brain salad

If you’re into Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and you like Yes’s “Roundabout” (the meme song, from the ending), I recommend listening to the album it’s from–”Fragile”–and also “The Yes Album.” 

From there, check out King Crimson’s “Starless and Bible Black” and “Red,” Emerson Lake and Palmer’s self titled album and “Brain Salad Surgery” particularly “Karn Evil 9,” And maybe Genesis’s “Trick of the Tail” and Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon”. Those seem good jumping on points to me if you’re not familiar with progressive rock and are into what you’re hearing in the show.

affectionate things vic has called gar:

  • moldy
  • salad-head
  • greengenes
  • short stuff
  • sprout
  • that walking salad
  • greenie
  • hot-shot
  • grass-stain
  • shorty
  • that green-haired squirt 
  • jerky
  • dumbo
  • mulch-mouth
  • guacomole-brains
  • monkey-boy
  • shrimp
  • banana-breath 
  • “big green stupid salad-headed jerk”

affectionate things gar has called vic:

  • rust-bucket
  • bolt-head
  • cybordoodle
  • gutters
  • steel-head
  • rustpot
  • chrome-dome 
  • rusty 
  • tinhead 
  • ‘borgy
  • rusthead
  • transistor-brain 
  • stiff-joints
  • glitter-brain
  • can-head
  • cybie
  • lunkhead
  • compu-head
  • steel-shins
  • tin-man
  • super-lover
  • vic-scape
  • mr. happy
  • pile of junk
  • robo-head
  • waskily wabbit
  • the star wars reject 
bulong mo sa dilim
Brain Salad

Brain Salad - Bulong mo sa Dilim

Ako'y nagising sa dilim
sarili ko nawawala sa akin
namulat sa katotohanan
bakit pa di ko pa rin malaman

Nakita ko aking sarili
natutulog pa sa mundong
nawawalan ng kulay
nawawalan ng buhay

Paulit-ulit kong naririnig
ang tawag mo sa akin
paulit-ulit kong naririnig
ang bulong mo sa dilim…

I’m in this state right now…