There’s great news for people who prefer real books over e-readers

Naomi Baron, American University linguistics professor and author conducted a series of cross-cultural studies with her colleagues asking college students around the world if they preferred electronic or hardcopy books. A whopping 92% said they preferred the latter. Reading physical books affects the brain differently than reading digitally.
Sighing is actually a life-saving reflex, and scientists have found the switch that controls it
Here's why we all need to be sighing 12 times an hour.
By Fiona MacDonald

Remember all those times your parents told you it was rude to sigh? Well, you can discount that advice entirely, because sighing’s actually a crucial reflex that keeps our lungs healthy, and researchers have just uncovered the switch in our brain that controls it.

The team identified two tiny clusters of neurons in the brain stem that automatically turn normal breaths into sighs when our lungs need some extra help - and they do this roughly every 5 minutes (or 12 times an hour), regardless of whether or not you’re thinking about something depressing.

“Unlike a pacemaker that regulates only how fast we breathe, the brain’s breathing centre also controls the type of breath we take,” said one of the researchers, Mark Krasnow, from Stanford University School of Medicine.

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The science behind the munchies

According to a growing pool of research, there is evidence to suggest the munchies are brought on by getting high — to some degree. A 2014 study published in Nature Neuroscience and reported by Smithsonian Mag found certain senses like smell and taste became more acute in mice after THC was introduced to their system. The THC may be tricking your brain.

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その様子を初めて解明したのが、マサチューセッツ工科大学(MIT)の研究チームです。Nancy Kanwisher教授、Josh H. McDermott教授、そして博士研究員のSam Norman-Haignere氏らの研究チームは、従来とは異なるアプローチで脳の動きを解析し、脳が「音楽」を認知する様子を明らかにしました。