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I’m genuinely curious as to how far our little Tellyhead comic fandom goes!

People like us  
are born with stardust in our bones,  
with sunsets on our lips,  
with supernovas in our chests  
     ready to explode

People like us  
are born with glittering white slates,  
with hands clean as the first snowfall,  
with smiles bright as sunlit mornings  
     just so we can stain them red

People like us  
are born with no time on our clocks   
with no gravesite marked with our names,  
with no afterlife waiting our arrival  
     timeless, deathless, endless

—  people like us: the sinners, the fallen, the ghosts, the heroes ( j.p. )
Patater Week - 2/11 - cuddling
  • Kent and Jack rekindle their friendship and it’s beautiful
  • Kent spends as much time with them as he can
    • hannukah, a new years eve party, a joint 4th of july/birthday bash
    • even the spare weekend off
  • the thing is, tater is always there?? for everything???
  • so, he flies to providence one day
    • his flight is delayed
    • his layovers suck ass
    • his coffee was decaf, I mean how do you accidentally make coffee decaf
    • (if wasn’t an accident, the barista definitely decafed him on purpose because he was kind of being a dramaqueen and the barista just couldn’t handle it anymore)
  • he gets in late, like 2am, so he can’t check in to his hotel because of course he forgot to do it online
  • so, he texts Jack and Bitty (about twelve times each until he wakes them up) and demands to sleep in their guest room
  • tater is there
    • he’s always there
    • doesn’t he have his own apartment?
    • “I live with ex. Ex kick me out. Jack offer I am stay.”
  • Tater heavily suggests he does not take the guest bedroom
    • “wall shares wall with zimboni’s headboard. For small man, itty bitty makes big noise”
  • Kent triest the couch for 2.5 seconds before he realizes it’s a giant piece of shit
    • he plans to take them shopping when the sun rises
  • Tater to the rescue: “I am staying on floor, you stay with.”
  • If he wasn’t so fall down dead tired, Kent would say no
    • and how beautiful Tater is 100% doesn’t factor in
    • or how Big he is, and how nice it will be to be cuddled in those arms
    • even though they’re totally not gonna cuddle, it’s just sleeping
  • tater takes forever to get their “bed” settled
  • it’s the best floor-bed kent has ever seen
    • there are about a million pillows
    • all the blankets are in this uncomfortable looking nest
    • but oh good lord it’s so nice
  • look. Kent doesn’t mean to cuddle at all
  • he doesn’t
  • even if thinking about it was, like, 80% of the reason he said yes
  • but he wakes up at around 4 all tangled with Tater
    • he was totally right about how amazing it feels to be wrapped in Tater’s arms
    • kent’s not as small as everyone makes him out to be, but Tater is just HUGE
    • he falls back to sleep
  • he wakes up again at 6
    • god it’s so early Jack hasn’t even gotten up yet

SO NOW YOU DECIDE WHAT HAPPENS- it’s choose your own adventure, y’all

    • Tater wakes up right after Kent
    • Neither one of them says anything, and they definitely don’t mention the fact that they’re cuddling
    • or how much they both love it
    • or how Tater’s hand is rubbing soft circles over Kent’s back
    • or the way Kent’s hand is just the perfect size to hold on to Tater’s shoulder
    • and they don’t mention it when Jack and Bitty ask when Kent got in and was the guest room okay?
    • And they don’t have to mention it when Tater slips his number into Kent’s back pocket before he leaves with Jack on a run
    • kent realizes very quickly that he has A Problem
    • that is pressing very insistently into Tater’s hip
    • and Tater seems to have A Problem, too
    • before he can manage to pull himself out of the tangle of limbs, Tater wakes up too
    • they both kind of fumble around about who should get up and that doesn’t help the situation any
    • the fumbling turns more into dry humping than anything else
    • and then dry humping turns into kent riding tater’s leg
    • then coming in their pants like teenagers
    • maybe it happens the next night, too, because kent already didn’t check into his hotel one night, what’s another night sleeping on the floor
    • or not really sleeping on the floor, more accurately
    • (they give Jack and Bitty a run for their money in volume levels)

things that should absolutely be drawn: hiro hamada holding his oscar out to moana but with a sticky note over the nameplate so it reads ‘moana’ instead of ‘big hero 6’

no romance, just disney kids supporting each other

literally tag me if you do the thing i’ll cry

excerpts from block b’s group chat

aka i got bored in my lecture

Kyung: or when where what how
Minhyuk: of course you would get off listening to your own songs
Kyung: better than watching videos of myself dancing
Minhyuk: wtf it was once

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a list of things roy Good at: numbers, math, physics, engineering, observation, analysis, aim, long distance combat, creative use of objects as weapons, thrown weapons.

list of things roy is Bad at: languages, reading, art, communication, close combat, hand to hand combat.

I’m not saying there was a point to it, but I might have spent a little too much time making a transparent Bucky Barnes as he runs into battle… and you know… I’d already made it… Sooo waste not want not? I guess.

For every story where you kiss her; there is a story where you don’t. There is a story where you tell her everything, there is a story where you tell her nothing, there is a story where you stand in front of her with blood on your hands and all you can tell her is that you’re sorry.

The best stories are the oldest ones, the ones stitched into the fabric of the universe, told again and again across worlds and throughout galaxies, with every ‘once upon a time’ piercing it anew. You fall in and out of love with her across the long stretches of time and space, your paths interweaving and intertwining, crafted by the alignment of the stars, by the cold hands of fate, by distant, faceless authors with the power to transform you from ruin into rapture and back again.

Not every ‘once upon a time’ is paired with a ‘happily ever after’. The beginnings change, the endings alter, and only the gods know what may happen in between. You are no god, but you do know this:
there is not a single story in which you do not love her.

In this one, she falls from the sky; in that one, she looks up at the stars. In this one, she is standing beside you; in that one, she is a thousand miles away. In this one, you tell her you love her. In that one, you don’t.

In this story, you leave her. In the next one, you stay.
—  may we meet again | e.j

anonymous asked:

how do you work on college apps with such terrible adhd because i literally cannot even sit down to start, and when i do it takes 8 hours because i keep wandering even though i dont want to ?


Note: People have requested that I supplement these kinds of posts with a podcast/audio form for those that can’t focus on large bodies of text. Please tell me your thoughts in my inbox!


I recommend you look at my ADHD masterposts if you haven’t already (part 1 and 2.) 

I’m in the same boat as you, honestly ;; The app is hard for anyone, let alone people who can’t regulate their attention well enough to even be introspective in the first place. Hopefully, my guidelines can help you like they’ve helped me!

I refrained from talking about how to write the common app, and focused (ha) more on how to plan and write the essay itself, especially when you have regulation issues! 

1. Stop treating it as a necessity. 

This is less a school essay, and more an opportunity to talk about literally anything that you find really exemplifies certain parts of you. You can format the Common App in whatever way you find proper and applicable, meaning that you have full creative freedom with this! 

I’m personally diverging from the traditional essay format, and I strongly encourage that you try it out to see what you prefer. Keep in mind that you also want your essay to tell a story that drills into the very core of who you are, a particular trait of yours, and/or a small event that ties into a larger idea.  Be introspective, and if that means coming to unconventional conclusions/formats, so be it! 

Make sure to read examples of successful common app essay, just to get an idea of what creativity can mean.

2. Don’t force creativity 

ADHD is usually associated with boosts in creativity, but this doesn’t mean that creativity flows on demand-not to mention that your common app essay doesn’t necessarily HAVE to be incredibly creative in the first place.  You still want to be authentic to who you are, and if you’re not a creative person, don’t try to be. Also, don’t avoid sitting down and working on your essay just because you’re stuck on something like a  creative intro (which brings me to my next point.) 

3. Don’t force it in general 

Inspiration comes in small, scattered bursts. You may be at a bus station, or eating lunch when suddenly, something hits you and you think you have a solid (prospective) idea for your essay. Write it down! Don’t forget it, even if, as the day goes by, you realize it’s not as strong of a topic as you thought. Work whenever inspiration hits, and when it does, don’t stop writing until you’ve come to a satisfactory stopping point. This doesn’t mean that you should put the essay off until you have inspiration, but just make sure to take advantage of the opportunities when you do. 

Note: Often times, you need to just start working on it, regardless of quality. Even if you produce nothing relevant in the first couple of drafts, that process is crucial in order for you to eventually open doors to better ideas. If you work now, you’ll have more time to improve the quality of your ideas. 

4. Work informally

Nobody is reading your brainstorming draft. Make typos, write continuously for five minutes regardless of what you’re typing, use abbreviations and internet slang–that’s what your natural thought process looks like. You don’t need to MLA format your brain 24/7; the more fluid your thought process, the easier it will be to select standout ideas to then format into a more organized outline, and eventually, an incredible essay. We’re naturally creatures of chaos, so it would put less pressure on us to be comfortable during the first stages of writing. 

5. Go to a public area

Like most of us, I feel like being at home only makes it harder for me to focus. Go to a coffee shop, or public area and see if it helps! These are places I like to say have ambient activity-there’s a constant stream of tolerable, and even enjoyable sounds and people coming and going, and that subtle touch of energy is just enough to prevent the environment from being disengaging or boring. 

If you can’t go to a coffee shop or a public area, try the site below! It simulates the same feeling I mentioned above. 


6. Notice your surroundings

This shouldn’t be hard, because we probably do it more often than we’d like to, but take notice of the seemingly unimportant things in your life from time to time. A person may like the way the light reflects on the windowpane, but an artist will draw inspiration from that to create a piece. Be the artist! Extract information and inspiration from normalcy, and experiment with where that takes you. Be careful not to become too distracted with that kind of simulation, though! 

7. Set a timer

If you’re worried with how “sitting down and writing until you can’t write anymore” is going to fare with you (that may result in you neglecting other work) then set a timer. Tell yourself that you’re going to work on the essay for, say, 25 minutes (pomodoro technique) and then take a break, or to work on it for no more than 2 hours a day. After the allotted time has passed, jot down any final ideas you have and slowly come to a halt in your brainstorming/writing process. If you have any more ideas later on, you can always jot them down and develop them another time or day. 

I have some general techniques in my masterposts that may help as well, such as working with other people, or using technology to aide you in focusing! Best of luck!! 


WRITING THE COMMON APP ESSAY (applies to most essay prompts as well) by @ccllege


So I was talking with @norcumi last night for the first time on skype, and my brain ran away with me. Pertinent music:

Thus proving that the fastest way to get me to write is to egg me on with loud flaily noises. 

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No One Deserves to Hold in Their Pain (Hogwarts AU)

Summary: Umi reacts to not being able to play Quidditch again. Hogwarts AU.

Words: 1,807


Nadie merece mantener su dolor (español) (ZaRekPG)

“Miss Sonoda, it is of great importance that I must inform you that due to the injuries you have sustained on the Quidditch pitch, it is recommended that you discontinue your activities on the Ravenclaw Quidditch team.”

As the words of the Nishikino Healer passed through her ears and registered into her brain, a great sadness washed over Umi’s battered and bruised body as she lie there in bed in one of the many rooms of St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries.

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