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Settle in for a smörgåsbord of brain facts.

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After having half of the motor nerves removed from a muscle, the remaining motor nerves have been seen to respond by ‘sprouting’ larger, and innervating a larger portion of that muscle’s fibres.

Because no one expected DS9 to be so strategically important as it turned out to be, the original senior staff is laughably unqualified. Like, arguably the most qualified people are Dax and Obrien, as they have the most years of experience, even then Jadzia was freshly joined and Obrien is a non-com, technically not even an officer. Sisko wasn’t even a ranking captain, Kira had no formal training whatsoever, and Bashir literally graduated like two weeks ago. 

Day 28: Magnus + kissing Alexander 

He woke on a whisper. The soft ghosting of warm air as it travelled slowly, up his legs till it got to the back of his knees and then stopped. He barely had the time to brace himself when something flicked against that dip, fast and wet and warm, and then he felt the edge of sharp teeth graze first one, and then the other.

He shivered and smiled into his pillow when that got him a chuckle against his knees and one that continued when that warm air continued ghosting, this time up his thighs.

Warm hands cupped his hips, fingers making slow circling trips over the jutting bone, unhurried and lazy, the padded thumbs rubbing in, in some spots and then becoming lighter, until those lean slightly callused fingers were making light trails over the curve of his ass.

He sighed and that got him another chuckle.

He huffed and made to turn around, only to feel a lean weight shift onto his lower legs, and then that frame was all stretched out over his back, lean lines fitting into his more compact frame, those fingers intertwining with his, and then that mouth, warm and soft and always able to make him shiver with just the slightest brush of lips was placing soft warm kisses along the line of his spine. A little kiss on the dip above his ass. A long lick up his spine, stopping when it reached the mid-point between his shoulders, and he felt those lips open slightly and then warm moist air that slowly travelled from one end of his shoulders to the other. Once. Twice.

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It turns out that there’s actually a scientific reason behind why people don’t sleep soundly in an unfamiliar place. 

 According to a study conducted by Brown University, the first night that you sleep in a new environment the left hemisphere of the brain stays alert while the right hemisphere rests. The biological trait is thought to have allowed early humans to respond to nighttime threats. “When we’re sleeping in a new environment and we don’t know how many predators are around, it would make sense to keep half the brain more alert and more responsive to bumps in the night,” said Niels Rattenborg, who led the study. 

The evolutionary advantage this brain traits provides is probably less useful to modern humans — making us experience less restful sleep when we spend the night at a hotel or friend’s house, for example — but in the animal kingdom, this trait still helps marine mammals such as dolphins, whales, and seals respond to threats during their slumber.

12 Intriguing Facts About How The Human Brain Functions

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Here’s a list of 12 golden nuggets of information about the human brain and how it functions. John Medina’s book Brain Rules gives incredible insight and intrigue on how our strongest survival organ operates and its uniqueness to each human body. Consider the wisdom below, survival tips for your brain!

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Lucky Us: Character VS Alcohol
  • Chloe: doesn't see the point in drinking without getting drunk.
  • Alya: has been known to have a rip roaring good time every now and then, only to regret everything when she's hungover
  • Marinette: rarely gets wasted, but has a tendency to turn to alcohol when she panics about something, which is... often
  • Adrien: social drinker, drinks only enough to feel warm and relaxed because he's not a fan of drunkenness (thanks to Chloe)
  • Nino: only gets drunk when he's alone at home or at Adrien's house, because wine is twice as tasty when you pilfer it from Gabriel Agreste