Excerpts Llewellyn’s 2013 Magical Almanac Article Ember Grant. 

Okay this magic can be done with just about any type of string, twine, rope, or shoelace. Though this article is basically about the magic of Ribbons, which of course you can add by color association or images that are printed or sewn on the ribbon. 


Items Needed:


Symbolic Representation

Traditionally done by wrapping or tying knots, it’s often done to stop someone or something from doing harm. However it can also be used to break a bad habit. For example: Use a black ribbon and a symbol that represents your bad habit. (Example used) A pack of cigarettes, wrap the black ribbon visualizing the habit being bound or trapped. Leave room on the ends to be able to tie three knots. Chant as you wrap:

I’d stop this habit if I could,

This is for my highest good.

Cease behavior causing harm,

With the bond I cast a charm.

Help me heal and make it last,

Guide me in this worthy task.


Items Needed:


Braiding allows you to weave several elements of a spell together to create unity. For Example in a spell for prosperity, you could use three ribbons to represent success, prosperity, and good fortune. (yellow or gold, green, and purple) Typically this is done with three ribbons, but if you’re skilled in braiding, you can use more. 

Another use for a braid is to create a bond between people.  Such as a handfasting ceremony. Use two white ribbons one for each person and a pink or red ribbon to represent love. Create a braid like this with your partner to strengthen your bonds of love and friendship. (Of course, remember to avoid forcing a bond.)

Here’s a chant you can use to create a love braid. 

Over, under, through and through,

You for me and me for you.

Let us keep a bond that’s true

Love and peace between us two.

Breaking Unwanted Bonds

Breaking bonds are usually used for celebrating and dedicating new beginnings, groundbreakings and so on. A symbolic cutting is a good way to free yourself from difficult circumstances. 

Here’s a breaking bonds spell you can use to adapt to your needs.

Things you Need:

Ribbon (Appropriate Color)

Black Candle


Perform the spell that corresponds to your need, when the moon is waning. Select an appropriate moon if you desire. This is a spell for release. You may desire freedom from a particular attachment, broken heart or bad relationship, financial burdens, a job, or even a bad habit.

Tie the ends of the ribbon to form a circle. As you tie the knot, visualize this bond as the controlling force from which you wish to break free. Name the bond aloud by saying, “This ribbon represents _________.”

Next pick up the scissors imagine them as a sword you carry into battle. Pass them through the candle flame, envision the fire as your passion to be free, empowering the blades. Say the following:

As the moon wanes,

Release this bond.

As the candle expires,

Release this bond.

As I sever this tie

Release this bond.

I am free.

As you cut the ribbon into pieces, clearly visualize circumstances unfolding to set you free. See yourself being rid of this force outside of your control. After you cut the ribbon, bury the pieces into separate places. The earth will absorb and neutralize the unwanted energy. Alternatives you can burn the pieces of ribbon. Allow the candle to burn completely.


Things you need:

Ribbon & Fabric (Appropriate color)

Stones,Herbs, and other objects.

Another way to use ribbon is to to make a bundle or sachet and ties the ends together. These bundles can contain herbs, stones, or other objects used as talismans and amulets. Use the appropriate color of fabric and ribbon, chanting as you wrap and tie with several knot:

Ribbon wind, tightly bind,

Wrap this spell that I design.

Other Uses

There are many other ways to get creative with your ribbon magic, you can wrap them around bundles of flowers or herbs, branches. Tying them around vases or tying them to wreathes. Use a ribbon to string a special pendant to wear, or wear them in your hair. Beyond the list of magical corresponds and seasonal colors. Some ribbons have been used to fight against different types of cancer, or to promote peace, pride, or other issues. Feel free to incorporate ribbons into your magic or charge a ribbon for a cause you believe in. Remember to use colors that have special meaning to you.

Happy Spell-Weaving!

List of Ribbon Color Correspondences 

White: neutral, all-purpose, full moon energy, protection, purity, meditation. 

Black: banishment, breaking bad habits, binding, new moon energy

Red: protection, passion, energy, courage, strength, sexuality, will

Pink: romance, love, friendship, harmony, emotions

Orange: success, commerce, motivation, courage, legal problems, attraction 

Yellow: mental skills, communication, self-confidence, charm, travel, health, success

Green: money, fertility, growth, abundance, health, 

Dark Blue: dream magic, transformation, instinct, psychic awareness, depression, understanding

Light Blue: beginnings, endurance, awareness, joy, patience, understanding

Pale Violet: inspiration, divination 

Dark Purple: authority, good fortune, spirituality, power

Gray: neutrality, mystery, dimness, concealments, secrets

Brown: home, domestic issues, animals, grounding

Silver: reflection, intuition, lunar connections

Gold: Financial gain, business endeavors, solar connections

…sí vandalmë ilyai;
unqualé son antávalme mennai Aurë-mettá,
qualmé ten’ Ambar-mettá!

…this swear we all;
Death we will deal him ere Day’s ending,
Woe unto world’s end!

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DIY Braided Back Tee Shirt Tutorial from Hello Hydrangea.

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