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considering how hard it is (and sometimes impossible) to trigger a sneeze in your sleep it just fuels the suspicion that this sly motherfucker

isn’t sleeping at all

he was probably posing all along i mean look at him who sleeps like this in front of their crush 

goddammit viktor 

anonymous asked:

FRENDO! I have been thinking and I confused myself. I've been seeing a lot of Klance birthday theories but When did Keith officially become a orphan? Because if it was when he was really young don't you think he wouldn't know when his birthday is? Like what if he never had one because he didn't know when it was? Imagine Lance asking when his birthday is and Keith saying "um...I...I don't know"

my dear friend!!! I didn’t read a lot of theories, tbh, but I scoured the net and the official voltron site says Keith became an orphan “at a young age before enlisting in the Galaxy Garrison”. Do they mean he enlisted right after or…? For how long has he lived alone in that shack? Or did someone find him and drag him to the Garrison a la Anakin Skywalker? Oooh, I like this one (even though it’s unlikely, but let me dream).
Imagine a random officer finding by chance a kid, Commander, in a shack in the middle of the desert, all alone!, and subsequently dragging him back to the only civilized place in the entire goddamned desert: luxury school for marvelous minds, the one and only Galaxy Garrison. Imagine the kid being confusedly adopted by the whole team, professors and students alike, coddled and looked after by everyone because the poor thing has big, serious eyes and he never talks much, but he’s bright and asks just the right questions, paddling in between their feet in the simulation room, peeking at screens and stats, unrelentlessly curious about what’s this and that and how does this work? Imagine everyone humoring him, why not, it’s harmless fun, and it’s cute, but then - years later, the kid grows into a stubborn young man, who refuses to hear reasons about required classes and official bullshit. “I learned everything I need to, let me pilot the thing already,” he states plainly, for the hundredth time, until someone finally says what the hell, let him do it - and he’s good, a natural pilot, graceful and in control even without training.
So Commander Iverson lets him enroll officially, he has no reason not to, and the kid starts to train for real, climbing the ranks like it’s nothing - and everyone knows him, it’s Keith, he practically always lived here.

Fast forward to drama, pain, and finding himself with the universe’s destiny on the shoulders, piloting a giant robot lion, Keith has never really thought about his birthday. He simply never had the time or will to, because what’s a date to all the numbers he’s had to drill into his head to become what he is right know?

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Me: *snuggled in bed about to go to sleep* man I’m almost done with my work week, thank the gods and-



Thing that actually happened
  • Me: right, i'm gunna go have a shower
  • Brain: lol, you know what shower rhymes with?
  • Me: oh shit
  • Brain: do it
  • Me: nO
  • Brain: DO IT
  • Me: N-Somehow defeatAGlobalSuperpowerHowDoWeEmergeVictoriusFromTheQuagmireLeaveTheBattlefieldWavingBetsyRossFlaghigheryoturnsoutwehaveasecretweaponanimmigrantyouknowandlovewhoseunafraiftostepinhesconstantlyconfusingconfoundingthebritishhenchmeneveryonegiveitupforamericasfavouritefighinfrenchman!
  • Me: *sobbing* lafayETTE

“Mulder? Are you in here?”

Her heart is still racing from the mix of adrenaline and fierce, fierce hope. Could he really be back? Is he moments from stepping out of the shadows and wrapping her in his arms and telling her everything is going to be okay? Her entire body is bowstring-taut with anticipation as she listens for any sign of movement within the apartment.

When her gaze lands on the desk, on the space where her laptop is now conspicuously absent, the sight is so unexpected that she stares in disbelief, the truth of the situation not really hitting her fully until she physically walks over and picks up the disconnected power cables. That’s when she knows, for certain, that of course it was too much to hope for.

Whoever her landlord saw, it wasn’t Mulder.

Something in her deflates, and all at once she feels shaky and nauseated again. She barely makes it to the bathroom in time, but it doesn’t even matter; nothing comes up. Unsteadily, she sits on the edge of the bathtub and rests her head in her hands. Is this how her body is going to respond to every strong emotional moment now?  

She tells herself it’s her investigator’s instinct that leads her to grab a jacket and keys and head out through the rain to Alexandria. She rationalizes that whoever stole her computer might also want to take Mulder’s and that going to his apartment might either help her catch them or prevent it from happening. Her decision has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that misses him so badly the thought of spending tonight alone in her own bed is suddenly unbearable.

(It’s not as though she will be any less alone at his place. The very notion of feeling closer to him merely by surrounding herself with his belongings is completely irrational.)

Calm determination sustains her for the drive over, her resolve only slipping momentarily once she’s standing in front of his apartment door, force of habit and muscle memory causing her to tap out their knock against the wood. The sound makes her breath hitch, and she can’t help the irrational surge of hope that somehow this has all just been a terrible dream.

But of course there is no answer, and she swallows back the bitter disappointment as she pulls out his key and unlocks the door herself.


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my brain: look how fun it is to rip loose strings off your pants!
me: haha yeah! let’s do homework now though
brain: n o
me, 20 minutes later, still ripping strings off my pants: please,, my children are starving
my brain: rip rip rip :))


I did it again. This time with Y Malik, I wanted to play around with that hair. This one was a lot harder than the head-shoulder Bakura one.

It’d be cool to see your fave in your tags.

Once again, thank you all for coming to the stream :)


silly confession - I’m old enough to have played old text-based choose your adventures, right? So, like, “you come across a door, do you open it? (Y/N)”

So for the longest time I was reading otome fics as like, choose your own adventures and I was so confused and it was weeks before I realized it was not a question of yes/no but ‘your name’. 

Anyway. That is my shame. XD

When your fave writes you fic about the characters in your favorite fic verse literally ever of all time (LOOK OKAY LISTEN I HAVE A PARAGRAPH FROM PMGITG TAPED TO MY WALL I DONT PUT SHIT ON MY WALLS IT MEANS SO MUCH TO– okay Rosie pretend you’re chill) healing and being silly and FUCKING POLE DANCING AT BARS!!!!!!

And then your best friend with crippling anxiety CALLS YOU ON THE PHONE for an hour and a half long conversation about how she’s figured out the climate of her new workplace and she just sounds so animated and not beaten down at all and she sounds like she’s doing okay for the first time in like 13 months!!!



Request by annon:

Ohh can you do a crossover of the reader having to choose between Tony Stark and Harrison wells? I think that would be interesting lol. I love the Negan and Harry wells crossover you’ve done it’s great!

A/N:  Request still open guys! don’t be shy! :D

Earth 1 Harrison Wells (EoWells) x Reader x Tony Stark

-Are you jealous? – she asks walking through the cortex and stopping in front Cisco’s computer –

-No – sighs – Y/N listen… - he moves in his wheelchair to where Y/N was – I understand that you have this opportunity and it’s your dream to work with Stark…-

-But.. –Y/N turns to see him –

-But I know guys like him – Y/N smiles at him and moves up from her seat to sit on his lap and put her arms around his neck –

-And How are guys like him? – she asks biting her lip –

-Well… the man is a genius, billionaire, philanthropist and all that shit he claims to be… He hires a young, beautiful, smart woman and then he wants to get off with her –

Y/N starts to laugh – why don’t you put it in your autobiography, dear? – she says giving him a kiss on the lips –

-What do you mean? – he asks, giving her another kiss –

-You know what I mean – the elevator doors open and Tony appears; they both saw him surprised, Y/N gets up from Harrison’s lap

-Mr. Stark, what are you doing here? – she asks –

-There was no security in here so I came in because you didn’t answer your phone, I told you I’ll pick you up at four o’clock, there’s a SHIELD business that we need to attend… is here where you work? – Tony asks looking around –

-Yes – she responds – I’m sorry my cellphone just dies…-

-Don’t worry – he says –

-He’s my boyfriend, Harrison Wells – She introduces him, Harrison looks at him with his poker face –

-Hi –Tony says, coming to greet him –  A pleasure Dr. Wells, I have read your work about quantum physics and it’s amazing –

-Thank you

-Well… I’m very sorry to have to steal your girlfriend, but she has a brilliant brain and it will only be a few hours-

-Yes I know, she’s brilliant… Y/N, be careful – he whispers and they walk away a little –

-Dear… he just flattered your quantum physics works

-also your brain, Y/N promise me you’ll be careful –

She sighs – I’ll be – she kisses him – I’ll see you at home – she says walking away with tony –

-Nice to meet you Dr. Wells – says Tony as the elevator doors close.

requests still open! (x)


English isn’t my first language, sorry for the horrible grammar!

let me know if you like it! :D