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So here's a thought about Helix that popped into my head

Because I’ve been scrolling through Tumblr for the last ten minutes and seeing a lot of interviews and spoilers and speculation about who’s behind it.

And then when I saw that gif post comparing Felicity and Alena, saying something along the lines of how they look so much alike they could be sisters, my brain just exploded with one thought:


That would make so much sense, wouldn’t it?!



may have made more skelinktons…because they’re like extremely fun to make…

Their names in order: Kaia, Neon, Stripe + Dot, and then Hal (who most of you probably already know)

I don’t have very much figured out for them yet, but I’ll get to that eventually

Skelinkton concept belongs to the hecking great @7goodangel

  • kinky side of me: ahh yes, get bigger! FATTER!!! Gain so much weight you can barely move!
  • anxious side of me: no!!! aahh!! Don't eat too much all the time!! That can be unhealthy and you can get really sick! Eating fatty foods all the time can be really bad..!
  • kinky side of me: Blow up more, fatty~
  • anxious side of me: BUT LIVING A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE

Jughead: “You have to believe me, Betty. I didn’t do it.”

Betty: “Of course! I was with you, and I know who you are.”

Okay, wait, what? “I was with you”?? With him when? On July 4th, or on July 11th? Because… that’s the only time ‘I was with you’ would make sense in that conversation. Didn’t do it, meaning didn’t kill Jason, right? So Betty was with Jughead?

The Final Plot Hole

I just watched tfp after I saw a post taking about how at 60:20 through 60:25 you can hear Mrs. Hudson’s voice telling Sherlock to be softer. And I went and listened and it is in fact Martha Hudson saying that and not Eurus. And the idea behind this is that Mrs. H is telling Sherlock to say “I love you” softer bcus it clearly isn’t working. And so WHAT IF he’s saying it to John and not Molly and John isn’t “answering his phone” aka not responding.

Now this is where my brain exploded. What if john is dying right in “the dead center of town” or whatever, like in Molly’s voicemail. He’s been shot in the heart and Sherlock has to tell him he loves him to get him to wake up bcus he’s clearly lost consciousnesses. And somehOW Mrs. H is there to tell him to be softer??? WELL GUESS WHO OWNS PROPERTY IN CENTRAL LONDON?! IN THE DEAD CENTER OF TOWN. SOMEONE WHO WOULD BE THERE TO TELL SHERLOCK TO BE SOFTER? You got it super sleuth. MARTHA HUDSON. And why would Sherlock need to be softer???? Well either,
1. He has to keep John awake telling him not to lose consciousness and breaks down telling him he lives him. OR 2. He’s trying to perform CPR because John has been shot and he’s trying to keep his heart beating. Maybe he’s pressing too hard, getting frustrated it’s not working???? Scared he’s going to lose John tells him he loves him and this is why he has to stay alive????? Hold that thought.

We then see Sherlock get off of the phone IN (John’s dream???) and he’s upset that he broke (Molly’s heart yeah okay whatevs) AND puts the lid on the coffin. THEN WE SEE SHERLOCK BEATING THE sh*t OUT OF THE COFFIN WITH “I love you” on it. REMEMBER MY CPR THEORY?! Maybe he was really giving John CPR. Which is why he was beating so hard, trying to get his heart to start again.

Then they go into the nExt room and Sherlock must chose between Mycroft and John. Mycroft tries to make it easy for Sherlock to kill him and save John. He says that he’s promised his brain to the royal society so aim for the HEART. MAYBE john needs a heart transplant (because he’s been shot) and MYCROFT IS TRYING TO SAVE JOHN BY BEING THE DONOR?! And saying let’s try for the heart and how all of this is his fault anyway.

THAT WOULD BE SHERLOCK HAVING TO CHOSE BETWEEN MYCROFT AND JOHN. And then you have John saying he won’t allow it and doesn’t he get any say??? Maybe John hears all of this happening and implements it in his dream. OR Sherlock knows John wouldn’t want this and would just want Sherlock to let him die. BUT THEN SHERLOCK TURNS THE GUN ON HIMSELF. He is maybe going to be a donor?!

NOW I KNOW ALL OF THIS MAY SOUND CRAZY BUT I’M THINKING THIS WAS THE REAL Garridebs case. John is shot like in the stories (though a little more severe because mofftiss love to watch us suffer) and this is how it played out. Maybe this takes place in the scene when Baker Street explodes????? Which doesn’t explain the weird clown, sword fighting, little girl horror scene at Mycroft’s house. Or how John was hit with a tranq gun and we all moved on. But still.

Okay, I know that this is jumbled but I saw this post and this is what I thought. If someone wants to do more research into this or rewrite the mad thesis I just half-brained that would be appreciated. Does this sound even a little true? Anyone? Or have I officially lost it????

My brain is not co-operating.

This is part one of my five-word-prompt ask from @insomniacitizen.  You asked for 3 numbers and so here is what my brain threw at me for #60!

No particular pairing in this one, it’s more of a reader-and-everyone-meeting-Ardyn scenario.  I’ve been over this four times, I’m still not sure I like it but I’m gonna post it before I go over it AGAIN and it makes my brain explode.  Hope you like it!  I’ll definitely get to your other numbers in the next couple days! :)


1559 words

Galdin Quay was beautiful in the sunshine.  So beautiful, in fact, that your jaw dropped.  Growing up in the Crown City, you’d never seen anything like this outside of a book or a magazine so to be there in person was quite enchanting.  The sun seemed to make everything glitter; the water, the railings, the buildings, even the sand seemed to glisten in the brightness.  It just looked so inviting and in the moment, you thanked your lucky stars that you’d been assigned to accompany the Prince on his journey to Altissia.  Blessed Six, the beauty of this place, being in the Crownsguard had its perks.  You’d arrived the night before, the resort shrouded in darkness save for the lights to keep the daemons out.  You’d slept like a log, you all had, but now was the time to seek out passage to Altissia.  A ferry ride!  You prayed to the Six that your sea legs held up!

“It’s so….” you struggled to find the words to describe what you saw, “You know what?  It’s indescribable.  There are no words, other than words to say there are no words.”  You sighed, closing your eyes for a second to bask in the heat of he sun.  “Looks like high tide, Your Highness,” eyes open once more, you addressed Noctis, “You’ll be able to get some fishing in, if you like.”

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ann-jackdaw  asked:

There is just one thing about Altertale that I can't understand. Sans is a total cinnamon bun in this AU and I can't help but admire everything about it, but why? Why frogs? D:

(2/2) Also, according to the pictures of AT!Papyrus without his armor, he is slim… so what makes him seem so huge in the armor? I mean, even if he would wear some other clothes underneath it, there would still be a lot of emptiness (same goes for AS!Sans and AF!Paps)… So please, could you answer what kind of magic he’s using, because my brain is about to explode?

1. Eh, Sans isn’t really a cinnabun since he’s not that innocent; he pretty much abandoned his people during a time of utter despair. Sure, he couldn’t stand to look at his brother anymore, but it didn’t erase the fact that he left him and the entire kingdom to take care of themselves. And about the frogs… no idea. It just seemed fitting for some reason?? 

2. It’s an enigma tbh. Like, in reality, no matter what kinda clothes you put on a skeleton, they’re gonna look lanky as hell. But for most of us who draw them with clothes, we make them look like they have fleshed out bodies or something because it’s just?? how it’s done??? Besides magic, I don’t think there’s any other explanation lmao.

Your Man

Request: 25. No shit, Sherlock. 15. Nothing but you. 18. Can’t stand that bitch. With Juice

Being with Juice was fun most of the time. Sometimes it was trying. But you still loved him no matter what. So, when you saw the newest pornstar rubbing up on your man, you had to calm yourself down. You worked for Luann as a book keeper and most of the time, your Old Man came with you. You didn’t mind that he watched the action sometimes, other times he was engrossed in his phone or computer beside you.

Today, there was a new pornstar that apparently didn’t know when to back off. He had shrugged her off multiple times and could not take a hint. He kept taking glances at you, as if to make sure you weren’t charging up for murder. I was sitting down at the desk, glaring a hole into the back of the chick’s head, wanting to make her brains explode. After a couple of minutes of this going on, you felt a presence lean up against the desk beside you.

“That cumdump is hitting up your man.” Luann’s voice whispered into your ear.

“No shit, Sherlock.” You said as you forced yourself to look back down at the books.

“Can’t stand that bitch.” She said. You laughed at her.

“Then why did you hire her.” You asked the woman next to you.

“She’s new pussy. She can bring in new viewers.” She stated, as if it was obvious.

You laughed at her. Luann was always able to make you laugh, no matter the situation.

You looked back to Juice and saw that she wasn’t giving up this time. His face was scrunched up in disgust as she kept talking. You sighed as you decided to save your Old Man from the harpy.

You pushed yourself from the desk and stood up. You looked at Luann. “I’m gonna go save him, before he makes himself hyperventilate.”

“No marking the merchandise.” Was all she stated before going over to some monitors.

You then made your way to Juice and the new ‘Star.’ Casually walking up them, you heard her talking in an almost whiny type of voice that sounded like a small dog, begging for attention.

“Hey, I don’t think my Old Man likes your hoochies rubbing up on him.” You said as you stood behind the bitch.

She turned to you, with an insulted look on her face. “And who do you think you are?” She said as she stood up and tried to square up to you, failing in the process. She was so much smaller than you, it was like she was a 12 year old. You stared at her and raised an eyebrow as if to say ‘Really? That all you can do?’

You heard Juice sigh in relief when she finally backed off him and turned to you. You smiled a fake smile at the child that decided now was a good time to rub up on your man. “I think I happen to be his Old Lady. So I think you best be going now.”

You could see her face drain of any color as she realized just how bad she screwed up. “I-I’m sorry. I didn’t know. I swear.” She stuttered out as she backed up towards one of the sets. You smirked as she backed up faster and waved at her before she turned around and almost ran to what you assumed to be her dressing room.

Laughing, you turned to Juice. He was looking up at you from his seat on the couch with a dazed and dreamy look on his face. You giggled as you sat next to him and wrapped your arms around him, waking him from his daydream.

“Babe” He paused. “That was so hot.” He grinned. “I’m glad I got you as my Old Lady. Nothing but you.” He leaned over to you and pressed a hot kiss onto your lips. You smiled into the kiss before leaning back and stared him in his eyes.

“Nothing but you, baby.” You said.