braid around the head

[Image: A digital drawing of Bodhi, Cassian, and Jyn. Bodhi and Jyn are in front of Cassian and smiling with flowers in their hair. Bodhi’s hair is styled into braided pigtails, and Jyn’s hair is styled into a bun with a braid wrapped around her head. Cassian is smiling and gesturing to the Bodhi and Jyn with his arms.]

when your bf styles your hair <3

It has come to my attention that many of my friends don’t know how easy it can be to get a super cute braided crown look! It’s definitely my favorite for when I want to do something fast that will look cute, and keep my hair out of the way.

Sure, there are a lot of complicated ways to achieve a similar look, but if you don’t have an hour to spend doing a lace braid around your head, you can still have something nice in about 5-10 minutes using only regular braids!

This also does well with second-day hair! Just spray in some dry shampoo before you style it.

If your hair isn’t long enough to get your braids to overlap, you may have to make your ponytails closer to the side of your head, rather than at the back of it.

I hope this is helpful to you, person with long or medium-length hair!


Happy one year anniversary for Dragon Games!

Raven’s “Evil Queen” outfit in Dragon Games is my favorite animated outfit on Ever After High. There are so many details and she’s just covered in beautiful jewelry – it’s in her braids, on her head, around her arms and wrists, the complex collection of necklaces she wears. I love how her characteristic feathers and ravens’ skulls were made into something large and royal for this outfit.

But also, I love that her outfit is part of the story. Raven’s character is all about choice and freedom and, to her, destiny is a literal prison sentence. During the time she’s wearing this outfit, she’s pretending to act out her destiny alongside her mother, who’s convinced that Raven “will be just like [her] because [she] gave her no choice.” Even though Raven’s only pretending, her outfit does represent what being the Evil Queen means to her and the restriction she feels in the scenes she wears it. If you look at her wrists, you see the bracelets she’s wearing are actually wrapped chains. And when her mother imprisons her, specific attention is drawn to those chains, to how she breaks free of her prison and instantly changes outfits, which I think is just a great moment that highlights how the people who wrote the story, animated the special, and designed the outfit work together.

eanharel  asked:

Tell me about that amazing hair!

Body Features Meme

Astraeus has a lot of hair. It’s a sharp contrast to their practical, fairly utilitarian nature; having excess of something they do not even regularly style, no making use of their curls, nor brushing it straight as it dries so as to fix it in a  particular way. 

Pretty much always is it up in a bun; usually braided and then wrapped around itself at the back or side of their head. Just up and away. They keep it there after they wash it; using gentle herbal washes for the scalp and then carefully combing through their hair with lavender and sandalwood oils. All of it. 

Astraeus is 6′ tall. Their hair reaches, when down (and dry), past their calves. That’s well over 5′ of hair. When wet, without the curls there to pull their hair fully up (the overall weight does have a good pull to begin with, however), their hair reaches the floor. But again, up and away it goes after each washing.

The color is a pale golden blonde except for two places: at each temple, where the hair has begun to grow a silver-white color. One can assume some time over the past few years, as the silver-white almost reaches their shoulders now.

Given how long Astraeus has been alive, one can well assume that they at least trim their hair (they do) given that it’s not dragging behind them like a cape when let down. That’s only in the Fade.

In the Fade, given Astraeus’s nature as a once-spirit (arguably still very much partially so), with their glowing, well, everything, it is the only place where Astraeus’s hair is down because it’s a place where it doesn’t matter. In the Fade, Astraeus can will their hair up in an instance. As it is, their hair, though long enough to, doesn’t drag behind them because it’s too busy floating about them, as though they were submerged in water. Understandably, they rarely reveal themselves in the Fade to anyone they associate with on the physical realm.

And back on the physical realm, if anyone asks Astraeus if they would let their hair down, the answer is generally a vague look of distaste. If someone asks why they grow their hair long, as one can assume there is a quantity because of the size of the bun and noted braiding, the answer is a vague smile because, naturally, Astraeus is not going to explain anything that is not necessary to be known.

The Lost Promise

Matthew was doing some embroidery trying to make the time pass because that’s all he had time his mother never allowed him to do anything it had been centuries since he had been able to use his powers on a real garden or field. His golden rabbit’s ears fell down as he let out a small sigh. Why couldn’t he go out into the world? he wasn’t a child anymore. He thought to himself not noticing his the Dark Shadow in the castle. “Maybe she’ll let me be free today….” He hummed to himself. The Prince had really grown into a handsome young man slim his hair in loose curls framing his face perfectly with flowers and jewels braided into a crown around his head, his violet eyes shined brightly as he focused on his work.


The princess and the dragons

For the Fairytale theme for @akayonaladiesweek, here’s a weird little thing. Yona-centered.

“But the princess also wants to protect the dragons!” Yona blurted. She realized what she had said aloud and blushed. Kija seemed flustered, but Zeno grinned.

“Is this a famous fairy tale?” the woman asked. “I’d love to hear it.”

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Doutzen Kroes with culpture in “Modern Goddess” for Vogue Turkey, March 2014. Photograph by Cuneyt Akeroglu.

Like an authentic Greek goddess, the Dutch model dresses in diaphanous dresses with a great simplicity in the cut and sandals. The Hellenic look concludes with an upsweep inspired in the classical Greece period, although wearing a braid around the head became fashionable during the 30s and the 40s.


The Sticks(Sonic Boom) cosplay I’ve been working on is finally finished(save for the bracelet and arm ring thingy). Wore this at Mizuumi-con last weekend, and I won best in craftmanship in the cosplay show. The head is actually pretty lightweight, despite how big it is, because it was for most of the part made out of upholstery foam and the hair braid thingies are hollow. The head is just awkward to carry around.

And before anybody goes “UGH THE FUR IS TOO ORANGE”, finding good enough quality fur fabric in the exact needed color is easier said than done.

Pairing: Slight hints of Seiaki (Seidou/Akira)

Word Count: ~ 770 words

Note: Quickly wrote out this headcanon/drabble for pseudocitrus since it’s their birthday today! I put some under the read more because it was getting a bit long.

Seidou is all bright eyed on his first day at the CCG academy and happily goes around trying to meet the others in his class. He enjoys the lectures and is surprised when the only other person listening attentively is this one girl - with pink irises and a strand of hair tied around the back of her head in a braid - sitting adjacent to him in the front row.

She doesn’t necessarily …ignore everyone… but she doesn’t try to actively get to know them either. 

“Hello!” he wants to say, “My name is Takizawa Seidou”.

He rehearses it under his breath over and over but, before he knows it, the day is gone and he’s lost his chance to actually introduce himself. 

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Imagine your OC eating pie underneath the dining room table, as Thanksgiving family madness happens around them.

Dipper frowned. Thanksgiving was going fantastic; Mabel had invited Soos and Melody and all seven of their kids over, and between the horde of children running around, the knife throwing display Candy and Wendy were giving, and the whole raw turkey he had gotten to stay physical for the night, Dipper was having a grand time. 

But someone was missing and-oh.

Dipper stepped into the kitchen, the table abandoned and covered in a small mountain of dishes. He peeked under the table and yup-

“Hey Little Fighter,” Dipper said gently, crawling under the table with Willow. “Everything okay? Is your bubble holding up?”

Willow nodded.

“It is Uncle Dipper. I just-”

Dipper smiled sadly. “It’s a lot, I know, and you needed a break.”

The second grader nodded, sending her braids flying around her head.

Dipper snapped. “Hey, know what will make you feel better?”

Willow smiled. “What Uncle Dipper?”

He snapped again and the pecan pie from on top of the oven appeared between them both.


“Uncle Dipper, Mommy and Daddy haven’t said it’s desert time yet-”

“Well you got to listen to me too, like you do with Grunkle Stan yes?”

Willow nodded.

“Well, I say that we are going to have special under the table pie now.”

Willow giggled. “Are we going to use our hands?”

Dipper, who had already began to dig in with said hands, paused.

“Yes. Yes we are.”

(When Henry thought to look for them an hour later, he found them asleep with distended bellies and an empty pie tin between them.)


So, I get asked a lot how I put all of my hair underneath a wig. So here’s a small picture tutorial on how I do this.

The first photo is me with my long hair down.

The second photo is me splitting my hair into two sections and braiding it. I use small rubber bands to tie it up.

After I do that, I then wrap the braids around my head, sticking Bobby pins in the braid where it feels like it should be secured. I do the same thing with the other braid too. After that, I put my wig cap on and then pin that to my head.

When I pin it to my head, I make little X shapes with the pins and place the wavy side down. I also put them at the front, back and sides of the wig.

Finally, I put my wig on. I pin the wig to my head by finding the little X shapes I made and placing a Bobby pin | up and down like the simbol.

If the wig is short, I pin any loose parts of the wig down in X shapes where needed.

I hope this helps!!


{ Why does it look like Eris is on the Dreadnought?  And what in the world is she holding?

Also does anyone else notice the subtle differences in her appearance?  The band around her head looks more like a braided rope.  And it may just be lighting but what is that mark by her mouth, looks like the stuff running from her eyes…

Her earlier in the trailer for comparison

Bungie if something happens to Eris I’m fucking coming for you }

Dersha Fiction: Skylines- Chapter 7

Thank you all for the love and support on the last chapter! Ya’ll rock! (Click here) for the previous chapters. This one is sort of a filler. A lot is going to happen in chapter 8, so this one is pretty chill.


The storm in the bedroom was much worse than the one outside. Tempers were flaring and the volcano that had been building between them, finally exploded.  Harper and Jackson were staying with Terrence for the night in order to give their parents some time alone. This was supposed to be a time for them to grow closer and instead they ended the night in a huge fight.  Emotions were running high and they were both throwing words around carelessly.

“Here we go again,” Derek huffed, throwing his hands up in frustration. “How many times do I have to apologize? One minute you’ve forgiven me, the next you’re at my throat!”

Ahsha’s head whipped around so fast that her braided ponytail smacked her in the face. “You can’t expect me to just get over it like that,” she snapped her fingers for emphasis. “How would you feel if I cheated on you? It’s like you aren’t even thinking about my feelings.”

“Dammit Ahsha, why do you always do this? You know I care about how you feel. You won’t let me fix it. Instead you’re holding it against me ever chance you get!” The hurt was obvious in Derek’s voice.

A few months before, a situation changed their marriage for the worse. Having two children, balancing busy schedules and barely seeing each other put them in a rut. They both knew they were growing apart. The arguments followed soon after, only tearing them further away from the couple they used to be. Everything they did irritated each other, even the simplest things. Then Abigail Turner came into the picture. She was the new assistant coach for the Devils. Ahsha was beyond proud and happy since Abigail was the first female assistant coach in the NBA. To see any woman, break through the glass ceiling was amazing. The NBA was probably one of the hardest places to work as a woman. The dancers alone dealt with their share of issues, but a woman in Abigail’s position had it bad. She was the constant topic of the males’ sexist jokes. She had to work twice as hard to prove her worth.

One night, Derek and Abigail stayed late to work on the playbook. They were both under high stress due to relationship dilemmas and work. Abigail had recently divorced her husband before moving to California to take the job with the Devils. Between working on the playbook and occasional small talk, Abigail and Derek got into a deep conversation about their relationships issues. Derek wasn’t the type to talk to people outside of his circle about his personal problems, but he needed someone to vent to. He couldn’t vent to Ahsha because they always argued. Terrence would only tell Derek to fight for his marriage instead of actually listening.

Abigail was one of the only people who actually listened and understood what he was feeling. He was in desperate need to talk to someone when he felt like he couldn’t turn to his wife. The conversation started off innocent, but when Abigail mentioned feeling like less of a woman, it went south. Derek simply stated that she was a strong, brave woman for escaping her abusive ex-husband. Before he knew it, Abigail’s face closed in until her lips landed on his. He had all the time in the world to stop the kiss from happening. Once her lips were on his, he froze. Though he knew it was wrong, he never pushed her away, nor did he kiss her back. Ahsha was at the arena to surprise Derek and saw the entire scene unfold. She didn’t care if Derek kissed Abigail back or not. The fact that he didn’t push her away was painful enough. Seeing another woman touch her man in that way had Ahsha’s blood boiling. By this time, Derek and Ahsha were not sleeping in the same bed or even kissing. There were no more ‘I love yous’ or ‘goodbyes’ when they left in the morning. All of that stopped. They were literally roomies that had children together. When Derek told Ahsha that he and Abigail were just talking about their relationship issues, she flipped out. Why couldn’t Derek come to her with that information? Why couldn’t he tell her how he was feeling instead of pouring out his grief in front of a woman he barely knew? That hurt Ahsha worse than the actual kiss. Her husband was no longer sharing his thoughts and feelings with her.

They decided to attempt to work out their marriage. Ahsha suggested counseling but Derek thought they could do it on their own. Months later, they weren’t doing any better. The arguments were more frequent and hurtful.

“Try putting yourself in my shoes for once,” Ahsha yelled.

“I didn’t even kiss her, Ahsha! How many times do I have to tell you that,” Derek exclaimed, his deep voice booming in frustration.

Ahsha scoffed. “But you didn’t push her away, did you? You had no problem talking to her about me instead of coming to me.”

Derek couldn’t find the right words to say. Instead, the couple stood there in the middle of the room, glaring at each other. This wasn’t how it used to be and it was sad to witness. Both of them were reaching a breaking point. Derek was almost tired of fighting. Ahsha was tired of fighting.

“What do you want to do,” Derek muttered, running a hand over his face.

Ahsha heard the defeat in Derek’s tone and she felt the same way. They were going in circles and not getting better. Trying to pretend like they could actually fix their relationship was hurting the both of them. Pain was etched on both of their faces because they knew where they were headed. The love they had for each other in the beginning didn’t match where they stood now.

“We’re hurting each other, Derek,” Ahsha whispered, tears falling from her eyes. “I can’t do this anymore.” With that, she removed her wedding ring and placed it in Derek’s palm.

Derek nodded as his eyes fell to the floor. He had nothing else to say. They were broken and couldn’t be put back together. The longer they stayed, the more they hurt.  “Okay then,” he replied, leaving the bedroom and Ahsha behind. He couldn’t fight anymore.


Present Day

Six hours after their dinner date, Derek and Ahsha were still seated in the living room. Derek held her for the first couple of hours while she cried. This was the first time Ahsha had let her guard down in a while. She was so afraid to let people see her hurting, especially Derek. Society made her believe that as a black woman, she had to be superwoman at all times. She wasn’t allowed to cry or hurt. Instead she had to appear to be this strong force for her children and those around her. Society had painted that picture and Ahsha felt like she had to follow it. Being in Derek’s arms was the most affection she had felt in a long time. Nate couldn’t even provide the affection Derek offered. The special connection they shared was still there even after their time apart.

Like old times, Derek and Ahsha were up in the wee hours of the morning just talking. They used to do this when they first started dating. Conversations could range from childhood memories, to where they wanted to be in the future. Tonight, they were reliving a few memories from their time with the Devils.

“Remember when you knocked me on my ass the first day we met,” Ahsha asked, chuckling at the memory. “I swear I had a bruise for weeks.”

“You looked so embarrassed. Then you tried to swerve me,” Derek added. Back then, he was the stereotypical athlete trying to get in every girl’s pants. Most of the time it worked in his favor. Ahsha wasn’t taking his bait though and that was intriguing. He couldn’t leave her alone and eventually fell in love with her.

“Your game was weak,” Ahsha shot back.

They both busted into a fit of laughter. This was the first real laugh Ahsha had in months. Her raspy laugh made Derek laugh even harder. “Damn, was it that bad?”

Ahsha took another sip of wine between giggles. “Yes. The fact that you were cocky about it made it even funnier.”

“Oh, you liked my cockiness,” Derek smiled.

He was right. The cocky swag of Derek Roman definitely played a part in winning Ahsha over. She found it sexy and inviting. Their laughter died down as Ahsha settled back against the couch.

Derek couldn’t take his eyes off Ahsha’s smile. “I always loved to hear you laugh,” he stated, caressing her cheek.

The simple touch brought back more feelings from long ago.

“I’m glad you decided to come by,” Derek said, his voice deepening along with his gaze. “I thought you would fight me on that.”

The mood turned serious again. “I almost said no.”

“What made you say yes,” Derek questioned, scooting in closer to Ahsha.

She pondered on the question. “Well…I honestly don’t know. Something told me I should, I guess.” Ahsha hung her head. “I’m tired of running, Derek.”

“Stop running then,” he replied, grabbing Ahsha’s hand. “There’s no need to run anymore when I’ve told you I’m fighting for what I want.”

Hearing those words meant the world to Ahsha but she was still cautious of opening her heart in that way again. Though this was her husband, that trust wasn’t there. Ahsha was in a complicated dilemma that had her conflicted. The divorce was a bad idea on one hand. On the other, so was reuniting with Derek. Would they hit that rough patch again? Could they really repair what was broken? The constant battle between heart and mind was painful. Why did love have to be complicated? Ahsha had just opened her heart to Derek and told him that she was still in love with him. How would she look suddenly closing her heart off once again?

“Derek, I-“

He stopped her before she could begin. “I’m not going to push you. Just…we’ll see where we end up by taking it slow.”

Ahsha liked the sound of that. “Okay.” Hopefully this wasn’t a mistake she would regret later down the road. Her heart had been crushed once and she couldn’t take that pain a second time.

The smile that spread across Derek’s face could light up a room. He would work extra hard to earn her trust and fix what he had broken. Derek wouldn’t make the mistake of throwing their love away again. Lesson learned.


The next day, Derek was back to work. With the draft coming up within the next few weeks, he didn’t have much time to finish his research. That meant going to the arena early and leaving late.

It was close to 10pm and Derek was still in his office hunched over a book of draftee profiles. He was so submerged in his work that he didn’t realize Terrence had walked into his office.

“Man, I just met the finest woman I’ve ever seen in my life,” Terrence exclaimed, clasping his hands together.

Derek’s eyes stayed glued on his work. “You said that the last time, bro. Wasn’t Kayla ‘the one’, ” he mumbled.

Terrence obviously didn’t care about Derek being submerged in his work because he continued talking. “Naw, I’m for real this time. The woman had it going on. She just moved here from New York. I think her named was Jasmine or was it Jelena…anyway she was fly.”

Derek chuckled. “The woman was so fly that you can’t remember her name?”

“Yep, had a brotha stuttering. We’re meeting up for coffee next week. Maybe you can bring Aundrea,” Terrence suggested.

“Aundrea is not in the picture anymore. That girl disrespected my family and had to go. I’m surprised I haven’t heard from her,” Derek replied, closing the profile book and crossing his arms over it.

“I thought you were in love with that crazy chick. I told you she was fine as hell but nutty as a fruit cake. Or…did you smash your ex-wife and now your head is on straight?” Terrence was the male version of Kyle. He knew his best friend well and Derek couldn’t even hide the smile on his face.

“Come on, T. I told you what happened, so drop it,” Derek said, trying to sound serious. “Aundrea just wasn’t the one.”

“She ain’t the one because Ahsha is! Ya’ll had sex! What did I tell you, bro. She was in town for two seconds and you couldn’t resist,” Terrence sucked his teeth and shook his head. “Ahsha was looking too good in them Instagram pics, huh?”

“Terrence….shut the hell up. Say one more thing about my wife and I’ll kick your ass.”

Terrence smiled mischievously. “I don’t see nothing wrong, with a little bump and grind. Go head, D! Get your girl back.”

“Dude, get out of my office,” Derek urged, tossing a miniature basketball at his friend.

“Seriously, what’s the news? Ya’ll working things out or just sexing it up for fun,” Terrence asked, tossing the ball in the air. “Lowkey hoping you’re working it out.”

Derek sighed and leaned back in his plush, leather chair. “I think she wants to but she’s scared. She doesn’t trust me at all.” Though it hurt that Ahsha didn’t trust him, Derek understood her feelings. One of the reasons they were in this position was because he never saw the situation from her side. Derek was selfish then. All he wanted from Ahsha was forgiveness and he didn’t take the time to think about how hard it was from her end. After seeing her break down the other night, he saw firsthand what he had done.

“I think you two can work it out. Does she still want the divorce,” Terrence asked, noticing Derek’s change in mood. He had witnessed the tragic end to their relationship. The kids would stay with him for days so Derek and Ahsha could attempt to bond.

“I don’t know, man. We have a meeting with our divorce lawyers here soon. I told her we can take it slow and see where we end up. Who knows what’s going to happen,” Derek shrugged. “I want to work it out, T. Our kids are struggling with us being separated. Harper literally threw a fit the other night.”

Terrence nodded. “Do you want to work it out for the kids and that’s it? Look, I get that you want your children happy, but if you two don’t want this then that will only make them miserable.”

“I’m sure that I want my family back. That’s what I’m sure about. You know I love that woman to death and now that I have a chance, I want to show her how serious I am,” Derek explained.

Terrence didn’t have an answer to that. There was nothing wrong with fighting for those you love in his eyes. “Can’t be mad at that. I’m rooting for you, man. Remember, love trumps all.”

Derek shook his head. “Thanks for the advice, Dr. Phil.”


Earlier that day, Ahsha had called Derek to have him drop off Harper’s new ballet shoes that she had left at the mansion. After work, Derek headed over to Ahsha’s condo on the west side of LA.

Ahsha greeted him at the door in pajama shorts and a tight white tee. Even without makeup, her flawless skin was glowing. “Yes, I would like to include them. They are possible sponsors,” Ahsha spoke into her cellphone while nodding Derek inside. She was obviously busy with work for Ailey. “Okay. Thanks Grace. I’ll call you as soon as I hear back from them. Mmmhhhm. Bye.”

“Still working at this hour,” Derek questioned, glancing at his watch. “It’s pretty late.”

“We have our grand opening soon. Everyone is running around with their heads cut off,” she explained, checking a few more emails before placing her phone on the coffee table.

“I see. Where are the kids?”

“They wanted to stay with my dad. My mom is out of town on business and you know he lets them get away with everything,” Ahsha laughed. “Thanks for bringing these by. Harper was having a fit about the shoes ‘daddy’ got her.”

The sound of daddy falling from Ahsha’s lips had Derek’s mind going other places. “Well now she’ll have them for tomorrow.”

The pair shared an awkward moment before Ahsha asked, “You want anything to drink? I just made some cappuccino.”

“Sure. That sounds good. With the day I’ve had, I would like to add a little somethin’ else to that,” he laughed, sitting on Ahsha’s black leather sofa. While Ahsha hurried off to the kitchen, Derek got a good look at her new place. The condo was decorated with contemporary furniture and art. She seemed to stick with a black and white theme, using red and silver as her accent colors. It was a comfy space.

“Whipped cream,” Ahsha shouted from the kitchen.

“Naw, I’ll take it plain,” Derek responded, rubbing his hands down his jeans. Seconds later, Ahsha appeared with two steaming cups of cappuccino.

“Here you go. Hopefully it tastes okay. I’m trying a new flavor.”

The couch wasn’t very big and Derek’s size didn’t help matters. So when Ahsha sat down, their legs touched. Neither one of them seemed phased by the closeness. “Derek, can I ask you something?”

Ahsha was busy picking imaginary lint from her shirt, trying to calm her nerves.

“Yeah, what’s up?”

Taking a deep breath, Ahsha made eye contact with him. “Did you ever sleep with Abigail?” The words left a bad taste in her mouth. Saying Abigail’s name even made her sick to her stomach.

Derek froze. What would make Ahsha think that? The fear in her eyes was undeniable. “No, I didn’t sleep with her. You think I did?”

“We weren’t in a good place then and we were both unhappy. Anything could have happened. You felt comfortable talking to her instead of coming to me. I was just wondering,” she replied, placing her cup on the table.

Derek was surprised by how much Ahsha had opened up to him in the last two days. This was the first time they had ever talked about the Abigail situation without screaming at each other. He was going to tell her that he didn’t kiss Abigail but that’s not what Ahsha needed to hear. Sure, he really didn’t initiate the kiss or kiss Abigail back. The fact of the matter was that Derek didn’t push her away. Him sharing information about his marriage was wrong when he should have been discussing his feelings with his wife. “I regret that night.”

“Me too. After all this time, it still bothers me. I really got a chance to think about it after last night. I’m going to be honest with you. Giving us another try scares the hell out of me,” Ahsha confessed. Making this confession out loud even shocked her.  

Derek was all ears. He didn’t want to interrupt if Ahsha was willing to be up front with him.

“How do I know that we won’t fall into a rut again and you’ll go off and find another Abigail to talk to? What if we end up hurting each other more this time around? You see where I’m coming from,” Ahsha asked.

“Yeah, I get it. I get why you don’t trust me and I don’t expect that from you up front. I just want you to know that I’m not going anywhere. I know what I want and that’s you and the kids back in my life. I threw that away the first time and I refuse to do it again,” he explained, grabbing Ahsha’s hands. “Look, I got you. We’ll go at your pace and whatever happens is up to you. I’m not pushing. I mean that. If you decide this isn’t what you want….I’ll back off. Your call.”

A smile tugged at Ahsha’s lips. “I…I don’t want you to back off right now,” she admitted.

“Then I won’t,” Derek muttered, his finger tilting Ahsha’s head up as he leaned in and placed a soft kiss on her lips.

Thank you for reading! I hope you all enjoyed. See, I didn’t Shonda Crimes you all at all. It was a harmless teaser. HEHE!

Next chapter will skip ahead two weeks. We will get to check in on you all’s best friend and Nate.

Chapter Inspiration Song: Beauty-Dru Hill

Rent Rp


Jehan walked through Alphabet city, his books close to his chest. Jehan had just moved here from Paris and still didn’t know his way around. He kept his head down, his braid hiding half of his face. Jehan felt out of place with braided hair, flower pants and a big lilac jumper on.

a little rey solo thing i wrote from a fic i decided to scrap:

“I had a little girl that would’ve been about your age,” the General says. Her voice soft as her fingers weave through her hair, pulling it back into a braid that wraps around her head. A braid that feels nearly like a crown. There’s something almost familiar about it, such that Rey wants to lean back into the touch, but fears overstepping.

A part of her wants to ask what happened to the little girl, but she can guess well enough.

Instead she asks, “What was her name?”

The General is silent for a long moment, so long that Rey thinks her question will never be answered. It’s only when the braid is finished tightly wrapped around her head, that she gets her answer. “Breha.”

It doesn’t hit her until nearly a week later, when she’s half-way across the galaxy chasing down a man made out of myths, that the name had sounded familiar to her.


The next day, Corrine mulled over her promise to meet the Lord again. She knew that she shouldn’t, if she was any sort of smart. She would run a mile from this man if she knew any sort of sense. But Corrine couldn’t resist it, her lips still tingled with his kiss and she felt fluttery at the thought of seeing him again. Before she arrived at the meeting place that night, she took some of the flowers he’d given her the night before and styled them into her long and intricate braid, wrapping her shawl around her shoulders rather than over her head.