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The Croods Theory

Okay I have no idea if this has been discussed or not, but here it goes. The 2013 movie, “The Croods” features a girl named Eep as the main character, but she isn’t the character I would like to discuss. The character I would like to discuss is Guy. He is described a a modern thinking nomadic boy, but what if I was to tell you he is from the future? Okay just hear me out. If you observe Guy vs. The other male characters there is a noticeable physical difference. The cavemen will run or walk on their arms and legs and seemed to have super strength and speed compared to Guy. Guy who mainly relies on his brain to get him out of sticky situations doesn’t seem to have their strength and speed at all. Here is some more proof, he knows a lot more than someone of his age should. He knows there is an organ inside the skull where thoughts come from and he knew how to make fire. He even had shoes, a belt (Belt), and even pants (which none of the cavemen had) He had vast knowledge of things the cavemen had no idea about (which can be argued that the cavemen had no contact with people, which is perfectly reasonable) but what about what he subconsciously knew about that his parents taught him. When I say he subconsciously knew something that his parents did, what I mean is, “tomorrow”. It is true that guy thought of Tomorrow as a place my opinion is his parents (the people who taught him that word didn’t) “Don’t hide. Live. Follow the sun; you’ll make it to Tomorrow.” What they meant here was that he would live, metaphorically and literally to see tomorrow. Okay, there is a couple of questions. “Why is Guy there?” “How did he get there?” And “Why doesn’t he ever mention it in the movie?” My theory is that his parents were time traveling scientists. The reason they were chosen was because they were some of the few people who could go back in time and not transmit diseases, well they go on a mission back in time, but something happens to the time machine and they got stuck back in cavemen times. They decide to hide and wait to be rescued. After a couple months the woman realizes she’s pregnant and they realize that no one is coming for them, so they continue to hide and make a life for themselves there. They teach Guy things like, how to build a fire, how to make shoes, teach him about the brain, ect. But most importantly they teach him not to let on that he is from somewhere else, and since that time period is the only one he knows it wasn’t that difficult. After the accident with his parents (Tar pit) he goes on search for tomorrow, being to young to understand what they meant.

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And I have done it.

I unlocked Bucky Barnes from the clutches of Red Skull and recruited him for Avengers Academy.

All those months ago when the game first came out and I said ‘All I want is Bucky.’ All the waiting and wanting paid off.

And the first thing this punk ass, studded-belt wearing, brain-washed idiot did when he was finally free was hit on Natasha.

God bless.

Fuck everything and fuck myself
Fuck what you think
Leave me hanging by a belt
Brain banging with pain
Grey staining is the game
Flames gaining my domain
Staying in the same lane

If all the stars from left brain cosmos to right brain asteroid belt shines all at once, we wouldn’t need this midnight sky. If all the broken hearts from the one night stands to single mothers, who take care of their pure babies all gathered together– maybe we would feel more love and be more human. If every poet wrote the truth, we wouldn’t have these poems. If every writer from fantasy to seduction grouped together, maybe– we could find the answers one day. If my lost smile hanging around the woods found its way home, I wish it finds comfort underneath the stars where I rest my weary mind. I hope it loves to spill its furry ink because I’ve lived as a wolf howling for empty hands to feed me, I guess the moon is empty tonight. I pray that my nine lives sacrificed as a stray cat in search of a home finally finds an answer. I can only think back when I was a different person, a different soul, a different star… If you boil my skin, if you crush up my bones, if you drain my veins, if you gouge out my eyes, if you take apart my hemisphere conversations between what is art and what is torn apart, if you take my lips and those tatted onto it, if you take my hands and don’t mind the scars attached to broken bones from late night sessions called sunrising with anger and sun setting with depression, if you take my legs and ran with my guilt, if you take my body and empty my flames, if you breathe in my fumes of long lost lovers, if you swallow my social anxiety, don’t worry about the confusing lunch table conversations from high school and not knowing what to say when it was your turn for input, if you can find my blood to be of use– remember to paint the sun while it’s looking for the moon. If you take away everything, all you’ll find is poetry because that’s what I bleed, breathe, think, feel, touch, hear, see, love, live and die for.
—  The Cosmos
Macaroni pt. 11 // Luke Hemmings

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Requested; Yes

Summary; Luke is a struggling single parent and you’re his son’s teacher.

(pt. 1-10)

“And for some bright reason Luke though it was a good idea to bring in a stray rabbit he found at the park for Toby’s 3rd birthday! Don’t even get me started.” Liz rolled her eyes at the memory and you could only picture Luke trying to catch a rabbit and the look on Toby’s adorable face when his amazing dad a wild ball of fur into the house.

To your surprise, earlier today Liz invited you to go shopping with her and it had been by far the best day ever. The two of you got a lot closer, she was first to break ice apologizing for coming off a bit harsh the first time you met her and explaining why she was so hard on you. It was understandable, Luke is still in a place where he’s building himself up and the slightest things could tear him down, and all Liz, as his mother, was doing was protecting him or test you more like it. Shock hit you hard when she admitted that she actually loved you from the start, Luke would blab on about you freely to his mum so she already knew how genuine your feelings were for Luke and Toby and what a sincere personality you have (she was the one who suggested Luke to bring you over).

“Liz?” You hesitated, building up the courage to ask her for some motherly advice for something that’s been racking your brain. The seat belt of the car suddenly felt tighter as you both were heading back to the house, where Luke was waiting for you. Before you left he said he needed to talk to you as soon as you came back and it was a surprise so you had no clue what the hell he was going on about.

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Part of Your World--SoMa Week 2015 Day 5, Nightswimming

This is one of only two fills for the week that isn’t a sequel.  It’s actually the start of what will probably be a three part AU, and I had some fun with it.

Thanks again to ilarual for the eyes.

Other days can be found here:

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Maka hated the sea.  She had lived on the shore all her life, bound to it as surely as she was bound to eating, to drinking, to breathing.  She hated that she had to come down to the small, secluded little cove just beneath her house, hated that, like clockwork, she would strip to nothing and bathe in the sea beneath the moonlight every Sunday night.  

She could do it less often and still function.

She would feel even better if she did it more.

Once a week was the compromise she was willing to live with, even if it actively grated on her.

At least she’d finally scared her stupid, silly Papa off from coming with her.

When she was young, they had always bathed together, tails manifesting when they hit the water.  When she was very, very young, her Mama would bathe with them, tailless and serene, basking in the moonlight, her head always in the stars above, dreaming, dreaming, dreaming of far off places.  

One day, those dreams had simply swept her mother away, the sparse postcards she still sent the only evidence she’d ever existed at all.  The postcards and Maka.

This night Maka was downright angry that she had to come down here, that she was stuck attending the small private college in town rather than going to her landlocked school of choice, that she was stuck always with the sea at her side, vast, unchanging yet unreliable, unpredictable, wild.  

The sea was her father and her father was the sea.  

She was also angry that she had to give up her Friday night to this, since she would be in her good friend’s wedding the next day and wouldn’t be home from the trip until Monday.  

She couldn’t risk feeling weak for the whole thing, so here she was.  Again.  This time on a Friday night.  It’s not that she had any particular plans, but it was the principle of the thing, dammit!

She looked at the clouded sky overhead, the lack of stars somehow comforting and disheartening all at once, looked down from the cliff face into the churning waters below, then stripped down to only her bikini top quickly before diving off the cliff face and into the turbid waters without a care.  

Her father would be appalled at the risk she was taking, but Maka loved it.  It felt almost like flying for all of ten seconds.  It was, far and away, the best part of any given Sunday, those brief seconds when she took to the air, those brief seconds before she hit the water and her body changed and she once more became one with the sea.

Those few seconds made this odd Friday swim almost bearable.

Fully transformed within the cold Pacific, Maka dove beneath the turbulent waters, letting her newly reformed gills breathe for her, gliding along the bottom before surfacing in a graceful arc, racing along the waves before they came crashing into the high cliff face. She felt the exhilaration of weaving through the tumultuous sea, the inborn bond with her Father’s birthright running thick through her veins in her transformed state.  The mermaid in her thrived within the churning waters, and oh how she loathed that part of herself.

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