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they’ve always played random covers, that’s one of the best things about them. Rocky Top! La Grange! Free Bird! 99 Problems!

I’ve got a Phish Cover Playlist on my iTunes, currently at 253 songs. And I’m missing a whole bunch. Covers are a great way to get people into them. But…then they’ll hear a 15 minute song and want to punch me for making them sit through a jam. HA!

Tumblr Crushes:

Some very fine people (VFP) in this week’s edition. Your Tumblr experience will increase exponentially by following these VFPs. Whether it’s reporting from Kyrgyzstan (or whatever country Josh is in these days) or reporting about how brands market to infants (Braiker breaks this piece here) to some of the web’s best curation and common-sense reporting, these VFPs are well worth the amount of energy it takes to click on their link above, and then the little ‘follow’ button.

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awww, it’s nice to be loved. thanks, J. (we’re supposed to do these on tues? i’ve been doing them on fri.)

That may be a side-effect of a disease I call Twitteritus. In this disease, sufferers unconsciously use Twitter’s norms/mores/linguistic structures/etc on other social platforms. For example, using the @ sign when talking about other users on Facebook or Tumblr or recommending “followers” to others on Friday instead of Tuesday on Tumblr. Twitteritus.