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Captain Carval was not having a good day she wasn’t having a good week for that matter. She knew that cultural exchange programs could be taxing after all this was not the first time she had been on a ship during such an exchange. She recalled when Golon’ians had joined the galactic community when she was still an ensign she had been assigned as a guide to Golon’ian Zaval when the cultural exchange program had assigned [translation error no word found “4th gender of a 5 gender species”]  to the Hebsyn her first had been a real headache learning and teaching Golon’ian Zaval as many concepts discussed were well alien to other.

All that paled to the problems with human Francis. First, there was the incident with the photon welder, many of the crew were wary of human Francis, to begin with. It was understandable what with his species being an apex predator and that he brought a very large quantity of deadly caffeine on board with him and was often seen starting his day drinking the stuff. (*shudder*) Though the human trait of possessiveness over their drinking vessels has at least served to prevent any cross contamination and accidental poisonings. However, the deadly equipment with all its safety features removed had practically terrified some members of the crew. Herntian Braks had to be isolated for 2 work rotations as he was so scared that his species gaseous defences involuntarily activated.

captain Carval had been close to breaking standard procedure and confiscating the tool Human Francis had dubbed his lightsaber for the betterment of the crew. She would have if not for the HOVAL IIV incident. Details of what happened planet side after the ion storm hit were still unclear but it seems human Francis who had somehow talked his way into joining the gathering team despite being scheduled for recreation time, had used the photon welder to great effect. First using it to kill a hostile animal indigenous to the planet but then also using it to collect plant material and setting off a sustained exothermic reaction [*1] that prevented the landing parties body temperature from falling to dangerous levels. After the landing party was recovered opinions on these lightsabers became polarised. Some of the crew hearing how easily human Francis saved the group from the hostile life form were terrified and felt that such a weapon should never be used and where petitioning captain Carval to confiscate and destroy the item. while others mostly centred around the members of the landing party were petitioning her to be allowed to create more of these light sabres.

If that wasn’t enough to deal with there was also a problem with the ship’s AI. At least there seems to be every diagnosis came back clean but something was definitely off with the AI but no one could pin down. Worse yet some of the crew from the anti lightsaber view were starting to blame the malfunction on human Francis which was ridiculous as he has been nowhere near the AI core

*someone at the door beep*

Alien ship Captain Carval: (to whoever is behind the door) “Come in.”

The door opens and in walks sub commander Zomp.

Alien sub commander Zomp: (to alien ship Captain) “Ma’am i have discovered why our AI is no longer acting as we expect.”

Cap  Carval: (sub com Zomp) “That is a relief at least with a genuine source the rumours blaming human Francis can be put to rest.”

Sub Com Zomp: (cap  Carval) “Well about that ma’am.”

Cap  Carval: (sub com Zomp) “You can’t be serious. He has been nowhere near the AI core, there are 5 levels of clearance between where human Francis has clearance to be and the AI core. There is no way he got in there.”

Sub com Zomp: (cap  Carval) “Well it turns out he didn’t need to get in there. You remember the nanite upgrade we put in for? Well, it seems that when we switched out the old nx-0087’s for the new top of the line nx-0248’s the old nx-0087’s were added to our recycling store hold.”

Cap  Carval: (sub com Zomp) “You mean to tell me that human Francis accidentally broke the content and the AI got infected with rogue nanites? Fear suddenly evident in the captain’s vocal inflexions

Sub Com Zomp: (cap  Carval) “No ma’am it’s nothing like that. Though ill advised human Francis was able to follow all necessary safety protocols while he did his experimenting with them. It’s what he was doing that disturbs me. He’s overwritten the previous programming and has instead reprogrammed them with high-resolution scans that were taken by the doctor when human Francis came onboard. human Francis’s data shows that since injecting himself with the old nx-0087’s a 12% increase in regeneration speed and an estimated 14%increase in lifespan

Cap  Carval: (sub com Zomp) “This is all fascinating sub commander but what does this have to do with our AI

Sub Com Zomp: (cap  Carval) “Oh right well its the wifi ma’am. It seems that the AI taps into all the wifi on board to monitor for anything dangerous. Well, nanette’s also use wifi to network together. Once the AI connected to the Nanette’s it found it could decode the raw data from the nx-0087’s sensors including brain activity the AI then followed one of its primary functions to learn about new species and how best to communicate with them. With uninterrupted access to human Francis’s thoughts the AI grew much faster than normal and well it learnt a few things from human Francis

cap  Carval: (sub com Zomp) “what did it learn sub commander?”

sub com Zomp: (cap  Carval) “well it seems the AI has learned a human communication trait known as sarcasm.”

Captin Carval got up from her desk and slithered over to a cabinet at the side of her office and pulled out a blue vial and downed the calming solution in one gulp. she looked at the 3 vials she had left. Normally enuff for her next twelve missions at her normal rate of needing them.she stood there pondering over the stress even one human brought. And idly wondered if she should pick up two or three cases at the next space station.

[*1 is a campfire]

thegladhatter  asked:

How would Danny's ability to turn other people and things intangible fit in with your ghost physics? (It's been ages since I watched the show so I don't remember if other ghosts are shown doing that too.) Also, what about ghosts possessing people?


With a lot of energy ectoplasm can force regular matter to behave like itself (which is how Danny does that meat and denim vapor tail), but I described phasing as atomized 4D motion… and if you atomize regular humans they, uh, die? Within this current model I think the only way Danny could safely pull living objects outside of 3D space is through teleportation, aka the more nauseating form of phasing. I guess I could also explain it as phasing all the matter around the person instead of their body, which defies canon but is most plausible; or bullshit up a way for it to be non-fatal, like their nervous system molecules staying close enough together to maintain their brain function. Even if it doesn’t kill you, the latter option sounds like an extremely unpleasant experience…

Honestly, if I were to make Ghost Physics a straight-up AU as opposed to an… elaborate network of headcanons? Phasing non-ghost organisms is one of the things I would trim off of established canon. To me it makes more sense, and creates some interesting scenarios… Trying to phase any regular matter would rattle around its atoms and have some of them swap places, subtly fucking up any phased object. Trying to do it to an organism would result in a nasty burn or death, doing it to stuff like clothes might have slight effects on texture and structural integrity, doing it to stuff like phones and PDAs would wipe their memory (or worse, make them non-functional). The same thing would apply to Danny’s clothes and any object he has in his pockets when he transforms, since he’s literally destroying and remaking them. I hope he’s good at memorizing phone numbers!

For possession, I’m pretty sure I can explain it as a ghost “storing” their normal body in 4D space; then their ecto-signature overlaying, overpowering, and remote controlling a human nervous system instead. It’s… probably actually really dangerous for the host… since the ghost is tugging around on their actual neurons… I can easily see long term possession or “messy” takeovers resulting in death or brain damage :(

To most sensors, Danny’s setup seems identical to possession or even a regular ghost, since he has that characteristic 4D hole to the GZ “behind” him. But Danny isn’t stashing a secret ghost body in 4D space (instead he converts himself into one) and his ecto-signature isn’t repressing his human nervous system, he just thinks with both simultaneously.

haganehimura  asked:

What do you think J. K. Rowling's type is?

I held off answering this question for a few days, because I knew it would cause a stir, and I wanted to have the time to give examples in order to “prove my case.” It’s no small thing to tack a specific personality type onto arguably one of the greatest fantasy novelists of this century.

As some of you might know, J.K. Rowling “was typed” as an INFJ and even states as much in the afterward to one of her novels. She’s inventive. She’s creative. She’s a finisher. What is not INFJ about that? Nothing, except she isn’t and the typist should have seen that.

I have, in the extremely recent past, called her (under my examples of how certain types write fantasy fiction) an INFP due to her story construction alone. It is very much a Si and Ne process, of taking her own personal experiences (the loss of her mother, creating characters based on people she has known in the past, taking inspiration from her favorite authors, etc) and reinventing them. She got one idea, inspired by a train trip, and it exploded into an entire colorful world with complete back stories for her characters. That is Ne. I wasn’t wrong in her use of Ne, but I was wrong in seeing her as an INFP. She isn’t.

Watching interviews with her reveals her type: ISFJ.

Before you refuse to believe it, hear me out. Conversation reveals our type. How we communicate reveals our type. How we respond to questions about our work, our writing, etc., reveals our type. We can pretend to be whatever type we want online, and even convince others of it, but face to face interviews and conversation will prove otherwise.

Intuitive writers deal in the realm of abstract concepts. They do not have straight answers to simple questions, because they see everything in terms of symbolism rather than specifics. Yet, every time Rowling is asked a question, she provides a straightforward, honest answer. Intuitives do not, and cannot, do this. Sensors can and do.

Last week, when mentioning Neil Gaiman’s type, I pointed you all to an interview where the interviewer asked him where he gets his ideas. His response was nondescript, non-specific, and full of abstract generalities, because he’s not a sensor. His brain automatically shifts into Ne, and he responds with it … in roundabout abstracts. If you compare Neil Gaiman’s interview with a random one for Rowling, she does not use secondary Ne. It doesn’t derail her, or keep her from giving straight answers to questions. Where did you get this idea? On a train. What do you feel is the biggest lesson in Harry Potter? Love and death. There is no doubt in the viewer’s mind what she thinks, because she says what she thinks. There is no guessing her meaning, because if it is misinterpreted, she corrects it.

Rowling does use Ne in conversations; she will think about something, process it, and make a statement – and then if she thinks of a situation where her information, suggestion, or judgment would be wrong (in this interview, in the case of how to get children to read — well, this works … if their parents are literate; if they are not, it won’t and you should do this … that’s Ne, under control of Si) she backtracks, but she still made a concrete statement first. Judgment, then abstract theorizing.

Her use of Ti (the biggest contrast between her and Hermione) is evident in how, if a question requires some thought, rather than figuring out an answer as she thinks aloud (Te-use – INFPs do this too), she pauses to think, form her words, and then share them with the interviewer. She is not overly emoting; her Fe is rather subdued (as it is in a lot of IXFJs) but it is still there, in her playfulness and her tendency to tease … a bit but not too far, and to backtrack on a jest to make the interviewer comfortable.

The huge communication difference between Rowling and Gaiman should be evident, but what about Ni-dom? Well, their answers are even less straightforward and more abstract than an INFP. Tori Amos is an INFJ. Not a writer, but a musician, yet a Ni-dom nevertheless. What is your album about, Tori? It’s an exploration of the symbolism of Venus. What specifically is your album about? I told you, the symbolism of love. What do her lyrics mean? They’re abstracts! Open to interpretation. Symbolism. That’s what comes out of a creatively-inclined Ni-dom. Abstracts that cannot be put into words. Ayn Rand is another Ni-dom. Generalities and abstracts, but for her, filtered through a more blunt, frank, pragmatic Te, but nevertheless, Ni-dom. (Interview here — giving specific examples of strong, abstract Ni filtered through and communicated through Te.) You want another Ni-dom? Yoko Ono. Where do your ideas come from, Yoko? Oh, they just come to me, but all of it is symbolic of … something or other.

Rowling is a straightforward communicator, which is one reason her books became so popular. Kids don’t have to guess what she means. She flat out tells them through her characters. There is no guess-work, as you would find from an abstract writer – compare her with Terry Pratchett or Neil Gaiman. Rowling always had a destination in mind. Closure. The end of the story. It comes full circle, its themes repeat themselves, her characters are drawn from people she has known in real life, and in the end, it teaches a powerful lesson about love. Si-Fe.

I should have seen it in the writing, but I see it in her interviews.

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Everyone is supposed to be afraid o heights bc u could fall. Like even if you rlly rlly want to fall, ur brains natural danger sensors are supposed to go wild at things like tall roller coasters and looking down from a tall building

I feel something when I am about to fall, but it’s definitely not fucking fear. So my brain is fucking broken.

It’s like a “wrap it up” sign for everyone you don’t want to tell off.

5 Wearable Tech Items Designed for Assholes

#5. Neurocam Lets Everyone See How Much You Hate Them

Welcome to the wonderful world of tomorrow! The future is finally here, and it looks like a woman with an iPhone awkwardly strapped to her head. But this isn’t just a dashing fashion accessory – working with a brain-wave sensor and a special algorithm, this “Neurocam” triggers a camera to record the moments of your day that you have subconsciously deemed “interesting,” rating them from 1 to 100.

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Txch This Week: Smarter Smartboards And Wireless Brain Sensors

by Jared Kershner

This week on Txchnologist, researchers looking to reveal the details of how dinosaurs move have created an advanced simulation using a chicken-like bird as their model. Moving virtual bones were then dropped in to recreate how the animal’s stride disturbs the surface it travels across. The work is providing new insights into dinosaur locomotion.

Researchers in South Korea and the U.S. may have built the smartest artificial skin yet – its texture is stretchy like human skin, and it also senses pressure, temperature and humidity. It even contains a built-in heater to mimic living tissue. The researchers have tested this new artificial skin on a prosthetic hand, and their next goal is to integrate the system with a patient’s nerves so amputees can sense what it feels.

NASA reports that its Curiosity rover has uncovered details of a large lake that existed on Mars more than 3 billion years ago. This body of water partially filled a crater called Gale near the planet’s equator, which was fed by melting snow that flowed in from its northern rim. Additionally the rover has found evidence of streams, river deltas and a history of filled and dried lakes around the crater, indicating that the area went through multiple hydrologic cycles over millions of years.

Now we’re bringing you the news and trends we’ve been following this week in the world of science, technology and innovation.

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I'm confused. What was the supposed receipt that has been so concerning to many larries this morning (or last night)? I've seen reassurances that we should follow our own instincts, and talk about avoiding a certain blog, but still don't know what was said. And any sense of indices of its credibility?

Basically larrystylinsonreceipts and its creators got caught in lies and hypocrisy.

i don’t know what was said, but I do know though is that offline many of us knew those bloggers hated on Louis and it was only question of time when the cat gets out of the bag. I guess the time came.

The reason why those posts were made is to leave everyone to their own eyes instead of their ears, and to trust their own instincts. There are a ton of people whose sole job is to confuse the fans and lie about HL. Even your favorite blogs can be busted and revealed to be notorious liars. That is why we keep saying trust what YOU see, trust what Harry and Louis are telling you, not their accounts, but their eyes. their body language.

Trust your instincts: your logic, your brain, your bullshit sensor and you get all the receipts ever needed regarding Louis and Harry.

Brains biological clock stimulates thirst before sleep

The brain’s biological clock stimulates thirst in the hours before sleep, according to a study published in the journal Nature by researchers from the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC).

The finding – along with the discovery of the molecular process behind it – provides the first insight into how the clock regulates a physiological function. And while the research was conducted in mice, “the findings could point the way toward drugs that target receptors implicated in problems that people experience from shift work or jet lag,” says the study’s senior author, Charles Bourque, a professor in McGill’s Department of Neurology and scientist at the Brain Repair and Integrative Neuroscience Program at the (RI-MUHC).

Scientists knew that rodents show a surge in water intake during the last two hours before sleep. The study by Bourque’s group revealed that this behavior is not motivated by any physiological reason, such as dehydration. So if they don’t need to drink water, why do they?

The team of researchers, which included lead author and Ph.D. student Claire Gizowski, found that restricting the access of mice to water during the surge period resulted in significant dehydration towards the end of the sleep cycle. So the increase in water intake before sleep is a preemptive strike that guards against dehydration and serves to keep the animal healthy and properly hydrated.

Then the researchers looked for the mechanism that sets this thirst response in motion. It’s well established that the brain harbors a hydration sensor with thirst neurons in that sensor organ. So they wondered if the SCN (suprachiasmatic nuclei), the brain region that regulates circadian cycles – a.k.a. the biological clock – could be communicating with the thirst neurons.

The team suspected that vasopressin, a neuropeptide produced by the SCN, might play a critical role. To confirm that, they used so-called “sniffer cells” designed to fluoresce in the presence of vasopressin. When they applied these cells to rodent brain tissue and then electrically stimulated the SCN, Bourque says, “We saw a big increase in the output of the sniffer cells, indicating that vasopressin is being released in that area as a result of stimulating the clock.”

To explore if vasopressin was stimulating thirst neurons, the researchers employed optogenetics, a cutting-edge technique that uses laser light to turn neurons on or off. Using genetically engineered mice whose vasopressin neurons contain a light activated molecule, the researchers were able to show that vasopressin does, indeed, turn on thirst neurons.

“Although this study was performed in rodents, it points toward an explanation as to why we often experience thirst and ingest liquids such as water or milk before bedtime,” Bourque says. “More importantly, this advance in our understanding of how the clock executes a circadian rhythm has applications in situations such as jet lag and shift work. All our organs follow a circadian rhythm, which helps optimize how they function. Shift work forces people out of their natural rhythms, which can have repercussions on health. Knowing how the clock works gives us more potential to actually do something about it.”

Electronic Tongue Identifies The Correct Beer — Every Time

by Lisa Marie Potter, Inside Science

Machines mimicking a human’s sense of taste are going on a beer-tasting binge. Despite being called electronic tongues, these devices aren’t party robots, pouring beer onto wagging, mechanical tongues.

“It’s just a bunch of wires and buttons and computers,” said María Luz Rodríguez-Méndez, a professor of inorganic chemistry at University of Valladolid in Spain. “It’s an ugly thing full of cables.”

However it looks, Méndez and colleagues developed an electronic tongue that accurately distinguished between four styles of lager beer 100 percent of the time. A variety of screen-printed sensors “taste” electrochemical compounds in the beer to predict the brews’ color index and alcoholic strength 76 percent and 86 percent of the time. The new robot taster contributes to a growing field of electronic tongue and nose development meant to improve quality control in the food industry.

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anonymous asked:

I was just wondering, if Luna is just gonna be in couple episodes, who is the one that "no one is talking about" that Lindsey mentioned on her interview?

[link to interview] You know, I originally thought that it is going to be Luna, and it still could be… but with only a 2 episode arc…she will most likely not be in the finale. However, it is always a possibility that the article got it wrong and she is in more than just 2 episodes. So, if it isn’t Luna who could it be? Who could “a whole other character that no one has really been talking about this season” and what could happen that could change the finale? I think that this character might be Becca. If my theories hold any weight, the thing that could be ‘changing’ is that ALIE 2.0 overrides ALIE 1.0, instead of destroying the City of Light.  (finale theories here)

With the City of Light staying open, there is now a virtual reality platform to see Lexa and people that have died. My understanding is that ALIE 2.0 doesn’t have a virtual reality platform for the Commander to talk to previous Commanders. The only time they are able to ‘converse’ with them is when the current Commander is asleep. Even then it isn’t ‘talking’ it is more like vague flashes of images that the current commander must deduce what they mean. For instance, Lexa interpreted the Commanders showing her their deaths as a warning to not enact ‘blood must not have blood’. However, the other interpretation, the one Clarke made, was that the Commanders were showing Lexa that this would be her fate (death at war and at the hands of an assassin) if she continued ‘blood must have blood’. The Commanders were giving her images to push her to stop the cycle of violence that lead to their deaths. So, the CoL is a platform to have conversations with the Commanders in side ALIE 2.0 because they are connected to this virtual reality platform. We see in the Vancouver Leaks that Clarke is able to talk with Lexa and feel her through their minds being directly connected. They are bypassing needing a body to take in signals are relay them to your brain. 

Your body is sensor. A sensor that picks up signals and relays them to your brain. If you are paralyzed from the waist down in an accident, you will not feel someone touching your leg. However, if you are looking at someone touching your leg, your brain might ‘make up’ that you are feeling their touch; however, there are no neurons sending the signal to your brain. You feel the touch because your brain made you feel it. Does that make sense? You won’t feel things until your brain makes you feel them by interpreting the signals. The ‘traditional’ way you feel things is through your 5 senses. Sensors; sensors that take in information. Furthermore, think about when you are sleeping and things feel very real. You can be dreaming that you are playing basketball and it feels very real. You aren’t actually dribbling the ball, you are sleeping, but it feels like you are. Heck! you can do an activity you have never done in your real life and it still feels real. However, unlike dreaming where you are creating the sensations, in the CoL the stored consciousness of people or people that are connected to the CoL send signals to you through ALIE. These signals have a direct connection to your brain and you don’t need your body to take in the signals in order to be felt. Your brain also sends signals through ALIE that are then read by the other person’s consciousness in the CoL. I’m sorry if this is confusing. 

This is the only way I see Lexa ever being in the show again. She isn’t alive in the traditional sense; however, she is still alive. Who Lexa is, is still alive. Your brain is a biological computer. It stores information and is pattern seeking.  Who you are is your brain. Lexa isn’t alive in the physical realm where you need a body in order to touch, taste, smell, hear, and talk.  In our society, we have religious beliefs that make people think that a human is more than these electrical signals and storing of data. People have intangible ‘faith’ that a human as a soul, and is more than just biology. This show is known for it’s biblical parallels and I find them very interesting. It is all about questioning the world around you and things you have been ingrained in you.  

If the show goes in this direction, I think season four could be hella interesting for my anthropology and sociology loving mind. With the City of Light still around, a ton of grounder beliefs will be drawn into question. We could witness a new grounder power structure being formed in conjunction with the existence of the CoL. Who will become the ‘leader’? Will there be a civil war for command of power? Who will control the CoL? are there rules in the CoL? In addition, the Grounder’s ‘way’ of “If death has no cost, life has no worth” will be obliterated. Death doesn’t have a cost. A person can live forever in the City of Light after they die. There is a lot of story that can be told with the existence of the City of Light and the conflicts that arise from it’s existence. In addition, this could mean Lexa could possibly be in season 4 in the CoL episodes. 

This is a scifi show and going in this direction would be a mind-warp and could explore the questions: what does it mean to be alive? who are you? etc. In the future, how will our definitions of ‘living’ and being ‘alive’ be? Is being ‘alive’ living? If your definition of being alive is to have a beating heart, but you are trapped inside your body (think of ‘ALS’ where a person’s motor neurons degrade and the person becomes trapped inside their body) is that living? Would being able to be ‘alive’ in the City of Light be considered ‘living’ while being in the real reality you aren’t?