braidsandarrows replied to your post: oh you know…just tinychatting until 6:30 in the…

I almost got on tinychat last night just because you HG people were on but I didn’t know if we were allowed to just jump in like that or not…haha…could you tell me the rules? :)

There are absolutely no rules! Haha. Anyone can come and hang out. Unless you are a troll or a penis…THEN STAY AWAY!

But yeah, there’s not exclusivity. Anyone can come. (:

braidsandarrows replied to your post: Who read The Hunger Games before the release of Mockingjay?

Yep!! I remember the day i got Mockingjay in the mail the day it came out….I was so excited!! In class we talked about what color the cover was going to be and everything…haha

I actually dabbled in the fandom a bit before its release…everyone was buzzing about the movie and making dreamcasts. Weird to think that the story of Katniss is complete and has been for almost two years.

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So yesterday I was talking to one of my friends about THG and this other person was like "Oh that's a terrible book" and I asked this person why they thought it was terrible in case they really had a good reason and they said "Because we had to read it and I only read like the first two pages then made up the rest." then I said "And THAT is why you think it is terrible." then I rolled my eyes...I ALMOST felt bad for that person (not really)....haha XD