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is it weird that my brain doesn’t think frames as individual drawings even if they are? I always think them as “frames” as in they’re part of something so they have a different value than a finished drawing. But technically they are?? I don’t know but this kinda helps me a lot whenever I have to animate something. It seems less stressful.

*sets laptop on lap* *grabs coffee* *leans back* *throws feet up on desk* 
*carefully wiggles into semi-comfortable position* 

right, I’m just gonna vent a little here, don’t mind me

@deadcatwithaflamethrower pls come laugh at me? 

about 5 yrs ago there was this fresh new show, had some great ideas. the premise goes, Magical Characters From All Your Favourite Fairytales Get Dropped Into Our Horrible, Horrible World. where they get no happy endings (because apparently happy endings begin and end with meeting your Intended Mate but w/e noI’mnotsaltyatallhbu) 

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Arthur Recap Season 13 Episode 4 MacFrensky

Personally, I love it when classic literature is reimagined in different settings. West Side Story is Romeo and Juliet, 10 Things I Hate About You is The Taming of the Shrew, Clueless is Emma, and now MacFrensky is, well, MacBeth.

At the school carnival, Muffy convinces Francine to have their fortunes told by Prunella. Prunella makes her fortune based on the objects closest in proximity and tells Francine that she will have lunch with a stranger. “Stranger? I don’t know any strangers!” exclaims Francine. That’s sort of the point, kid.

Arthur and Buster enter the tent to ask if anyone wants to get lunch. Muffy gets excited and points out how Prunella’s prediction came true. Francine reminds Muffy that they already know Buster. “There’s no one stranger than Buster!” jokes Muffy.

Ratburn’s Student of the Month competition is coming to a close. So far, Francine is in the lead! Ratburn finally announces the special prize: lunch with local weatherman Thunder MacDuff! He also adds that the winner can invite a friend along. Muffy and Francine get excited because this has to be the fortune Prunella was talking about.

However, Brain comes in late and explains to Mr. Ratburn that he was helping another teacher change her tire and then he had to turn in a wallet to lost and found. He also turns in his science project a week early! Ratburn is impressed and moves Brain to the lead for Student of the Month.

I hope he verified Brain’s stories because what if Brain just rolled around in the mud for a couple minutes to cover up the fact that he overslept.

Because they are masochists, Muffy and Francine decide to drown their sorrows at the ice cream shop owned by their nemesis. Arthur and Buster are also there to show of Buster’s new toy. Brain admires the toy and Muffy gets an evil, awful idea. She suggests to Francine that they frame Brain for stealing the toy in front of Mr. Ratburn to knock him out of the running for Student of the Month. Francine is reluctant because she doesn’t want to steal Buster’s toy but Muffy convinces her that they’re just “moving” the toy and Buster will get it back and they will get their prize lunch back too.

Muffy distracts the boys by convincing them to go to class early, which gives Francine plenty of time to grab the toy. It squirts out green goo when she grabs it but no one notices Francine secretly stuff the toy into Brain’s bag. Muffy sets off the toy and Ratburn docks Brain points for interrupting class and stealing a classmate’s belongings. Since it’s the last day of the month, Francine wins the lunch with Thunder MacDuff instead of Brain.

Nevertheless, Francine is paranoid that they are going to get caught so Muffy takes her to see Prunella again. Prunella tells them that Francine will be Student of the Month until “the moon is swallowed”. Since that’s physically impossible, Muffy assures Francine they are in the clear.

Buster and Arthur don’t think Brain would have stolen the toy and think someone framed him. Now Francine and Muffy have to figure out how to deal with those two! Muffy suggests that they frame the two for cheating so no one will believe them if they accuse Francine.

Francine plants cheat sheets on their desks before lunch but in the cafeteria, Muffy sees Buster eat a whole moon cake in one swallow. Muffy realizes that Prunella’s fortune has come true and Francine, wracked with guilt, confesses to Mr. Ratburn what she and Muffy have done.

Ratburn strips Francine of her title and sentences both girls to cleaning up litter after school. Brain is awarded Student of the Month and he generously allows Muffy to be his plus one to the lunch meeting. Francine has learned her lesson and is no longer MacFrensky.

Grade: A (Love love LOVE the MacBeth parallels. Seriously, watch the episode and see how many references you can catch. I also love how Muffy gives Francine ideas on how to commit the crimes but when the girls discuss getting punished, she tries to distance herself. Thankfully, Francine calls her out on that shit. This gets major points taken off because Muffy got away scot free (hehe get it? ‘Scot free’? Like The Scottish Play?) and didn’t seem to learn a lesson.) But damn, Muffy had plans for how to frame people already up her sleeve. That was kinda scary.

Rating: 100% intense. Shakespeare references are intense.

Nerves and Enemies

Summary:  Sehun wants to ask you (his crush) to go out with him, but he is shy and there is another guy trying to get you, but the guy is an asshole. 
Type: Angst, Fluff
Members: Sehun x Reader
Length: 1,054 words

- Admin Mocha

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  Oh no.

  Sehun felt like he couldn’t breathe as he finally worked up the courage to approach the table you were currently seated at, and it felt like a swarm of butterflies had decided to take refuge in his stomach without his permission whatsoever. His feet continued to take you forward despite the fact his brain was screaming at his muscles to stop moving, and by this point it felt as though he was in a trance. The male felt almost absent from his brain as your frame came closer and closer into view, and he simply couldn’t stop himself from clearing his throat and beginning to recite the words he had practically memroized by this point.

  It had all started when he was forced to go to the library and research a topic for one of his papers. Normally he wasn’t really into the huge buildings filled to the brim with books just because they were crowded and buzzing with stressed students, however it wasn’t like he was able to find the history of Robert Frost anywhere else. He honestly had no idea where the computers were and how he could hunt down a book filled with poetry, however when a librarian came to his aid and began to show him around, he froze as his eyes landed on you.

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I live my life like the second hand on the clock. 

Buddy, you think you’re daylight savings. 

Stop what you’re doing & get away from your superficial dreams. 

Well, I hate to say it, but you’re pretty self centered.

I would love to tell you this, so look me in the eye.

…I don’t want to break your self-esteem no more.

He wants to tell me about all these stupid things.

He loves to shout about all his fancy dreams.

I’m waiting for thieves to come and steal your naivety.

Son, break the cycle if you want to live for sure.

Three turns in a family of four.

Black sheep walking out the back door, lured in by the attention whores.

I know it’s hard and you want to live, but just be sure it’s for the right reasons.

Kid, you can make mistakes, just never let them get in your way.

Just chill.

I’ve been waiting for the day when me and you can just get away.

Escape, elope…I can’t cope.

Me and my conscious soul.

I’m sick of writing songs about my father.

When i’m sitting here and I can only think of you.

I think my long lost love song streak is over.

I’ve been waiting for the day my heavy head sinks into the pavement:

My brain explodes, my entrails show, my heart on my sleeve hangs low enough.

I’m sitting here still writing songs about my father when I just wanna write one for you: someone who cares.

I think my long lost parental love is over.

Twirl your emotions around as you dance with me.

A world with love unconditionally is all I can see in you.

I’m still waiting for the day when this hate leaves your heart, it’s when your life starts.

But I won’t back you into a corner.

You’ve got to want it, no one leaning on your shoulder.

I think I’m done writing songs about my father.

If this song counts it’s the last.

Because this dark world where my mind takes me to is over here:

You’re the boss, applesauce.

In all your self-aggrandizing materialistic glory.

But, you’re boring and you know it.

You’ve never taken a risk, a chance, a leap of faith.

You hide behind your money like a wall.

Like if you let go, you’d fall.

Like, you’re in prison and you get one call and you dial George, Abe, Alex and Andrew.

You’re getting a busy signal, the call’s just not going through.

So, you try Grant and Ben like they give a shit…like you put your faith in something materialistic.

The substance is gone as if it was ever even there and you leave all your loved ones in the dust, like a fund is the only thing that you trust.

Like the only love you ever had was found inside that first paycheck and spent on a dinner, movie and a hand job from some girl in high school.

Maybe you can learn…

Maybe I could teach…

But your ego’s too inflated and your heads out of reach.

I need a stepladder for your throne.

Work is the only place you’ve ever truly felt home.

I’ll leave you alone…I know a lost cause when I see one.

I’ll go be a lawyer, buy a benz and “earn” your love.

Like a son with money is a son with respect and wisdom.

“Ah, wisdom” …That old fucking phrase.

You use it as a crutch because you’ve seen “worse days”.

Just because you’ve been alive doesn’t mean you’ve been living it.

We can’t see eye to eye unless I buy some stilts and my funds are a little tied up right now.

“You’re so cool"…right? That’s what you want me to say?

"It’s all right"…right? That’s what you want me to say?

But, "I won’t lie”..that’s what I want me to say.

I’ve been getting down, beaten and tossed around…as is per usual these days.

I won’t get caught up in this loveless household frame, I can make it on my own accord.

Twenty-one years without even a shadow of a doubt that home is not where my heart is.

Don’t feel pity for me because I got love a-plenty.

Hate is non-existent here, in my world.

I won’t be a waste of time: a sad, sorry man crying out his days, an old fool with nothing but a phrase that pays.

Keep your money, keep your change, keep the charity.

You’re all substance, no emotion, no reality.

I won’t be one of you.

Twenty-one years without any regrets.

I’ve got nothing to pout about.

No tears for me.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have friends who are there when shit is getting rough; that’s love.

I wish I could show you this world where the love you get is equal to the love that you give.

This crazy little world where I live.

I feel bad to be honest.

You have all these trophies and no one to love.

Your possessions will be the death of you.

The candle blows: no more fire, no more flame.

No one to blame but your wallet, your brain, this loveless household frame.

Your tomb where you’ll die, your mothers womb where you started.

The business meetings, the suits, AH, the life.

What a life it must be.

One you can call your own, but it’s not for me.

I’m not one to follow i’ll forge my own path with love, not capitalism. 

One where people are equal: No bosses, no frames, no hate, just love and a place where people can truly feel home.

Gold jacket with a torn and tattered tie.

I gotta know how i’m supposed to fix this write.

Mean stares from all forty-six I’s.

I wanna know how to turn them back from black to white.

Smile if you wanna live for that reason you buried underneath pages of ink.

Blue and black pens galore.

If only you could verbalize what you never could before.

I want to live.

What I’m writing is what my heart has in store.



Here is your first look at my performance at Brain Frame 16 last month.  Thanks to Chad Nannenga for the music and Lyra Hill for inviting us to perform!  More documentation is forthcoming, so keep your eyes peeled.