braided trim

c 1892-1893. Brown Faille Bodice fitted with many stays, fastening in front. Inverted folds of fabric at side front and back. Two piece sleeves with puffing at the top. Braid trimming at the front and lower edge, neckline and sleeves. Lined in heavy Sateen. Brown faille gored skirt is flat in the front and then slightly shaped over the hips with some fullness in the center back

Portrait of Isabella of Portugal (1548). Titian (Tiziano Vecelli, Italian, c.1488/1490-1576). Oil on canvas. Museo del Prado, Madrid.

The Empress holds an open book in her left hand, perhaps a missal or prayer book, and looks at a distant point with a preoccupied expression. She shows some stiffness, perhaps related to the concept of majesty. She wears a rose-colored velvet dress ornamented with rich gold braid and trimmed with rhinestones. It is decorated with jewelry, including the necklace of pearls with a clasp at the chest. 


But if y'all had seen it BEFORE the wash……. each quarter got washed 5x…..

clarified with black soap 3x and then with Tangles & Beyond Whipped Shampoo 2x for moisture….

trimmed, braided…… see ya again in about 3 months… 😒😰😖

Brown faille bodice, ca. 1892-93

Fitted w/many stays, fastens in front. Inverted folds of fabric at side front & back. Two-piece sleeves w/puffing at top. Braid trimming at front & lower edge, neckline & sleeves. Slight point at lower edge front & back. Heavy sateen lining. Brown faille gored skirt is flat in front, slightly shaped over hips w/some fullness in back. Trimming of bias ruffles edged w/bias binding & shirred in center. Goldstein Museum of Design, Univ. of Minnesota