brain melters

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Do you edge when you jack off? What's the longest you've gone?

Oh. Em. Gee…edging is the best. I’ve gone about three hours before and the finished product was an absolute brain-melter.

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If you're still doing it - the person running the roller coaster is really hot

I tried.  Chandler Riggs distracted me with his cute little face.  I want to hug him, btw.  

Brain Melter

“Again?”  Ruffnut cradles her head in her hand, summer sunburned neck bright in the sun.  “I always thought I was crazy but you…how can you ride the Brain Melter nine times in one day?”  

 “I don’t scream my head off the whole time,” Astrid shrugs, hoping she can blame the strange color on her own cheeks on the sun as she walks a little faster towards the line. It’s dwindled to almost nothing, as the day got hotter and people retreated to the water park, and they manage a spot in the shade.  

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