Two New YouTube Videos!

Hot off the press!

I literally just finished uploading two videos, both of which center around guiding the listener into a wonderfully deep sleep.  I have made an ASMR-style version, for those of you who are interested in that sort of thing, and a non-ASMR version, for those of you who strictly want the hypnosis.  I hope you like them!  

For ASMR: 

For non-ASMR: 


Hey you! Yes you! The one who is reading this. Stop what you are doing right now. Stop checking Twitter or whatever you are occupying your time with. You are beautiful. You are a gorgeous and amazing person. Who cares what others say? You are strong and powerful independent person. You can do anything! If someone is being a jerk to you CUT THEM OUT of your life. You don’t have time for that craziness when you are about to conquer the world. Anyone can do anything once they stop making excuses and being afraid of the results. Just go out and do it! If you are scared of asking out someone you like so you won’t do it, that is time wasted you could have been happy. Push your fears away and do it because you will not regret it. If you don’t then you are regret it for life! Once you put your mind to something and work for it then you will achieve it. Sure it will take work but guess what, everything does!! I was listening to Bob Marley the other day and I heard a lyric I think is perfect for this.

Your mind can do anything! No one can stop it! Sure there will be hard times but you know what that’s what your amazing brain was made for. Sometimes your brain might get hurt but you have to get back up after the fall because negative things aren’t forever. Remember negative things in your past that you thought you were gonna die right then and there but hey you are here right now! The world isn’t over and you aren’t dead. So when you say that I can’t get through this or get over something guess what! You already have. Those negative things aren’t gonna stay here long so keep moving forward into more positive things!. You are probably asking Why listen to her? but here is your answer WHY NOT. You have goals and you want to achieve something in your life so why not make life what you want it to be!

1. You have an amazing brain that allows you to do whatever you want to do! No one can stop it so why are you stopping it with whatever fear you may have of something?

2. As I said before you have moved over all the obstacles in your past to get here right now so why are you afraid of the future obstacles? You can beat them just as easily!

3. You know what your dreams and aspirations are so why is there a problem? Go achieve and earn success!

Sure there is going to be work to get there but in the wise words of IISuperwomanII, you are standing above your dreams and goal with a shovel wondering what to do. You have everything you need to do but the only person stopping you is you! So I’m gonna tell you what to do! START DIGGING!!  You are going to be so happy that you are working towards what you want in life! So go out into the world with a smile on your face because you are ready to conquer! You have lives to change! You have money to make! You are AWESOME! Keep believing, keep hustling, keep working hard and moving toward towards your goal!

So now you can go back to what you were doing but before you do repost this to motivate some of your followers. You never know could become the next billionaire around here! Be sure to like this post if you liked it and if you have any comments about my blog or what you want me to write on it then send me some fan mail! Go out and conquer the world but don’t forget tooooooo

Stay Awesome!

The Parsley Pancake xx