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Sharing a bed with BTS......


quite and peaceful sleeping night with occasional farts because dinner was too damn fatty


Matching pajamas, toothpaste puns, sleep? new phone who dis?

Rap monster:

laying in a semi conscious state asking each other deep ass questions that come from the darkest anus hole in your brain which is responsible for brain farts. 


rubbing tummies like no tomorrow with either cute ass, mushy cuddling or half-awake adorable compliments


pillow fighting for twenty minutes before tangling limbs together in your matching onesies. occasionally making up weird ass songs about every topic ranging from you little toe to the duties of a president.


Cuddling whether you’re up to it or not, “Bitch stfu i’m trying to sleep over here” is a substitute for “good night”, kicking each other out of the bed unconsciously 


either cute little bean spooning you tiredly or horny ass daddy dry humping you to the moon and back. nobody can tell whether you guys are sleeping or dead. if one is awake will probably blackmail the fuck out of the other person 

TF2 comic: the naked and the dead

So, what do we have:

1. Soldier and Zhanna are going to marry and have kinds but Heavy isn’t happy of it

2. Mags still loves Saxton

3. Medic gave back Demoman’s eye at least 8 times but his eye socket is haunted

4. Medic scooped out a part of Demo’s brain responsible for memory

5. Pyro is HE

6. Spy is Scout’s father

7. Scout’s name is Jeremy, he’s 27 and will die December 4th 1987

8. Medic’s surname is Ludwig and he sold Devil his soul but then surgically added 8 more souls to his body to avoid contract requirements and not going to hell + mr. Ludwig will live extra 50 years for 1 soul to let Devil find a way how trick out his other 7 souls. MEDIC FUCKED UP DEVIL (and made his team almost immortal by taking off their souls somehow)

9. Heavy realized that Medic is really a mad ass

10. To settle an old debt Administrator needs less than 1 hour

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Is there a difference between MRI and fMRI?

Yep there is! The two techniques produce two different kinds of images, so they have different uses in both the research and clinical world:



As you can see, MRI focusses on the anatomy, so can therefore be useful in clinical settings to diagnose brain injury, or general structural abnormalities. 

On the other hand, the f in fMRI stands for functional, so it shows how the brain is used.fMRI measures blood flow around the brain. During a given task, areas of tissue which are more active are respiring more, so require more oxygen and therefore an increased blood flow. This distribution can then be mapped out on a computer to distinguish areas of  a brain responsible for a particular behaviour or task. For this reason, fMRI is mostly used in research. 

i was told something today that makes a lot of sense and a lot of people on here could probably use this. basically, its that what your brain may do because you are mentally ill is not your fault, however it IS your responsibility.

its like having a dog. its your dog, you own it and you train it. that dog is your responsibility. if you take your dog over to someones house and it pees all over their rug, is that your fault? no. is it your responsibility? yes, because that is your dog and you are in charge of that dog. you can train it to not pee on peoples rugs, but it can still happen

it’s the same thing with your brain. if you hurt someone because of mental illness, something you cant help, it isn’t your fault. however, it is your responsibility, because it is still your brain and you are responsible for your brain and your actions, regardless of if they are intentional or not.

this is why mental illness can NEVER be an excuse for something like abuse, homophobia, racism, anything that people use mental illness as an excuse to take the easy way out. sure, it might not be your fault that your brain is like this, however it is still your brain and you are still held accountable to your actions. you can use methods to help your brain, to train it from causing bad behaviors, but if those still happen you are 100% responsible for those actions and need to learn how to take responsibility for those actions.

and yes, this means that people have a right to be mad at you, just like your friend has a right to be mad at you if your dog pees on their rug. you will always be held accountable for your brain’s actions whether its your fault or not and you need to learn how to grow as a person, find tricks to train your brain when these things do happen so your actions don’t continue to harm other people

  • my brain: its the end of the semester, how 'bout u focus on ur studies, finish all ur assignments, study for your exams?
  • me: orrrrrr we can start rereading a book series, read 100k word fics, start WRITING A FIC, and binge watch all our fave shows so that we waste away all our very limited spare time and then descend into a pit of stress and despair????
  • my brain: ....girl no
Heads up to my fellow executive dysfunction ppl

Okay, so,

Executive function is controlled by the frontal cortex. This is the area of the brain that develops the slowest. The frontal cortex also rules decision making, socializing, some aspects of memory, control of behavior, social behaviors, some aspects of personality, recognition of identity and self-awareness, etc.

This is an EXTREMELY brief summary of something that is very difficult to explain and understand, so please do not take this at complete face-value, because, in that regard, what I’ve written might be outright misinformation.

My point is, the frontal cortex is the part of your brain that is responsible for executive function and many parts of thinking and problem-solving and decision-making, and is also the part of your brain that makes you, you.

If you are under 25, there is a SIGNIFICANT chance that your brain has not finished developing in this area. It’s been hypothesized that personality disorders (in this example, cluster B disorders such as BPD) are caused by trauma affecting the development of the frontal cortex, for instance. Those suffering trauma prior to maturity of the frontal cortex are at a huge disadvantage compared to those who aren’t.

This is also why someone just a few years older can be capable of exponentially more than you, and why I’m very critical of the idea of 18 being considered “adulthood” in a lot of regards.

So, if you’re like me, and autistic, have ADHD, have a personality DISASTER (joke), are a trauma survivor, and are under 25? Cut yourself some fucking slack, you’ve got everything against you and you’re doing damn well regardless.

For my younger executive dysfunction people, this means that, yes, most likely, it does get better, in a very tangible way - your brain needs to finish growing. You will remember better, decide better, function better, etc, in years to come, not because of anything you can do or can control, but because your brain still has some growing up to do.

Does the rest of the world care, acknowledge this, or recognize this and stop telling you your value is decided by what you do and how well you manage yourself? Nope. But the frontal cortex is also the part of your brain that keeps you from thinking the world is on fire and you are going to die if people do not like you and find you satisfactory. That, too, can get better.

My point is, don’t flog yourself for this, chances are, it’s literally completely outside of your ability, because you have a brain that doesn’t do that on top of a brain that isn’t grown enough to be able to do that to its full ability. It’s not your fault and you can do something about it and

maybe you’ll still be staring at a pile of dishes and not knowing where to begin in 7 years, maybe you’ll be done putting them away and asking what’s next, but at least you won’t be constantly curled on the floor panicking and hating yourself for not being able to just get up and DO it because it’s overwhelming.

Anyways, in conclusion, brains are fucking bullshit. Hope this helps, feel free to correct me or add input. Good luck to you today!
The Critical Role of Self-Care for Handling Post-Election Stress
The 2016 election has unleashed a wave of strong, difficult emotions, especially among those on the losing side.

“This kind of #selfcare works… because it helps to temper the intensity of the human brain’s response to stress” 💜

If you need support, we’re here 24/7 for you at: 866.488.7386 💜TrevorChat is available 3-9pm ET daily & you can find a safe, international online community at: and more resources at 💜

to me being called talented feels suffocating, because as a response, my brain starts to create these high expectations of pure perfection when what I really want is to draw and enjoy the time while doing it instead of stressing about how can I surpass the high standards I set for myself every single time.












And Kurogane plays his part perfectly, even if Mokona - SWEET DARLING MOKONA - falls for it and rushes to comfort Fai in his sadness. 


Terms of the non-human community you should probably know:

Otherkin (Otherkinity) - Someone who either spiritually or psychologically identifies as non-human.

Therian (Therianthrope) - Someone who spiritually or psychologically identifies as an animal that exists or existed on earth.

Theriomythic -  Essentially the same as Otherkin, but identifies as a feral/uncivilized creature from myth, and is animalistic in nature. 

Fictionkin (AKA Otakukin) - Someone who either spiritually or mentally identifies as a fictional character or of a creature from a fictional series.

Draconic (Draconity) - Someone who spiritually or mentally identifies as a dragon. 

Animafidem (Animafidemism) - Someone who spiritually identifies as non-human, because they believe their soul is non-human.

Cerebrumalius (Cerebrumalia) - Someone who psychologically identifies as non-human, because they believe their brain responsible.

Incarnate (Reincarnation) - Someone who believes they are an incarnation of someone/something from a past life.

Otherhearted - Someone who strongly identifies with something non-human.

Copinglink - Someone who creates or has an identity to cope with mental illness. Not the same as an otherkin or therian.

Kintype - The type of being an otherkin identifies as.

Theriotype - The type of animal a therian identifies as.

Spirit Guide - A spirit of any species that guides you along your path. A seperate entity from your being.

Awakening - When you realize that you identify as something other than human and discover what you are on the inside. “Awakening your otherself”

Astral Limbs - The sensation of limbs that you do not possess in this life, that one believes exist on the astral. 

Supernumerary Phantom Limbs - The sensation of limbs you do not posses in this life. 

Phantom Limbs - The sensation of a limb or limbs someone used to have, but have lost or were amputated. (Not the same as supernumerary limbs and not non-human)

Astral-Shift - (A-shift) Spiritually shifting into that which you identify in the astral realm. Although it is believed one can take any form there.

Mental-Shift - (M-shift) Mentally shifting into the mentality, instincts, and urges of that which you identify.

Aura-shift - When someone’s aura field takes the shape of that which they identify.

Cameo-shift - A temporary shift into something that doesn’t last and isn’t actually you. Often confused with an actual shift.

P-Shift (Physical Shift) - Turning into that which you identify physically, which under any circumstance is not physically possible. This does not and can not happen.  Any claims of this are liars, scammers, or under delusional impression.

Greymuzzle - An older member of the community, usually having been a member for at least 10 years, or are someone highly respected. 

 Fledgling - Newer members of the community, usually for no longer than 1 year. 

Polykin - An otherkin with multiple kintypes, or having more than one thing that they identify as.

Polytherian - A therian with multiple theriotypes, or having more than one thing that they identify as.

Cladotherian - A therian who believes they do not just fit one specific species, but the whole species or “clade” of that type. (Ex. Not just a housecat, but all species of cat) 

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When I first met you, I didn't know what to do. I was stunned by your beautiful face at a glance, and my heart never stood a chance. I fell so hard and so fast, afraid that screwing up wouldn't make this last. How your smile made my heart beat, cheeks blushing with tender heat. Suddenly I was no longer afraid of anything, no longer afraid of what the future would bring. As long as I'm with you, there's nothing I can't do. You're my lucky charm, and I'd do anything to keep you from harm. -Prompto

Your hand meets empty air when you reach for him, squinting one eye open against the sunlight filtering into the room to confirm that, yes, there is no body beside you.  The mattress is cold.

While Prompto has been known to wake and rise before you, it’s unusual, normally the result of nightmares dogging his sleep until the wee hours of the morning, at which point he calls it quits and simply remains awake and potters about with his camera or phone.  You think it might be another case of the nightmares, but then you see the single red rose waiting for you on the bedside table, note in his familiar cramped script propped up on its tiny vase.

You read over it twice, smile growing as you do until your cheeks are in very real danger of hurting, pleasant warmth in your heart and a passing wonder of how many hours he spent trying to perfect this rhyme for you.  He’s not a massive fan of poetry, and he’s definitely challenged when it comes to making anything remotely like this on the spot, so this… while small, a lot of time and effort has gone into it.

The smile stays on your face throughout your morning routine, through the pancakes waiting for you in the kitchen, drizzled with honey (in heart shapes, of course) and still hot in the middle, and all the way up to the lighthouse where you know he’ll be.  The same place he’s been the past four mornings, quiet and contemplative after watching the sunrise.  The same place he won’t be next week, after they’ve set sail for Altissia.

Strawberries dipped in melted chocolate give you plenty of excuses for sweet kisses, the nip in the sea air a perfectly valid reason for stealing the picnic blanket and cuddling close to him with it thrown over both your legs.  And when mention of his note has him blushing almost as red as the fruit you’ve shared, you can’t help but laugh and present your own gift to him.  A simple, dark denim cuff to be worn on the wrist he keeps hidden from the others, with mint green embroidery on one side, his favourite colour for you.  His fingers trace over the pattern after you’ve snapped the buttons in place, curiosity clear in the tilt of his head and blinking of wide eyes.

“It’s a sigil - my Grandmother used to swear by them - for… safety and protection.  I can’t come with you to Altissia to watch your back, so maybe this will help in my stead.  Promise me you’ll be careful, Prom?”

ELI5: why do you see weird patterns when you close your eyes and apply pressure onto them?

This phenomenon is called phosphene.

When light hits the cells in the eye, these cells send a signal to the brain to give an image of what is seen. These cells are called photoreceptor cells, and their main means of activation is when a photon of light hits them. Another way to activate them is via mechanical stimulation (aka applying pressure to they eyes). When you apply mechanical stimulation, the subsequent activation of the cells will be random (not patterned), and when this signal is transmitted to the brain areas that are responsible for generating an image, you will see weird patterns instead of the normal images that would be generated by photon-induced stimulation.

Explain Like I`m Five: good questions, best answers.

okay Let’s talk Su-won

Yes I am mad at him for not helping them out. No one wants to see the dragons and Yun held captive. but lets see it from his point of view. 

Yona is the rightful heir to the throne because of her being Il’s daughter. So she comes to a informant of his, asking for a peaceful talk with Koren, who hates Su-won with a fiery passion. 

Originally posted by evilbjork

I really don’t see negotiations going well between them. A “talk” could get out of hand easily. Until Koren accepts the past and is willing to move on, I think war is inevitable. 

So Su-Won is asked to talk to someone who hates him and all of Kouka. I don’t know about you but I would say: 

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I don’t know what that means for the dragons but I have a feeling it involves Shin-ha’s death vision….  

  Maybe some Zeno action