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On the High Wire by @bathtimefunduck | Chapter 15:  Backend Batman and Robin

Lucy stands her ground and does her job, Winn’s brain explodes, Pam readies her paperwork, and Vasquez wins a ton of money.


About next season:
“The new season is a mystery for everybody: new electronics, new tyres… we will have to understand everything and see if we can make these steps quick enough to be ready for the first race and fight for the victory”

About Casey Stoner:
“Well, about Casey… it seems to me he only makes statements so people will talk about him, so I don’t really care…”

“He always mess up my order and I ordered the same thing every time I went there,a cup of Black Coffee,no sugar,no cream,no anything,but my coffee always end up having too many sugar and sometimes there’s also a cream in it.He is the worst barista I’ve ever met but I still go to that cafe and drink his horrible coffee anyway”

What if I made a HaiseHide AU short visual novel game? would you guys like that? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  This is from an old project,I got lazy to continue this but if many people like it then maybe I will—

I watched Who Framed Roger Rabbit last night and I got to question what goddamn cartoon Judge Doom could’ve possibly been in given the movie’s timeframe. I asked on [DIFFERENT SOCIAL MEDIA PAGE], mostly just to be outraged and rhetorical, but an answer was forecoming. From an early version of the script:

                You wanna know?  Well, since you’re so
                goddamn curious, I’ll tell ya.  One of
                you Toons killed my brother.

                               ROGER RABBIT
                A Toon?  Noooo.

                Yeah, a Toon.  It was the guy who
                killed Bambi’s mother.

                               ROGER RABBIT
                Him?  Oh, he was vile, heinous,
                despicable… a smear on the drafting