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Matt Brown: One Shot

(My first try at fanfiction)

Matt usually jumps out of bed in the morning throws on his jeans, coat and big boots to run out and start his projects. But this morning he was focused on something entirely new. He had you. Your gently frame cuddle deep into the warm blankets and he could not resist running his hands through your hair. You were being cute and pretending to still be asleep so he wouldn’t stop. His warm, strong hands massaged your head and he sweetly took a large bit of your hair and looked closely at all the different shades of brown.

It was dark and cold in the room of the tirehouse but you didn’t mind because you were with the wild forest man you met at the shop in town. You loved his jewelry. His wrist adorned with a braided leather bracelet, a military cord bracelet, and old watch. His hands decorated with several rings. Around his neck was a large tooth necklace. You wondered how he got it. Did he kill the animal? Or did he find the tooth? You didn’t care either way it made him seem so rugged.

Then when Matt spoke he was so eloquent and confident. He looked you straight in the eyes. He said to you, “Hey, I’m Matt. You like that?” You completely lost it and almost dropped the little swan made from what looked like a fork. You quickly got a hold of yourself and said, “Oh yeah. This?” Holding up the little swan to your eye level. “It’s so cute and little. Very creative. Who would have thought to make it? Ya know?”

Matt blushed slightly and let out a small, “Haha! Yeah, I actually made that.” He took it from your hand and pulled out a half made swan from his coat pocket and held them side by side. “See this one is a work in progress.” You literally would have never guessed that this moutain man would have made the delicate object. “Ohh! You did? Wow! So you sell your things here in the shop? How cool!” After you spoke you knew you were being to loud again. Being shy and trying to break from it made you loud and too excited. You waited for his response.

“Yeah. I do this kind of stuff when I am bored or when I have down time. Ya know? And yeah. Yeah.” He said rambling a little. “You want to come to the dock and watch me finsih this swan?” He said shyly.

“Sure. Where to?” You made sure this time not to say too much. You decided to just relax.

He walked very fast and you had to basically run to keep up. He spoke but he was just a hair too far from you to hear. You didn’t respond but he kept talking. You reached the dock and saw a bench. Matt tried his best to be a gentleman and dried the wet bench with his arm. “I’m sorry. I didn’t catch your name. When I get to talking it’s hard for me to stop. Haha! What is your name forgive my bad manners?”

You cleared you throat and said, “Don’t worry about it. It’s ______. I don’t talk much. I love to listen to you. I mean people.” You said with a giggle. Matt laughed and smiled a shyly. Quickly avoiding that last comment he pulled out the half made swan. He continued to tinker with it and told you all about his home and family. About his life style. You listened intently. And love evey word that came from those full lips. You watched his hands as he worked.

Matt realised quickly that you didn’t care to speak so he continued without waiting for a response. The time past so quickly and he knew you probably had some where to be but he got brave and asked you, “It’s getting kind of late in the day. And I am sure you have other places to be but would you like to come to Brown Town with me? It’s just me, Gabe and Bam that came on this trip. But my sisters and everyone else is back home. How about it?” He looked so friendly and handsome. You came alone on this trip to find yourself. So you didn’t think for a second before you blurted out a loud, “Yes! I want to see this place you have been telling me about.”

You met Gabe and Bam. They were very polite and welcoming. They teased Matt with little jokes you couldn’t understand. Inside jokes between brothers. Matt had enough and took you out to see his world from the back if the boat. The water and view was beautiful. Matt watched you as the world around you grow vast.

Matt loved they way you had your hair pulled back. In a simple pony tail but you hand several hair ties in it. He wanted to touch you hair but settled for your hand that was on the rail. You smiled and lifted your hand out from under his.

His heart sank. He thought he had been too forward. He stepped back slightly. Then you quickly grabbed his stong hand and pulled his body behind you and placed his hand on your hip. You reached for his other hand and placed it on the other hip. His body stiffened. But you shifted your weight to the right and tilted your head and smiled at him. He smiled a shy smile back. The whole ride back was quiet.

(To be continued)

Please forgive me. First time writing fanfiction. And didn’t really know where I was going. But I just had it in me and had to express it. Give me feedback! Thanks!

DIY Beaded Hemp Braided Bracelet with a Button Closure Tutorial from Happy Hour Projects here. This is a really easy DIY because you only need to know how to do a basic three strand braid. For over 80 pages of  bracelet DIYs go here: and for friendship bracelets go here:

Lover’s knot bracelet!

This is both a fanart for aicosu, as thanks for writing the amazing Message Sent fic, and a gift for my boyfriend.

I’m making two of these because I really liked the idea in Message Sent and my bf also loves Dragon Age so why not.

Also, many thanks to deedylovescake for the lovely fanart that was drawn for aicosu, which helped me a lot with the design. This fanart is beautiful!

I almost used a single braided cord, but I like the loop and button thing so I bought two wooden bûchette buttons and made two separate cords. The infinity knot is technically large enough to allow taking off the bracelet without unfastening the button, but I don’t want to stretch it too much.

Braided Friendship Bracelet Color Ideas

1. Light Blue/Yellow/Black
2. Light Grey/Light Green
3. Light Blue/Red/White/Black
4. Light Blue/Black
5. Dark Green/Light Blue/Yellow
6. Black/Light Pink/White
7. Black/Light Pink
8. Red/Green/White
9. Yellow/Red
10. Black/Yellow
11. Orange/Light Pink/Yellow
12. Dark Blue/White
13. Bright Pink/White
14. Dark Purple/White
15. Red/White