brain ache records

Gnarwolves - Fun Club 1st Press, Green /50

This is such a good EP, 5 tracks of gruff pop punk from members of both now defunct bands Kasa & Rasputin. This tape is out on Brain Ache Records who is also sadly calling it a day soon. I think the second press of this tape is still available to buy and if it is then you should buy it and if you don’t buy tapes then listen to it or you will live an unfulfilled life. 

RIP Brain Ache Records

Sad news - Brain Ache Records have called it a day. I’d be lying if I said we hadn’t spent hours discussing future plans for both our labels and cursing all the things that will inevitably go wrong when you release music but this was a surprise even for me. RIP Brain Ache.


Ok like I said I have some news to announce. The Prestige - Black Mouths will be my last release possibly for ever.

I won’t say I’ll never release again cause maybe 6 months/1 year/2 years down the line I’ll want to pick it back up. But basically for the next 3 weeks I’ll continue to take orders which will all be packed with free stuff but then after that the store will close as will the Facebook page. I have some distro orders to honour with Pulling Pulse, Where?Wolf! and some euro labels and of course co releases will still be available from the other labels involved.

It’s 2 years this month since I started the label and it’s been rad but time for a break.

Posting this on a phone so that’s as in depth as I’ll get for now but I’ll post something more informative and shout out some bands/labels/distros/designers/printers etc who’ve helped out or you should support once I have a computer.