we like to assume that every time we see an anti-feminist post that the op is male because who expects a girl to be against the empowerment of their own gender, right? but why should we expect anyone to be against feminism? the fact that we expect people to reject the idea of gender equality for everyone - because remember folks, feminism is about making every gender equal, not about putting women above men - is exactly why we need feminism in the first place. it’s weird how it loops around like that, and we need to break the cycle.

my little came out for like 2 seconds at work yesterday and said something to the guy I was helping like I forget what it was but it was a totally normal thing like thank you except she has a different voice nd then I was a like “wtf…you never come out anymore and now is the time you pick I’m AT WORK” and then she left n I feel a lil bad but like work is not the time why don’t you come out now or when I’m w Daddy jfc

“Dear, you aren’t leaving the table until you finish all of your dinner.”

We have been force-fed knowledge. As we are expected to know all there is to know, prove to others our value and worth by how knowledgeable we are. We are so fixated on knowing, that we forget about feeling. 

The constant battle of thinking vs feeling, knowledge vs emotion, scientist vs artist, thought vs expression.

“I’m not hungry, mother. I’d rather be a ‘Starving Artist’.”

“Starving Artist.” Graphite Pencil on sketchbook paper (8.5x11″). Back in 2013, i think.


Sometimes, you remember the most unimportant things. Why do we remember those things, and not the important stuff? Here’s why.