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WAIT,, U MET PHIL?? please tell me how he looks/is in real life 🤗💕 (if you don't mind)

he looks so pretty honestly💗💗 his eyes are so blue, lanky noodle he was😊, and DEAR LORD PHIL SMELLS AMAZING i did an actually eyeroll how good he smelt. he was the same as you see in his videos and liveshows just so warm and sweet. he holds you while dan takes the picture which im thankful for, took all my brain power to keep my knees from giving out

listen sometimes ur brain just comes up with ridiculous AU ideas & you can either ignore them or roll with it long enough to share it with the world

that being said

Elle Woods as Captain America. 


GRIMM | 5.03

I’d never seen a Grimm before.

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First of all I want to say happy 2017! May it bring you guys everything you ever wished for and far more 🌟

Second, due to my ever so exhausting university life and upcoming exams I won’t be posting much during the next month. Though I’ll try my best to post new messages, keeping you guys motivated as always !

Lots of love, L. 😘

I wish your dad were good

I wish grown-ups understood!

I wish we met before they convinced you life is war!

- Veronica (Heathers the Musical)

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12 Mental Benefits of Exercise

  1. Exercise will make you feel better!
  2. Overall mood booster!
  3. Confidence
  4. It helps your body to have a high pain tolerance
  5. Work to improve your brain power!
  6. Exercise improves your character
  7. Self discipline
  8. Exercise can help with addiction recovery
  9. Exercise helps combat depression
  10. Fitness reduces anxiety
  11. “Runner’s High”
  12. Boost concentration

there have been a lot of posts abt junker wedding traditions n that got me thinking about junker honeymoon traditions so consider:
a typical junker honeymoon is the newlywed couple doing a tour of destruction across various places. junkrat and roadhog’s crime spree mentioned in the moment in crime short is right after they tie the knot

ASiP Commentary: Musing on Sherlock’s Backstory


GATISS: [Sherlock took drugs] to stave off boredom – to stop his brain from tearing itself to pieces. 



MOFFAT: The way [the drug use] sits in the original stories is to make him exotic, you know–that he’s a creature whose brain is so powerful that he needs stimulation–needs to be stimulated the way a shark needs to keep swimming forward to breathe, his brain must be active.

So if he hasn’t got puzzles, it’s the drug instead. […]

When you modernize [the character], suddenly you see – this guy, when he was eighteen,  must have been a mess


GATISS: Mm-hmm.


MOFFAT: –An absolute, terrifying mess. He wouldn’t have known what he was doing. He would have been dropping out of things, and getting up to all sorts of mad things before he sort of calmed himself down and focused himself.

Can you imagine Sherlock Holmes before he discovered–’If I have enough puzzles, then I’ll be fine’?


GATISS: Mm, yeah. Yes. 


MOFFAT: Can you imagine that–he was probably a complete madman.


GATISS: And I think probably, as well, in that way as in the original stories–where someone at his college says, ‘You should do this for a living.’ In fact, it’s the father of one, says, ‘You should do this for a living’.  And it’s the first time it’s occurred to him. 

Probably, you could imagine a backstory where he’s absolutely – and Mycroft’s probably despairing, because his brother’s vanished in central Europe for six months, doing god knows what–but actually, suddenly, he finds purpose. And it focuses his life. 

I mean, he’s still got ragged edges, certainly, where we meet him. 

And he’s not functioning as a human being… until he meets the person who actually, gently starts to say, ‘You shouldn’t say that.’ –But not in a preachy way. 


MOFFAT: I think he listens to it from John because he gets it from John, that John really likes it. And admires it. But he also says, ‘No, that was terrible.’


GATISS: He’s an audience, but he’s not an uncritical one.    

  (From the DVD commentary for A Study in Pink [x])