Different Braids – Double and Triple Up!

Try these double and triple plaits for a dazzling and different braided look! These fabulous braided hairstyles work with every braiding technique. These looks are as simple as dividing hair into two or three sections and braiding as usual. The multiple plaits can be braided together into one braid or tied together. Now, check out these gorgeous double and triple braid pictures to take your braided hairstyle to the next level!


Check out the Top 10 Braided Hairstyles!

3 Thick Braids

Braids are an attractive and easy way to manage thick hair. Braided hairstyles keep lots of hair in place with effortless style. Healthy and thick hair makes for plump plaits that show off the weave of different braids. Here are 3 thick braids that keep high volume hair beautifully in place.

Easy Crown Braid How To

The crown braid is a gorgeous and easy to style. Here’s how to get the look in two simple steps! Similar to this ponytail braid and halo braid hairstyle, this braided hairstyle gives you two different hairstyles out of one long braid.