Can music help you work better?

There’s a running debate over whether or not music actually helps in reading and productivity. Though some studies have shown that music can help listeners learn, what effects if any does music have on our ability to get things done? For some, music sounds like a major distraction, and for others, music can aid in focus. It’s a pressing question to answer, at least for anyone who’s ever had a last-minute assignment.

Unfortunately, there are as many answers as there are music genres. The short answer is that for the most part, music can improve focus — depending on the person, genre and timing.

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Brain injury is damage to the brain which is not hereditary, degenerative, or congenital. It is often caused by a physical trauma, such as a car crash, fall, or sports mishap. Other times the brain injury is acquired through medical conditions such as stroke or lack of oxygen. Here are ways brain injury can affect the body.


This is what getting hit by a taser does to your brain

Sending a 50,000-volt shock to the human body is bound to do some damage. A new study out of Drexel University and Arizona State University confirmed this through an investigation of what happens to you when you get Tasered. Getting hit with a stun gun can not only impact short term memory, but also cloud a key mental ability.

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7 ways music affects the body according to science

Music can actually make you smarter.

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Sad music doesn’t necessarily make us sad.

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Music is thought to have positive medicinal effects.

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Mood music is a thing.

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Music can help you go the distance.

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Music can help you adjust that attitude.

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And there’s some great news about singing in the shower.

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Music can help you learn

A growing pool of research shows music’s effects on the brain go even deeper than mood, as it has been proven to increase cognitive abilities. For those who learn to play an instrument, music’s benefits on the most important organ in the human body goes a step further by improving memory. Believe it or not, listening to certain types of music can help you learn.

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