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Alright but where is the department set up by Pepper Potts or Lois Lane or Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne that introduces new SO to the life of being in a relationship with a superhero. Only not like some kind of slap dash book or seminar, a full on bureaucratic department with FORMS. 



“Full legal name please.”

“James Buchanan Barnes.”

“Fill out forms S 3010-B for basic romantic relationship, A166-J for past history with hero, T1945-X for Hyrda related trauma, and form VB-1234i for previous activities constituting possible villain status.”


“When you are done we will need to take a picture for your ID badge.”


“Mr Murdock stated in his request that you have no combat training.”

“I can shoot a gun.”

“You will be given combat training, here are the forms.”


“You have been pre-approved for a micro chip.”


“We will give you a micro chip and a speedster level 3 will check on you at half hour or two hour intervals. If you are found in a hostile situation back up will be called.”

“How well does that system work?”

“We have most of the X-Men micro chipped.  Bruce Wayne has paid for all of his SO’s to be micro chipped. So far the results have been exceptional.”


Racebent Superfamily

Daniel Henney as Clark Kent/ Superman

Lee Bo-young as Lois Lane

Jessica Jung as Kara Zor-el/ Supergirl

Ki Hong Lee as Conner Kent/ Superboy


I just went nuts with the fancasting and I came up with this in less than 30 minutes.

Though, it’s hard for me to fancast Karen. OTL

Please do check out the Batfamily, too! AND my Racebent Wonder Family!

Hope you guys like this and tell me what you think!

Me: It’s been months, you could probably finish the chapter for the Supercat fic with only a couple more paragraphs. You know what needs to happen and how to make it happen, all you have to do is actually write it and post it. All of the guilt about taking 1.27 billion years to update will be lifted.

My brain: What if Lena Luthor could read minds like in the comics? What if it only started a year or two ago and she still has troubles coping with it? What if she figures out that Kara is Supergirl because she can’t read her mind, but she’s too scared to tell Kara she knows/how she knows, because what kind of self respecting superhero would let a mind reading Luthor be part of the general populace? What if she uses the quiet of not being able to read Kara’s mind as a crutch to help manage her power? What if Kara’s powers blow out before one of her visits and so when Lena goes to get her quiet fix she instead gets bombarded by Kara’s thoughts. Thoughts about feeling guilty about not telling Lena she’s Supergirl, and about how hot Lena looks in that shirt, and oh yeah, the angsty death of her planet and feeling like she’s a failure because this latest alien managed to blow out her powers and it’s still out there. And Lena just breaks down crying because Kara won’t/can’t and Lena is too far into her mind to properly differentiate between what she feels and what Kara feels, and-

Me: This is great, but about that supercat fic. We just need to update it this side of christmas to avoid crippling anxiety. We don’t even have to rush the final chapter after that, we can do some of your supercorp thing and then come back to it. Seriously just a focus long enough that I can make like 3 more paragraphs to get Kara out of the DEO and back to Cat’s balcony. 5 tops.

My brain: *seen 1:03am* Lena gets migraines. Sometimes because it’s really stressful controlling her mind control powers. Sometimes because she “forgets” to put on her reading glasses. Do you think it was because lil nerd!lena got teased at school for them? or the looks her mother gave her for being imperfect? Lol trick question. It was both obviously. Anyways, sometimes because both at the same time because she’s kind of terrible at looking after herself. Jess lives in a constant state of exasperation from looking out for her hot mess of a boss without letting her boss know she’s doing anything more than what an efficient assistant would do, because she doesn’t want to spook her. Lena knows because mind reading, but is too awkward to bring it up. She overcompensates by paying Jess way more than an assistant salary. Also in holiday bonus’. Which Jess realises and wants to tell her she doesn’t need to, but anytime she goes to bring it up or actually manages to bring it up Lena shuts her down or sends her on an emergency errand. There is a strong bond there, with lots of unspoken communication.

Me: OK but the Supercat fic. Help me make the words do the thing.


Me: I’m not even asking for 500 words.

My brain: Lena is low-key (mid-key?) terrified of Alex. Alex is actually very welcoming, and sincere, about helping Lena to get a grip on her powers, and adopting her into their patchwork family, and they get along really well. But during their first conversation after Kara brought her into the DEO to get her help with the mind control, Alex could see how lovey-dovey to two were and let her imagination run wild with all of the things she would do to Lena if she ever hurt Kara. Some of it was less imagination and more stuff she had done before in the line of duty and wouldn’t hesitate to do again if it meant protecting her sister.

Me: 250 words. I bet we could get the end of the Supercat chapter done in 250 words or less.

My brain: After really intense training sessions with the Martians Kara will have sleepovers with her because she legitimately needs the quiet Kara’s mind provides after that, rather than just using it as straight up crutch to avoid practicing at all.


My brain: Lucy Lane… Surprises everyone by basically declaring herself Lena’s best friend within five minutes of meeting her. Lena is very confused by this but too happy to have a friend to really question it.


Fire in my heart (Calum Hood AU)

Calum was rushing to put on his gear moments after the alarm sounded off. This was going to be the third call of his work day, and he’d only been at work 2 hours, having taken over a night shift.

Before he knew it, the red truck was speeding out of the fire house and down the street, him sitting in the front seat. The driver, Jamie, began to speak into his headset, so the others could hear him over the sound of the siren.

“Alright boys, a neighbor called in a house fire at 114 Oakridge lane, the 911 operator said it sounded pretty bad.”

Calum simply nodded to himself, before repeating the address in his brain. ‘114 Oakridge Lane’.

“Fuck that’s my address,” Calum muttered, but his headset caught every word and projected it to every coworker.

“Shit Cal, your fiancé…” He hears someone say through the ear muffs.

“She’s there.”

Calum didn’t want to say it, but the rest of the crew needed to know if other emergency responders hadn’t gotten to her yet, or if she hadn’t gotten out herself.

You could see the orange light coming from the fire all the way down the street. It reflected in the darks of calums eyes, and before the truck had even stopped Calum was out and running to the house.

It was unrecognizable, the paint literally dripping down the sides from the extreme heat, flames rising from the roof and sputtering out the windows. Calum could already feel a deep sinking feeling settling in his gut, there was no way this was happening right now.

Running through the front lawn he could hear through his headset someone telling him to not do anything reckless, and to search the upstairs first while another group searched the bottom floor.

Off to the sides Cal could see the German Shepard you two rescued last year being held back by your neighbor, barking his head off, trying to escape their arms.

He pulled down his oxygen mask before stepping through the hole where the front door used to be. Every second he wasted could be your life ticking by.

Training kicked in and he tested a few stairs to make sure they were still steady, before bounding up them. Reaching the top he turns to the right, banging down the door to your home office, the place he left you two hours ago, kissing your cheek goodbye before leaving for work. A quick scan of the small room clouded with smoke left no sign of you. He jerked open the closet door, before running out of the room when he didn’t see you anywhere.

Past the stairs he jogged, checking to make sure they were still stable, as if he was going to leave you in here anyways. There was a loud constant roar in his ears from the fire and a slight buzz of rushed words from the rest of his team.

Everything was drowned out as he saw a hand peeking out down the hall from the master bedroom doorway. Palm down. Everything else beyond the frame was blurred with smoke and a raging red and yellow from the fire. The fire was increasingly worse on that side of the house, it didn’t go unnoticed to Calum, but it only fostered him to get to you faster.

Halfway down the hallway, a portion of the roof came tumbling down right in front of his pathway to you. The loud ruckus woke you from your temporary state of unconsciousness, struggling to lift your head as your vision slightly cleared.

The pain in your legs started to register as you screamed out in complete agony. Calum quickly unfolded his arms from protecting his face when that single sound rang through his ears. His position was now closer to your body that was splayed out on the ground, half of your torso could be seen, while anything lower was a mess of dancing flames.

Your face was completely contorted into one of torture and your cheeks were splashed with the black of ashes, blurred and running from your sweat and tears. An exposed beam had fallen on you when you were trying to escape.

Calum watched, his heart in his throat as your nails clawed at the wood underneath them, trying to distract yourself from the burning in your legs. You silently mouthed the words ‘I love you’ in a mess of tears and saliva and no, absolutely not, that was not going to be the last time you told Calum you loved him. And his thoughts became words as he started screaming to you NO that you CAN’T GO. “I WONT LEAVE YOU NO. NO!”

The pain in your eyes was something that Calum would always have blazed onto his brain. You had always made him promise to come back home to you, no matter what. And he was here. He was home.

Just as he tried to climb over the pile of rubble in front of him, an arm crossed across his chest. And no. That was not happening. He struggled against the person, eyes trained completely on you, watching as you cried more and more, panting and heaving against the smoke infiltrating your lungs. Calum clawed against his oxygen mask, he wanted to suffer like you were. He wanted to throw the mask to you, so you could breathe, though that wouldn’t work. The person gripped onto calums hands before he could do anything and yelled out “STOP. WE NEED TO LEAVE, THE ROOF IS GOING TO COLLAPSE” but all Calum did was shake his head screaming back through his tears that

“NO! NO SHES STILL ALIVE, NO, PLEASE.” But the person just heaved Calum over his shoulder and ran down the hall.

Calum has never fought against someone more. Not when your father forbid you two to be together, or the jock at school who always chose to tear you down. NEVER has he fought against someone so bad. They were literally dragging him away from you.

He could’ve gotten to you, he still could. But he couldn’t get out of the persons grasp. They made it to the first level and out the door before an ear splitting crash was heard, and the roof came tumbling down, and then the second level to, all in a domino affect. While Calum watched it all. And he swears he heard your scream amongst all the chaos.

It is was two days after it all happened that Calum was allowed to go back to your “house” and search for anything that had made it through the fire. You were not one of them. He didn’t know how to breathe anymore, his everyday functions were lost to the wind when you were pronounced dead.

A gas fire had exploded from the stove in the kitchen, the master bedroom was right above, and the disaster moved quickly. There was no way you would’ve been able to make it out by yourself.

Calums family had insisted they go with him, though they didn’t want him to go at all. Calum didn’t want THEM to go at all. This is where his fiancé died, where they lived together before. This was her grave. Calum didn’t want to share his last words with you under the prying eyes of his family. But they insisted, and he had no fight left in him to do anything about it.

It was a bright and sunny day, and the birds were chirping. And Calum wanted to drag a rain cloud to cover the sun and shoot the birds. India, your dog bounded toward the house. Calum was the last one to enter.

Everyone began to search in different areas through the rubble, shuffling things around. The first thing Calum found that was slightly intact was a framed photograph of you two from new years. That’s when he had purposed to you, and the day after you moved into the new house. He had his nose nuzzled into your neck as you laughed out, hand splayed on his chest. God, what was he going to do without you.

India sat next to Calum watching intently at his crouched figure, picking at the broken glass that still contained the photo. A while passed and Calum stayed crouched down, too tired to move, afraid that if he did all of his resolve would break.

A dark cloud HAD now covered the sun, and he flinched as a hand was placed on his shoulder. Calums dad reached over and held out a brown paper bag in front of Calum, waiting for him to grab it. Once he did, his dad told him that he had found it “where the master bathroom would’ve been.” While saying that everyone was gonna leave before it started raining, and that he should head out too. As if. The only thing that had kept Calum from this house was the yellow crime tape and a cop.

Cal set the photo graph down next to him, seeing India looking at him closed mouthed, eyes wide.


p>Slowly Calum reached into the bag. He grasped his fingers around the smooth object and slowly pulled it out. He was confused at first. It was stick like in shape and white, but all confusion left him as he flipped the object over, and saw a little pink plus sign in the middle. That’s when he started screaming.

Quantity questions that still bug me
  • What’s the shortest route to visit every star in the galaxy and how long is it?
  • How many words long is a work comprised of every book ever written?
  • What’s the largest number that a human can think about before they literally run out of memory in their brain?
  • How many lanes does a road need before it’s impossible for traffic jams to form on it?
  • How many Godzillas does it take to destroy every single major city in the world quicker than we could rebuild them?

Favorite Character Development Arcs: Mrs. Kim

All of you know that when I talk about mind-blowing character development in terms of Gilmore Girls, usually I’m talking about Jess. But I would have to say, coming in at a solid second place would be Mrs. Kim. I loved watching the evolution of her relationship with Lane.