brain kinney

Brian: [after Justin’s been fired] You wanted to see me?
Justin: [not only talking about the job] I gave it some thought and I decided you should take me back.
Brian: Oh?
Justin: Even though I’ve made a few mistakes, I think you’d be making an even bigger one not to give me a second chance.
Brian: I see.
Justin: ‘Cause now I understand what you want it is you want of me…and I know what I can expect from you.
Brian: You also understand that you’ll be required to work long…hard hours…sometimes deep into the night?
Justin: It’ll be a pleasure to work under you…sir.
Brian: …And you’re *never* to play violin music in my presence again.
Justin: I promise.

Gale harold female fans
  • <p dir=ltr>DNA: You've developed a large female fan base, too. Does this seem strange?<br>
  • GH:I think that just happens with people who are on television, no matter who you are or what character you're playing. If you're on television you're going to resonate with people. If you're a top in a gay series and you're naked a lot you're definitely going to pick up some female fans, right? [Laughs] It's fantasy by subterfuge -- an anything-can-happen mind-game!</p>