brain eating parasite

Pon Fabulous (a S’chn T’gai Spock x curvy!Reader Fanfiction)

I fell in love with this prompt when I first read it. I am just being honest by saying I am not a curvy girl, but as a tiny person I do know issues with body image and self love very well so I hope I am doing this justice. I want to learn to write a wide variety of characters and perspectives. That’s why it took me a while to get the muse rolling with this one.
To whoever the anon was who requested this story, I am sorry it is so late and I hope you can see this. This is for you.

Prompt: You are Spock’s girlfriend. You have been together for a while now, but old insecurities in you always wonder if Spock will leave you for someone better. That is, until he goes through Pon Farr.

Word count: 2590
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Pon Farr people, which means sex, domineering Spock, feral Spock, but also pretty mellow and sweet as far as Pon Farr goes???

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DAMN! Collarbone kiss was hot af. I NEED MORE!!!


(mildly inspired by)

(follow-up to)

10: Neck Kiss


He had a photoshoot.

He had a photoshoot in two hours, and he needed to get her away from his neck before she did something that would get him cross-examined by every authority figure in his life.

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You're more likely to die from brain eating parasites, alcoholism, obesity...mentally unstable young white men with guns and just about anything else than you are to be killed by an Islamic extremist in America. It's just as unlikely in Europe and Canada. So I'm trying to find this widespread movement where Muslims are coming into the West and trying to impose their ideals and do us harm for being non-believers. The facts suggest there is propaganda and fear behind that idea not truth.

You’re more likely to be killed by a cow than a shark, does that mean I should slash my legs, wear shiny pants and go swimming? In fact forget that analogy because I’m honestly not sure where you were going with it. I shouldn’t be afraid of Islamic terrorism because it hasn’t killed me yet? They are literally new attacks practically every day and you honestly don’t think there might be some kind of problem? Hundreds of people died just a few weeks ago in Paris. Was that just “propaganda” too? Were the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks “propaganda”? The bomb at the Boston Marathon? I am so confused.

PARASITIC WORMS: People of Earth, hello. We, the giant brain-eating parasites, would like to publicly apologize for taking over the body of Donald J. Trump. What started out as an innocent vacation away from our home turned, literally, into an orgy of fun – fun which we regret and could never take back. [Audience politely chuckles.] We first entered Donald in 2007, through a poorly cooked piece of Trump Steak – Trump Steaks are the origin country of our people – where we were conceived. And for that, we thank Donald. Please buy Trump Steaks.

Worms shuffle in Trump’s body. He is visibly uncomfortable. Audience laughs and claps.

PARASITIC WORMS: When we first nested inside of Donald, it was all innocent fun – pressing various lobes, allowing our children to occasionally nibble on his brain tissue, and having lots of parasitic worm sex wherever we could, leaving trails of parasite semen all over the place. 2007 was a crazy time, and I guess we never left because we … we fell in love.


One of the guards sobs silently. He is patted on the back by other guards, and quickly stands up sniffling. Giuliani is seen on the verge of tears – or maybe it’s from all the dead-eyed staring. Trump’s little hands form into even littler fists.

An Apology From Donald Trump’s Parasitic Brain-Worms

This is a rant. Don’t read it if you can’t stomach negativity towards Emma and Hook.

So… I’m back. Not really because I was never entirely gone but up until now I’ve been trapped in a great pit full of frustration because of the end of season 5a… and since then I’ve been lurking around tumblr occasionally.

As a big Emma Swan fan I was obsessed with the 5a arc and it didn’t help that after some great episodes - to me personally - it suddenly mutated into a sick Killian Jones show supported by the love-obsessed Emma Swoon who I didn’t recognise anymore. My kick-ass heroine was somehow gone. Don’t get me wrong, I tag this as anti-emma and anti-hook as a precaution but I didn’t mind Captain Swan at all up to this point even though I don’t ship them.

I spent the hiatus recovering from this mess and I didn’t even look forward to 5b one tiny bit and now… it’s getting even worse. Now I’m even more sickened and the only reason why I’m still watching is this: I do hope that it will get better! Somehow…

Anyway, I fully support the name Zorb for Emma right now. All hail Zorb, the brain-eating parasite living within my favourite character.