Year of Light: Computer processor based on the brain uses light to transmit signals

Traditional computers manipulate electrons to transform our keystrokes and Google searchers into meaningful actions. But as parts of the computer processor shrink to only a few atoms across, electrons become unpredictable and our ability to shuttle them across long and short distances diminishes.

The Lightwave Communications Laboratory at Princeton University is trying a different approach to designing ultrafast communication networks and signal processing devices. Instead of electrons, they use light!

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Research Suggests That Even Mild Air Pollution Can Cause Brain Deterioration

Research Suggests That Even Mild Air Pollution Can Cause Brain Deterioration

It has long been known that air pollution causes many breathing and heart problems. However, a new study looked at the effects of air pollution on the brain. It turns out that the brain can suffer greatly from even moderate amounts of air pollution. The Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center found that people who are exposed to air pollution are at an increased risk for a “silent” stroke.…

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