The Boy Who Grew a Brain

Noah Wall was born with only 2% of a brain (left), spina bifida and severe hydrocephalus. Doctors predicted that even if he survived, he would suffer severe mental disability and have limited mobility for the rest of his life. 

After surviving his birth, Noah only improved with time. His parents worked with him to learn and grow to live as normal a life as possible, and doctors were stunned with the progress he was making. After 3 years, Noah was scanned again and the results showed his brain had grown to over 80% the size of a normal, healthy brain (right). Noah continues to live a happy life and progress even more, and his unusual case sheds light on the incredible capabilities of the human body and brain.

For anyone interested in learning more about this case, there is a great documentary made by Channel 5 (UK) in the Extraordinary People series about Noah (The Boy With No Brain). For those of you outside the UK the doc is also available on Youtube.

Day 11 (10/9): Favorite subject

My favorite subject is anatomy!  I love learning about all the different components that go into making the body function as we know it.  A follow-up favorite subject is physiology since it is basically the study of the function of these anatomical components.

Book: Anatomical Atlas (Maud Jepson)

(Note: the diagrams are from this book (though I wish I could draw this well!))

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Someone: you should stop taking medications. :( they alter your brain therefore it’s bad for you!!!

Me: *taking my antidepressants* that’s the point Helen. My brain doesn’t work properly so it needs to be altered so I can fully enjoy life and live to my fullest potential without dissociating and having panic attacks like my brain does when I’m not medicated. I would rather have healthy brain function and live a normal life than constantly struggle because you think modern medicine is bad.