brain imaging art

i mentioned the recent confusion about my intimidating guns and the clever solution that i solved it with to steve, and he helpfully illustrated my success. 

i knit that sweater myself you guys, im very proud. 

the official kirby twitter is back with a new blessed, if somewhat unusual image! looks like our stoic knight also has a side that i-

sike! I just had a dream the twitter posted this very specific image and of course because a significant amount of my ideas and inspiration are stolen from my sleeping brain I decided I would recreate this to the best of my ability

More Your Good Intentions by @dangerouscommiesubversive because I wanted to draw their faces so bad, but then things got a little intense and I gave up. You’ll find what’s responsible for my face being stuck below the cut

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This got so entirely out of hand~ :D [x]

For @inthegarishsubmarine!! Thank you for the request!