i loved a man
with eyes of glass
dark like stance
warm chamber hands

he spoke with grooves
flowed with you’s
held his own
yet followed you

beside his darkest
he dabbled
crept upon
the bluest

his sky was graceful
but his mouth spoke hatred
tongue tied and suck in dazes
his ways, words
the way his wise spoke eights
strayed from sevens
as he lied in questions

the world was always
while his seemed stuck in hallways
the corridors of even
and odd from hell
he loved his name
and the flame he thought he held

—  left vs. right
words by dominic riccitello

anonymous asked:

I'm glad you brought up how bad memories are easier to remember than good. My mom likes to routinely try to talk about good times she's had with me as a child but then will turn around and get upset when I don't remember any of it. On the other hand, I can very clearly recall the abuse I received from my dad around the same time period. Which, if I bring it up, my mom will simply say it never happened or I'm being too sensitive. Which sounds like a form of gas lighting.

She could also be lying to herself, trying to forget such things, or playing them down. The brain often tries to put a positive spin on our actions to help with our self esteem (yes I did this shitty thing, but it was only because [rationalization]). It’s possible she feels guilty over not being able (or willing) to protect you.