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normal brain: hayden christensen grows and tends to crops on his farm

expanding brain: hayden christensen has a few goats and maybe chickens, as well as a giant crop circle in the shape of darth vader’s helmet

massive brain beyond human comprehension expanding across time and space and defying human knowledge: hayden christensen has a worm farm

Prayer Request: A Letter from N. D. Wilson

“Over the last year or so, I have been dealing with a variety of small but strange (and apparently unrelated) health issues. And then, during a publishing meeting in November, my left ear suddenly turned off. It rebounded slightly, but hasn’t stopped ringing like a fire alarm ever since.

After months of tests and check-ups, and various theories that didn’t quite make sense, a recent MRI finally revealed the underlying cause of everything I’ve been dealing with – a large brain tumor (“farm egg” in shape and size according to one neurologist). The tumor originated in my auditory canal and is now compressing my brain stem and unpleasantly butting into my cerebellum. Although no biopsy has been conducted, three different specialists have ruled out cancer based on the MRI (which is obviously an enormous blessing). That said, it is still killing me (as they say) softly, and new symptoms have been multiplying rapidly over the last couple weeks. So I am now scheduled for invasive brain surgery in LA on May 2nd.

This is obviously a fairly momentous trial for our family, but by the grace of God, Heather and the kids and I will be hitting it head on. It is likely that my tumor had already begun growing while I was writing Death by Living, which means, as my sweet wife pointed out, that this is a great opportunity for us not to be hypocrites. God is good. God is faithful. This is the storm we were meant to weather. This is the bull I was meant to ride. I can’t hit my characters with pain and hardship to spice up their stories and not be willing to face anything life threatening myself!

This type of surgery obviously has substantial risks. Assuming that it goes perfectly, I will still be permanently deaf in my left ear, and vertigo, headaches, and facial paralysis are all potential lifelong consequences. So I covet your prayers for healing, especially when it comes to recovery time. I’d love to get back in the saddle and keep providing for my family as quickly as possible.

Obviously, as an author, I’m self-employed, and this tumor comes in a season when I am supposed to be promoting two new books – one this week (Outlaws of Time 2 on the 18th) and one in June. But I definitely won’t be able to support either release at anywhere near my normal levels. So <ahem> feel free to buy everyone on your Christmas list a pallet or two of everything!

I am so grateful to Andrew for dragging me into the Rabbit Room fold, and grateful to God for the stories he gives us to read and live. (Job is a dear friend of mine these days!) We love you all. Please keep our whole family in your prayers.



Hey, guys, please be praying for N. D. Wilson and his family and friends during this time.

I was looking at the ’married by food au’ by @suzukiblu and my mind was like ‘what if we go married by water for tattooine?’

Which then became 'and Qui-Gon sends Obi-Wan off with Anakin when they get to the Temple because he has to fight the Council and stuff and Obi-Wan at his back being proper and disapproving of him is not going to help his cause and then Obi-Wan runs a nice proper bath for Anakin and brings Anakin in and Anakin is all O____O’

'And Obi-Wan explains to Anakin that the bath is for Anakin and Obi-Wan run it for him and tell Obi-Wan if the water isn’t the right temperature, okay?’

And Anakin’s baby brain goes 'ENGAGED’

I mean 'farming’ water is a legit living occupation on Tattooine.

Massive gifts of water are probably a good marriage proposal.

And I don’t even write Obikin usually (I have so many problems with that ship it’s not even funny).

And I am not going to write Obikin where Obi-Wan is Anakin’s Master.

So Qui-Gon survives and takes Anakin for a padawan and it’s a disaster because Qui-Gon’s teaching style (@marloviandevil : Does Qui-Gon have a teaching style? Me: good question) is shit, especially for Anakin and Anakin spends three quarters of his time beelining off to get his Obi-Wan to teach him how to actually do stuff.

Yuma Mukami: Headcanons

He was born as Edgar Bryce on July 23, 1905 to an extremely religious family in a small village a few miles outside of London, England. While he was the only surviving child born to his parents, he was raised with many cousins and relatives.

His family had a hard time making a living but they always managed to make ends meet. 

He had a few childhood friends, one being Alan, a physically disabled boy that lived on the farm next to his. 

His mother gave birth to a stillborn daughter when he was 6. It was around this time Edgar had stopped believing in God, not understanding how God could cause such misfortune when he was supposed to be the good guy.

After his village was burned down and he lost his memories, he made his way towards London in hopes to find work in the city and feed himself. Since he was only 10 and the country was in the beginning of war, Yuma found himself starving on the streets until Lucks found him.

He got the nickname Bear because of how tall he was. 

Yuma was the youngest member of Lucks’ street gang and it was his age that spared him from being shot and taken to the orphanage instead. He was the last of the Mukami brothers to be sent  to the orphanage. 

His first friend was Azusa. He didn’t care for Ruki at first because of his status, however with Ruki’s plan to ditch the place, he got a bit closer.

After becoming a vampire Yuma thrived in the 60′s with the emergence of the hippie movement to fight the government.

He dropped acid in Woodstock. 

 Even in modern times he hates that he lives in a capitalist society. While he may come off as all brawns no brain and just farms and drinks blood, Yuma has strong political standpoints and puts in a lot of effort to minimize what he consumes from the capitalist pigs he hates so much. Consumerism is what makes the ones he hates thrive so he grows his own food and actually has very little personal possession.

The only thing that annoys him with movements to fight the governing power that holds the wealth is that the ones involved never seem to get anything done. He’s learned that society will complain about capitalism and consumerism but no one does a thing about it.

He is a big fan of progressive/classical/alternative and almost any genre of rock. Some of his favourite bands include: The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Sex Pistols, David Bowie and The Rolling Stones. One thing about modern music he can’t stand is Dubstep. Kou once played Skrillex and Yuma punched him in the throat. Kou couldn’t sing for a week.

He is capable of growing a beard but Ruki makes him stay clean cut.

He enjoys watching Looney Toons on Saturday mornings.

He physically can’t stay still for a long period of time, he has to be working, moving or keeping his hands busy or else he’ll get restless and frustrated. He even moves around a lot in his sleep.

He’s been in a handful of relationships but most of his exes were scared off pretty quickly. (They couldn’t handle the D).


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