too bad, Sweetheart. You’ve got a lot more spanks coming to you” he chuckles as he carries us up the stairs to his place. “Don’t call me that” I growl as I dodge my head to the side as it almost hit his door.

A few seconds later, I was greeted with the dark blue sheets of his bed. “Don’t move” he commands as he disappears from my vision. I moved to sit on the edge of his bed while he came back into the room. He had something loosely hanging from his right hand while the other held a bottle lotion. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. 

Watching his every move, Calum bends slowly down in between my legs so he is exactly the same height as me. “I’m going to bend you over my knee and give you your punishment. Do you understand?” he whispers looking me straight in the eye. “Good” he replied standing back up and sitting down next to me.

Suddenly, he throws me over his knee without any warning. Next, my pants along with my thong fly off my bottom. “Neon yellow, huh?” he asks me. I blush hard as that is the color of my underwear that was just ripped down my thighs. “It’s a good color” I answer looking down.

 “Put this over your eyes” Calum orders handing me a red silk sleep mask. “What’s this for?” I ask. “To block your sight. Put it on. Now” he says strictly. I follow his orders and place the mask over my eyes comfortably. “Why aren’t I allowed to see?” I ask. Following that, Calum’s large hand meets my left cheek which creates a loud sound. “You ask too many questions” he tells me rubbing my cheek as he hits it once more.

I squint my eyes and bow my head everytime he spanks me. I can feel my skin starting to swell. My breathe becomes heavy as Calum begins to speak again. “Do you know why you’re getting this punishment?” he asks. “Ye-Yes” I stutter gripping his bed sheets. “And what is the reason?” he questions me resting his hand on my bottom.

 “Because I broke our promise” I sigh biting my shoulder waiting for the next spank. “Does this hurt?” he asks spanking me for the fifth time. “Yes!” I shout because it did. I’ve never been spanked before. “How about now?” he asks but his hand didn’t find my butt, it gently touched somewhere else. A place that no one else but myself has touched.

“Ahh! Mhm!” I shout biting my shoulder as his fingers play with my heat. “I bet you’ve never had a cock in here. Is that true, Y/N?” he asks. “Sadly” I groan because it was true. I am a virgin. “I figured” Calum responds before I felt a cold drip of lotion on my butt. “Wait! What kind of lotion is that?” I ask taking of the silk mask from my eyes. 

“Shea butter. Why?” he asks rubbing my red covered bottom. “Well cause humectants are ingredients like AHAs, sodium PCA, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, urea, trumella extract, and dicyanamide make skin dry and my butt doesn’t deserve to be dry after that” I explain.

“Why are you so sexy when you talk medically?” Calum asks pulling me onto his lap. “Sexy?” I say looking at him. “Yes, sexy” he sighs holding my waist. After a few moments, I ask him how he knew I was a virgin. “I could tell when I first met you. It’s kinda like a sixth sense. It’s strange but it comes in handy sometimes” he answers.

 “I’m ashamed of it” I pout bowing my head. “Why?” he asks. “Because men don’t like to fuck virgins” I reply. “Am I right?” I add on. “Your curiosity really turns me on, Y/N” Calum grins. “It does?” I answer. “What would you do if I kissed you right now?” Calum questions softly handling my chin.

“I mean we have kissed before and I liked it so” I shrug my shoulders. “Fuck” he whispers before my lips came into contact with his. It felt like heaven. His tongue immediately begged for entrance while the scent of his cologne filled my nostrils. 

I instantly felt stuck as he leaned us both back. Calum crawled over me without breaking the kiss. “God if you weren’t a virgin, I would have taken you about seven times by now” he huffs. “You aren’t going to fuck me?” I curiously ask as his lips slip away.

 “Shh, Princess. Please stop talking before I have to shove my cock in you” he whispers holding my face.“To be honest, I don’t think I’m going to be able to keep my hands off of you because I plan to fuck every hole in your sexy ass body by the time boot camp ends”

Eto, kagune implantation and mind control

It’s crack theory time! Eto talking about how a kagune’s shape is determined by creativity/intelligence has really got me thinking of the different possibilities of kagune use.

I think it’s safe to assume with someone as cunning and artistic as Eto/Takatsuki Sen that the sky is the limit with what she can do. There have been theories about Eto being able to create sentient kagune structures and that Noro is one of Eto’s creations (which is such a badass idea). I’ve had some theories of my own though that are semi-inspired by this.

The last panel we see of Eto and Kanae in the latest chapter shows Eto releasing her kagune and the dialogue leading up to the scene almost seems like Eto is planning to eat Kanae:

But I really don’t think Kanae’s character arc and development has been resolved enough for him to die (yet). So I’ve had some other thoughts on what could happen from here on.

Thanks to another one of Kaneki’s creepy insightful biology lessons, we’ve heard about the caterpillar fungus, cordyceps sinensis, which grows inside moth larvae, killing the larvae and emerging out from the corpse (real nice Kaneki).

There are many other instances in which fungi and other insects parasitize and take over their hosts. The glyptapanteles wasp inject their eggs inside a caterpillar host and when the larvae hatch, they devour the caterpillar from the inside to burrow out. But some of the larvae stay behind, take control of the caterpillar’s brain and manipulate it into standing guard over the other larvae to protect their brothers and sisters. They even weave a little silk blanket to tuck the babies into.

Another species of cordyceps fungus, cordyceps unilateralis (also called zombie fungus, which is my personal favourite) waits for its spores to be ingested by ants before they eat its non-vital tissue to gain nutrients. They use the energy from this to send sprouts up into the brain and manipulate the ant to do its bidding. And a very specific bidding it is. Before the fungus sprouts outside the ant to release a cloud of its horrifying spore progeny, it makes the ant set up station in the perfect position; a north-facing leaf around 25cm off the ground in a location where the temperature will be 20-30 degrees Celsius (or 68-86 Fahrenheit) with 95% humidity… Yeah, it’s a bit picky.

This reminded me so much of how Noro follows a very specific plan with timers for when they should move. We also see during the Aogiri raid arc that Noro never strays from a pre-set goal; mid-fight with Uta, Yomo and Tsukiyama, Noro barely reacts and when coming across Juuzuo with Yamori’s corpse, didn’t make any effort to confront him because that was an unplanned situation.

And that got me thinking… What if Eto can use her kagune to perform mind control like the wasp and fungi?

Nutcracker could implant her kagune into walls and even after they detached, they were acting on their own in response to motion:

We’ve also seen the Arata quinque suit consuming its wearer on its own, and in the anime, it seems to work against Shinohara fighting Ayato so it’s not implausible that kagune and kakuhou may have a sort of semi-sentience when they’re outside their owner. So what if Eto could implant her kagune into ghouls and take over some aspects of their brain to perform  'mind control’? If Eto has done this to Noro, this may explain how Noro follows the battle plan implicitly but still seems to have their own personality and act without constant instruction; they still retain some of their own brain function but are just being controlled to do Eto’s bidding when needed. It would also explain why Noro needs to eat a huge amount of meat, to fuel the mind control like the cordyceps eats the ant to make the ‘brain sprouts’.

Getting back to Kanae, I wonder if in the last panel then that Eto is actually about to implant her kagune into him rather than eat him and if so, what plans does she have in store for poor Kanae?

It’s still pretty implausible and probably way too strange an idea to be true but I have so much fun coming up with theories and it's amazing having a series with so much world building that you can make up all these crazy ideas. Feel free to add anything or discuss!  

The Blob

For sflor018, one of the winners of my 1500 followers giveaway. The prompt was “So, I’ve been thinking about it what I would like, and I’ve narrowed it down to a DeanCas fic, featuring Sam, and it doesn’t necessarily need to be romantic at all. For the prompt, I really love germaphobe Dean." 

~3k, Teen, some mild horror (AO3)

Thanks messier51 for betaing! The other giveaway ficlet can be found here!

Dean isn’t surprised at all that the Men of Letters died out. They had detailed files on every creature they encountered, every spell any of their members learned, and every god-forsaken hokey ritual they used. They had list after list of artifacts and cursed objects, but none of that is what brought Dean to the dusty and dank artifact storage room. 

There are three dead bodies in Iowa, all missing their bones, and Sam found what he seems to think is a lead scrawled in the corner of some official-looking form tucked into a file about a similar case. The file talks about a three-hundred year-old idol that then Men of Letters stashed away, but Dean has no idea how a half-legible set of instructions is supposed to be anything more than a wild goose chase. Of course the instructions for finding this idol weren’t written down in any existing filing system, but Sam thinks the scribbles map out quasi-directions for finding the damn thing.

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