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Can you do a 'what it's like to date MacCready'? :) please and thank you!

hell yes anon. i love this.

  • sharing your cool ass comic collections with each other.
  • trying to see who can get a better shot on that super mutant
  • can be little spoon or big spoon (depends on the day)
  • “if you call me a mungo one more time, mac”
  • often placing bets on the weirdest things like, “I bet you can’t tip that brahmin” and a response of “10 caps and you’re on”
  • maccready being a great dad to synth shaun, because of duncan
  • mac being super duper cute and jealous all the time. 
  • makes the worst dad jokes ever. and when i say ever i mean it. 
  • actually that boyfriend who is just a cool ass dad.
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Thinking on this I wonder if he would willingly give up being elder, if given the opportunity. A big part of me says no, but you have to wonder he looks around and thinks I wish I could just live a normal life? Well as normal as you can get in a post apocalyptic world.

I doubt he would give up being Elder as well because I think no matter what he’s gonna end up being one anyway given he’s a Maxson and I’m pretty sure it’s just expected of him to eventually hold the position of Elder at some point in his life so he might as well stick with it. Plus he was put there either a) as a figurehead or b) because he’s actually a damn good leader despite his age so no matter which it was I think it’s safe to say other high ranking members will want to keep him there or he’s there because he is in fact the most qualified (which I see as odd because… hello… Kells?) and that’s where he’d be the most useful.

Me personally, based off his “I’m just a normal boy” comment from Fallout 3, I think deep down he would’ve liked to have been treated and brought up normally in the Brotherhood but circumstance and other factors just didn’t make it so. Maybe there are times he wishes he didn’t have to make the tough decisions and could just be a Knight watching some Lancers tipping brahmin with Vertibirds while he laughs his ass off (on the other hand, those poor brahmin). Maybe there are times he just doesn’t want everything weighing on his mind and would rather the more experienced and senior officers took charge and led the Brotherhood to victory. And if you read the internal mail between Maxson and Kells during Blind Betrayal, Maxson pretty much asks Kells what the heck should be done about the situation, and I’m pretty sure at that point he would have loved to not be Elder so he didn’t have to order Danse’s execution. With that in mind I wonder how many other times he’s turned to Kells and other high ranking members for guidance in situations - which isn’t a bad thing! - mostly because he wanted someone else to make a decision for him or he wanted someone to just tell him what should be done because he doesn’t know how to handle it like an Elder should know.