brain shots

It took an explosion and 13 pounds of iron to usher in the modern era of neuroscience.

In 1848, a 25-year-old railroad worker named Phineas Gage was blowing up rocks to clear the way for a new rail line in Cavendish, Vt. He would drill a hole, place an explosive charge, then pack in sand using a 13-pound metal bar known as a tamping iron.

But in this instance, the metal bar created a spark that touched off the charge. That, in turn, “drove this tamping iron up and out of the hole, through his left cheek, behind his eye socket, and out of the top of his head,” says Jack Van Horn, an associate professor of neurology at the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California.

Gage didn’t die. But the tamping iron destroyed much of his brain’s left frontal lobe, and Gage’s once even-tempered personality changed dramatically.

“He is fitful, irreverent, indulging at times in the grossest profanity, which was not previously his custom,” wrote John Martyn Harlow, the physician who treated Gage after the accident.

This sudden personality transformation is why Gage shows up in so many medical textbooks, says Malcolm Macmillan, an honorary professor at the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences and the author of An Odd Kind of Fame: Stories of Phineas Gage.

“He was the first case where you could say fairly definitely that injury to the brain produced some kind of change in personality,” Macmillan says.

Why Brain Scientists Are Still Obsessed With The Curious Case Of Phineas Gage

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Music To, or In, My Ears

pairing: anthony ramos x reader

word count: 2500

warnings: swearing

a/n: have yall ever seen the soulmate prompt where it’s like “the song that’s stuck in your head is stuck in your soulmate’s head too”??? well thats what this fic is based on. its kind of confusing; i had to take a little artistic liberty; and it really, really, really sucks, but i hope you like it anyway. enjoy!!!

You didn’t believe in soulmates. You never had. Your parents said they were soulmates – they had ways, reasons they found each other that they constantly yammered on about. But you didn’t believe in soulmates. It was luck they found each other, and luck that they fell in love. The whole shtick of them ‘hearing the same songs in their head’ or whatever was just… coincidence. Of course. It had to be. There was no such thing as soulmates.

Until you heard it one day.

Rise up… when you’re livin’ on your knees you rise up…

You looked around the crowded subway car you were on, eyebrows cocked. Was someone playing their music too loud? So loud that you could hear it? You couldn’t recognize the song, so it certainly wasn’t coming through your earbuds. A quick glance around the cabin rewarded you with no answers; the other people in the immediate vicinity didn’t have any earbuds in or headphones on. Your eyebrows screwed up in the middle of your head and you leaned back, trying not to show both the confusion and the annoyance on your face. What the fuck was happening? Another line came seconds later.

Tell your brother that he’s gotta rise up… tell your sister that she’s gotta rise up… when are these colonies gonna rise up…

Oh, for God’s sake.

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a zukka fic rec list

just some of my fave zukka fics that i’ve stumbled upon

A Learning Experience by Kahuna Burger - Complete. Multi-chapter.

Marriage Something by CloudKat - Unfinished. Multi-chapter. Arranged marriage AU.

Once Upon a Teashop by anaer - Unfinished. Multi-chapter. This one is actually Jetko and Zukka, however the author has yet to decide which ship will be endgame.

We’ll Burn That Bridge When We Come To It by KissMyAssthma13 - Unfinished. Multi-chapter. A modern-type AU with bending.

Boys & Swords by hikuni - One-shot.

Nobility by hikuni - One-shot.

Unpeeled Fruit by hello camel - One-shot. Friendship fic.

Zukka trope drabbles by Kahuna Burger - Drabble collection.

Another option by Kahuna Burger - Complete. Multi-chapter.

Like Warriors by psocoptera - One-shot. The fic that got me into Zukka.

To My Favorite Fire Lord by apairofglasses - One-shot.

The Thing About Fire by DracoMaleficium - Very long one-shot. Some dark themes.

the mountain range of your left-side brain by lupinely - One-shot. Some Sukka. Don’t let the second person POV put you off—it’s actually an amazing fic.

Transference by The_Quartermasters - Complete. Multi-chapter. High School AU. Pretty much the ultimate Zukka fic—everybody has read it.

Borderlines by The_Quartermasters - Complete. Multi-chapter. Kind of a slow start, but definitely worth the read.

Negotiation by Scuttlebutt Inc - Sequel to Borderlines. Unfinished. Multi-chapter.

The One Where the Fire Nation Clearly Loses by miarr - One-shot. Smut. Just…smut.

I’ll tabletop you any day by Yuu_chi - One-shot. Coffee shop AU. A definite must-read.

The Usual Reasons by Wildgoosery - One-shot.

Later Can Wait by Wildgoosery - Sequel to The Usual Reasons. One-shot. Smut.

breathing patterns by saaifione - One-shot. Second person POV. Mostly Gaang-centric, but still some Zukka.

aaaand that’s all i’ve got. this is definitely NOT a be-all-end-all rec list. i have read wayy more than this. these are just my favourites. feel free to add on to this.

also, don’t forget to check the zukka tag on ao3

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Drarry Prompt: Harry and Draco find themselves (somehow) stranded in the Outback...(further optional detail: they either can't apparate because of magical reasons, or they're too distracted by things around them, or bickering with each other)

Thank you for the prompt!! Sorry it took me so long! I’ve been packing and getting ready to go back to Uni. I hope I did this prompt justice!


“Yeah, baby?”

Harry paused, taking in another look of their hot, sandy environment.

“Where the fuck are we.”

The sound of rummaging stopped, and Harry’s boyfriend of five years began to straighten, turning to face him with a bemused frown.

“What do you mean?” he asked. “We’re in Austria, of course.”

Harry glanced around at the vast landscape of red sand, spikey bushes, and hot beating sun before returning his unimpressed stare to Draco whose frown began to deepen, becoming defensive.

“What?” he snapped.

“Show me the travel book.”

A pair of arms crossed tightly over Draco’s chest. “Why?”

Harry felt his jaw clench. “Show. Me. The. Travel. Book.” He watched, with the tiniest flicker of amusement, as his stubborn boyfriend finally relented, throwing his arms up into the air in a familiar show of petulance, digging through his backpack once more.

“Here.” Draco thrust the small, very battered and overly used book into Harry’s hands. “Happy now?”

The strength of the sun was beginning to make Harry’s skin painfully hot. Wherever they actually were, and Harry had a sneaking suspicion exactly where they were, they’d need to find some form of shelter soon before they both burnt to a crisp. The sounds of flipping pages quickly filled the slightly strained silence.

“Austria, huh?” Harry murmured then, flipping between two pages and comparing the location of each. “Does Austria normally have a desert this time of year, love?”

“How the fuck should I know?” the blond replied with a whine. “That’s why we’re visiting, yes? You know, those things called holidays and the like? Where people, not unlike ourselves, go to discover new places?”

Rolling his eyes, Harry turned the book around. “See this, Draco? This is Austria. Cute little villages covered in snow. But this, this right here? Draco, we’re in fucking Australia.”

“What!” Draco snatched the book from his hands, flicking back and forth just as he had done. “But—no, we can’t—what the fuck! But the form! Our coordinates??” He ripped out a neatly rolled stack of parchment from his bag, desperate silver eyes scanning the information.

Harry watched, unsurprised, when his boyfriend’s face suddenly paled, his lips quivering slightly.

“Let me see,” Harry said, holding out his hand. Angry eyes lifted to meet his.

“Need to confirm my failure, Potter?” Draco scoffed testily.

“Don’t do that,” Harry replied absently as he took the pieces of parchment. “I’m not your father, love.”

The blond-haired man sneered. “I know that,” he grumbled, but he turned away despite his words, arms wrapping unconsciously around his stomach.

“Look, it doesn’t matter alright? I bet this happens all the time. We’ll just wait out the post-travel apparation period and then head back. No big deal.”

Draco huffed, still facing away from Harry, who was beginning to notice how very red the back of his boyfriend’s neck was becoming.

“Fuck, we better find some shelter or something quick,” Harry stated, looking around. “We’re both going to get heatstroke at this rate.”

“What the fuck sort of continent is this anyway?” Draco grouched, kicking at some of the orangey-red sand. “Why is it so hot? I thought Granger said her parents lived somewhere where it was relatively cool.”

“Hermione’s parents lived in the Blue Mountains, love,” Harry replied. He swung his bag around on one shoulder so he could reach the bottle of water he’d brought along. “From where we’re standing, I’m guessing we’re in the middle of Australia somewhere.” He glanced over when he heard Draco exhale, eyes widening as he watched his boyfriend’s shoulders suddenly slump.

“Baby, no,” Harry said quickly, moving up behind the blond and shoving his bag onto his back. He pressed up against the familiar torso, wrapping his arms tightly around Draco’s waist. “Listen, I promise I’m not upset. It was an easy, mistake, alright? And what does it even matter? It’s a new place, neither of us have been here before—what’s the difference?”

“Small cottages and snow?”

Chuckling, Harry pressed a quick kiss to Draco’s warm cheek. “Come on, we might as well explore a bit, hmm? Maybe we can work out exactly where we are.”

“Well… at least this explains the utterly contemptuous look I received from the witch at the Travel Bureau when she clarified our destination coordinates.”

Harry laughed aloud, the sound carrying throughout the open air. “I’ve been told,” he began, voice lowering ever so slightly, “that whilst it does get rather cold at night here in the Australian desert… the stars that can be seen beat the temperature by a long shot.”


“Mmm.” Another press of lips. A gentle tongue flickered salty skin. “I do believe we need to cross star-gazing sex off of our bucket list…”

The body in Harry’s arms shivered enticingly. “Well, when you put it that way.” Draco turned in his arms, gazing down at him with a fond smile and silver eyes pleasantly warm. “I suppose we could call this an accidently-on-purpose mishap?”

Harry grinned. “I suppose we could.”

Old Friend

We need something to counteract the angst that @radioactivedelorean posted earlier for @a-million-chromatic-dreams‘, @witete‘s, and our Brain Trauma AU. So, more of the good ending! Follows after “Intervention” and “Reunion.”

I think you guys can guess what’s going on here, from the title.

Stan, Dipper, and Mabel watched from the hearth as Jheselbraum stood over a sleeping Ford, her hands glowing a gentle pink as they hovered over his head. The language she was chanting in didn’t sound like anything human, but Dipper wasn’t about to interrupt and ask Jhessie what it was she was saying.

Stan held up a hand and started counting down with his fingers, making a loose fist when Jhessie stopped counting and pulled her hands back as the glow faded.

“That still looks like magic to me,” Mabel said.

“I suppose that it does,” Jhessie admitted, looking over at them. “However, it is a science somewhere in the multiverse, and as it is a science of the mind, I find it the best to use to assist in Ford’s recovery.”

Ford snorted in his sleep, then opened his eyes lazily, like a cat that was in a comfortable position and didn’t want to be moved. Jhessie looked down at him with amusement and patted him on the head.

“Move or don’t move, the decision is yours,” she said lightly.

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“…Easy come, easy go, will you let me go?
Bismillah! No, we will not let you go
(Let him go!) Bismillah! We will not let you go
(Let him go!) Bismillah! We will not let you go
(Let me go.) Will not let you go
(Let me go.) Will not let you go. (Let me go.) Ah
No, no, no, no, no, no, no
(Oh mamma mia, mamma mia) Mamma mia, let me go” ©

Hello frindes, it me, Doctor Elly: Cat Docutor. Welcmom to my ofic, ples make yuself comfortbbable. 

Wow. It am discurouging time to be humn bein, huh?? Im sory human pal. Very scarey. Very strseful. Boy Im do Not Envy Yu!! Luckly I have brain sligtly slmaller than Shot Glass n don known anything or have any concpt of futur which is ver Nice. But like yu, I oftn find myself in situatin i don’t chuse, and, do not want neither. feel helpless 2 get out of situuantion. For expample, I am dont like Hugs. 

This not exact parallol to yu situatin watching apparnt rise of global fascism. But not NOT like! 

Here is what I think yu must rember. Many of yu, human bing, arm not used to constant low-level despair of feelin like yu liv in hostile worl, hostil society. but Many of yu brothers & sisters have been fleing this way longnn long lnngong and bad time. did not start in novemnmbr. will not go away if dondald Tormp not president. 

And those ppl are & have been fight. They use claws and teth and loud yelling to say LET ME OUT THIS HUG!!!!! even when it seem like nobdodyy listening.

They are not pretend it okay. They r not pretend not to be tired. they accpept this anger, sad, tired, and use for energy when they can. and when they cannt – in between claws and teth and yelling time – they also just liv. do dishes, make art, lauf at Nitflax show, eat a cheez treat. hug…….i gues. if yu like that kind of thing.

yu can fight best as person you ar. cannot fight as person pretend 2 be unscared all time, or as person who doesnt need break, or person who not tired. 

fact that yu can say “I am Tired now,” “I am hopeless now:” this is STRENGTH. does not feel like it, but is. let these things, sensntatins of hoplesns, have yu for a litle whyle. give them the time they want, & they will lose power to take ALL yu time.

also i give yu assignment if yu fel able, not if yu don’t. Assignment im suggest is go out tomorrow and engage with physiclal world. dont care how. bird watchin? dance clas? go to dog park or craft store? dont care. but take in information not thru Twit and Tumbll. Take in info not verblaly. Take in world with yu blurry eyes and ears & pointless nose & long creepy paws. And when yu get scare, remember me elly am alwyas here siting next to yu very warm and soft.

tiny purr. tiny tiny purr.


pairing: daveed diggs x reader

summary: reader’s friend gets distracted by Rafael on a night out, and daveed is there to keep her entertained

warnings: NSFW! alcohol, swearing, clippng lyrics (they’re filthy wow), semi-public sex (?), and smut, like, SMUT. 

word count: 3,004

a/n: this largely exists so I can get over Daveed’s verse in the clippng song “tonight” where he just talks through sex and then PANTS INTO THE MIC. BYE. this is my first ham imagine, so…yeah. inbox is open for feedback and requests and friendship and shiiit. 

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Bucky likes to cook, Clint likes to taste, but isn’t allowed anymore.

(Bucky has good reason, even Clint will admit. Which doesn’t mean he won’t try. Unless he asks for the help of a certain redhead though, he will never be stealthy enough to get past the former Winter Soldier.)

Finals week has been rough. For a solid five minutes, I stared at my computer trying to remember the title: World of Final Fantasy. But all that was coming to my mind was it’s like final fantasy but chibi, there was a sora dlc, you didn’t finish, but it’s also like pokemon, and tidus is there too. And my pride wouldn’t let me google it BUT I FIGURED IT OUT