brain formation

People like us  
are born with stardust in our bones,  
with sunsets on our lips,  
with supernovas in our chests  
     ready to explode

People like us  
are born with glittering white slates,  
with hands clean as the first snowfall,  
with smiles bright as sunlit mornings  
     just so we can stain them red

People like us  
are born with no time on our clocks   
with no gravesite marked with our names,  
with no afterlife waiting our arrival  
     timeless, deathless, endless

—  people like us: the sinners, the fallen, the ghosts, the heroes ( j.p. )
Patater Week - 2/11 - cuddling
  • Kent and Jack rekindle their friendship and it’s beautiful
  • Kent spends as much time with them as he can
    • hannukah, a new years eve party, a joint 4th of july/birthday bash
    • even the spare weekend off
  • the thing is, tater is always there?? for everything???
  • so, he flies to providence one day
    • his flight is delayed
    • his layovers suck ass
    • his coffee was decaf, I mean how do you accidentally make coffee decaf
    • (if wasn’t an accident, the barista definitely decafed him on purpose because he was kind of being a dramaqueen and the barista just couldn’t handle it anymore)
  • he gets in late, like 2am, so he can’t check in to his hotel because of course he forgot to do it online
  • so, he texts Jack and Bitty (about twelve times each until he wakes them up) and demands to sleep in their guest room
  • tater is there
    • he’s always there
    • doesn’t he have his own apartment?
    • “I live with ex. Ex kick me out. Jack offer I am stay.”
  • Tater heavily suggests he does not take the guest bedroom
    • “wall shares wall with zimboni’s headboard. For small man, itty bitty makes big noise”
  • Kent triest the couch for 2.5 seconds before he realizes it’s a giant piece of shit
    • he plans to take them shopping when the sun rises
  • Tater to the rescue: “I am staying on floor, you stay with.”
  • If he wasn’t so fall down dead tired, Kent would say no
    • and how beautiful Tater is 100% doesn’t factor in
    • or how Big he is, and how nice it will be to be cuddled in those arms
    • even though they’re totally not gonna cuddle, it’s just sleeping
  • tater takes forever to get their “bed” settled
  • it’s the best floor-bed kent has ever seen
    • there are about a million pillows
    • all the blankets are in this uncomfortable looking nest
    • but oh good lord it’s so nice
  • look. Kent doesn’t mean to cuddle at all
  • he doesn’t
  • even if thinking about it was, like, 80% of the reason he said yes
  • but he wakes up at around 4 all tangled with Tater
    • he was totally right about how amazing it feels to be wrapped in Tater’s arms
    • kent’s not as small as everyone makes him out to be, but Tater is just HUGE
    • he falls back to sleep
  • he wakes up again at 6
    • god it’s so early Jack hasn’t even gotten up yet

SO NOW YOU DECIDE WHAT HAPPENS- it’s choose your own adventure, y’all

    • Tater wakes up right after Kent
    • Neither one of them says anything, and they definitely don’t mention the fact that they’re cuddling
    • or how much they both love it
    • or how Tater’s hand is rubbing soft circles over Kent’s back
    • or the way Kent’s hand is just the perfect size to hold on to Tater’s shoulder
    • and they don’t mention it when Jack and Bitty ask when Kent got in and was the guest room okay?
    • And they don’t have to mention it when Tater slips his number into Kent’s back pocket before he leaves with Jack on a run
    • kent realizes very quickly that he has A Problem
    • that is pressing very insistently into Tater’s hip
    • and Tater seems to have A Problem, too
    • before he can manage to pull himself out of the tangle of limbs, Tater wakes up too
    • they both kind of fumble around about who should get up and that doesn’t help the situation any
    • the fumbling turns more into dry humping than anything else
    • and then dry humping turns into kent riding tater’s leg
    • then coming in their pants like teenagers
    • maybe it happens the next night, too, because kent already didn’t check into his hotel one night, what’s another night sleeping on the floor
    • or not really sleeping on the floor, more accurately
    • (they give Jack and Bitty a run for their money in volume levels)

things that should absolutely be drawn: hiro hamada holding his oscar out to moana but with a sticky note over the nameplate so it reads ‘moana’ instead of ‘big hero 6’

no romance, just disney kids supporting each other

literally tag me if you do the thing i’ll cry

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hey,... you think youve got any more of those adhd moritz hcs.....

Of Course!!! this is gonna be a mess bc my ?? adhd ass cant be bothered to try 2 be organized/coherent atm.

First thing is first: he collects drink tabs because he, Ernst, and Ilse are making a dragon sculpture and are using the tabs as scales. This has nothing to do with him having ADHD, I was just looking back @ my last post to avoid repeats and I forgot to put why he’s collecting them and you all needed to know this tbfh. He’s supplying the majority of the tabs. Ernst is horrified when he realizes How Many Of These Tabs are from Moritz. 

Moving on:

  • He loves slime !! His fave thing to do with it is squish it between his fingers
  • He’s really bad about that whole “eating” thing,, he doesnt realize hes hungry because hes hyperfocused on something and often forgets to actually eat because ?? who has time 4 that 
  • He knows he can’t remember anything so he tries to write everything down 
  • he often loses whatever paper the info is on 
  • sometimes he cant read his own handwriting 
  • he forgets he wrote something down At All and finds the info accidentally when its no longer useful and “oh shit”
  • he forgets to Actually write the thing down so ?? that shit is Gone
  • hes a mess basically. but i love and support him. 
  • he can have a lot of trouble following group convos irl, theres too much going on 
  • he prefers to talk to one or two ppl off to the side or do his own thing and just ?? enjoy being With his friends 
  • sometimes ppl try to pull him into group convos that he C ant keep up with and hes just like “huh” because what the fuck is going on 
  • that being said: there are also times where he Thrives in group convos, loves the amount of shit going on, is rly engaged and loving it 
  • hes very anti fidget spinner. like,, he didnt mind them at first (and lowkey wanted one) but melchior was One Of Those Assholes who were obnoxious and disruptive and annoying with them so moritz cant stand the sound they make 
  • he hears them and wants 2 grab them and throw them Away 
  • he did this to melchior once. just. snatched it out of his hands and chucked it out the window. because Impulse Control Whom?
  • he felt so bad but everyone applauded. and it was quiet for once. and he was relieved. 
  • he has problems with Volume Control and isnt always Aware of how loudly he’s speaking. he tries but ?? forgets 
  • hes so bad abt charging things. 
  • like ,, he Sees the low battery warning. and closes it because “i’ll do that in a sec”
  • he does not do it in a sec. he forgets. and the thing Dies. and hes always like “what the fuck” before remembering that he was warned 
  • he alternates between being Really Organized and scheduling the fuck out of everything and just ?? not trying because he kept forgetting and “lol too late to keep this up whats the point of trying”

excerpts from block b’s group chat

aka i got bored in my lecture

Kyung: or when where what how
Minhyuk: of course you would get off listening to your own songs
Kyung: better than watching videos of myself dancing
Minhyuk: wtf it was once

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I’m not saying there was a point to it, but I might have spent a little too much time making a transparent Bucky Barnes as he runs into battle… and you know… I’d already made it… Sooo waste not want not? I guess.

For every story where you kiss her; there is a story where you don’t. There is a story where you tell her everything, there is a story where you tell her nothing, there is a story where you stand in front of her with blood on your hands and all you can tell her is that you’re sorry.

The best stories are the oldest ones, the ones stitched into the fabric of the universe, told again and again across worlds and throughout galaxies, with every ‘once upon a time’ piercing it anew. You fall in and out of love with her across the long stretches of time and space, your paths interweaving and intertwining, crafted by the alignment of the stars, by the cold hands of fate, by distant, faceless authors with the power to transform you from ruin into rapture and back again.

Not every ‘once upon a time’ is paired with a ‘happily ever after’. The beginnings change, the endings alter, and only the gods know what may happen in between. You are no god, but you do know this:
there is not a single story in which you do not love her.

In this one, she falls from the sky; in that one, she looks up at the stars. In this one, she is standing beside you; in that one, she is a thousand miles away. In this one, you tell her you love her. In that one, you don’t.

In this story, you leave her. In the next one, you stay.
—  may we meet again | e.j

I am lighter on the autism scale.. but I do have aspergers. it fucking sucks, because I seem “normal” until I do something “weird” or “why did you do that?” then I get asked “can’t you try harder to control that?”. but when people have never seen me do something “out of the ordinary” I’m “faking it” “making that up” “imagining it” or “everyone feels that way”. 

Its almost impossible to control, even with medication.. because it can happen in a split second, and it can be overwhelming. By the time I get my senses back to put the breaks on things, I’ve already done the action.

Its embarrassing, but it comes out in other ways too. I don’t remember names, I remember actions and stories, my memory is massive. since my brain runs on picture format, its hard to hold numbers, faces, or punctuation. If you have seen it a literal million times, my brain can’t tell the difference.

If you tell me a story about your life though, I will see it forever in my mind, and whenever I talk to you, I will remember you for it. Sometimes, when I need to remember a new set of instructions I will close my eyes in the middle of a conversation and move my lips a bit. I’m not ignoring you. I’m imaging the new instructions as pictures real quick so I don’t forget them. Last week at work i was asked “from now on i want you to bring in 6 extra eggs for breakfast. ok?” I closed my eyes really quickly and saw six eggs and mouthed the word eggs. the boss looked at me funny “you want me to write that down?” “nah I got it” later that night while I was getting out the eggs my brain blinked with a picture of six eggs. I took out six extras. now it is part of the new routine. every time I get eggs, there will be six new ones added.

Gender as a whole doesn’t really matter to me. Its just a concept represented by old ideas. I literally could care less, Because old ideology based gender constructs don’t fit the complexity of the human condition. 

So I was talking with @norcumi last night for the first time on skype, and my brain ran away with me. Pertinent music:

Thus proving that the fastest way to get me to write is to egg me on with loud flaily noises. 

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